Horses and Donkeys

Horses and Donkeys

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New Jersey

Allentown: (June 28, 2015), A 13 year old mini female horse and a 12 year old small male neutered pony are in need of a new home within the year because their family is moving. The mini horse is so safe that she could be a therapy pet. The pony loves it when kids play with him. He seems more like a dog than a pony.
Contact: Jackie | Phone:609-468-5341 |

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New York

Bath: There are several Thoroughbred horses available for adoption at the Finger Lakes SPCA. Some of the horses came from a cruelty case involving 80 Thoroughbreds who were rescued from severe starvation and neglect. The horses have received lots of handling and care since the rescue and are ready for permanent homes. They range in age, color and temperament. If you can provide one, or more, of these horses with the loving home they deserve, please contact Vicki at the Finger Lakes SPCA.
Contact: Vicki | Phone: 607-776-3039 | Email:

Farm Sanctuary National Placement Board
Bath: (Jan. 23, 2015), 3 neutered male Paint horses need a new home before the Fall of 2015 when their guardians are moving back to Florida.  The horses are 26, 23, and 22 years old.  They are all friendly, gentle, and in good health.
Contact: Denise | Phone: 607-776-2665 | Email: