Horses and Donkeys

Horses and Donkeys

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Fullerton: Cindy saved several animals from a neighbor’s foreclosed home and now needs to find permanent placement for them. There are two fainting goats aged 2 years, one miniature Palomino horse aged 10 years, and one very friendly Bantam rooster. Contact her for more information.
Contact: Cindy| Phone: 714-356-4272 | Email:


<Urgent> Panorama City: A six year-old male quarter horse at Baldwin Park shelter is in urgent need of a new home. A vet has seen him and he had a tooth removed and his hooves trimmed. The examination revealed he has a heart murmur, swollen back legs, and an indentation in his nose caused by a halter that was too tight.
Contact: Linda| Phone: 818-929-1599| Email:

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Middleburg: Michelle is looking to re-home several rescued animals including: 3 potbelly pigs and 3 Tennessee Walking Horses. Buck, a black Tennessee Walking Horse, 21 yrs. He has severe arthritis in his hind end. Was previously abused, very sweet boy. Pepper, Brown Tennessee Walking horse, 14/15 yrs. Has bowed tendons but is the sweetest teddy bear you’ll ever meet. Buddy, 15/16 yr old Palamino Tennessee Walking horse. Has arthritis in his hocks and is super sweet, he used to be a child’s horse.
Contact: Michelle| Phone: 904-874-0007 | Email:

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New York

Bath: There are several Thoroughbred horses available for adoption at the Finger Lakes SPCA. Some of the horses came from a cruelty case involving 80 Thoroughbreds who were rescued from severe starvation and neglect. The horses have received lots of handling and care since the rescue and are ready for permanent homes. They range in age, color and temperament. If you can provide one, or more, of these horses with the loving home they deserve, please contact Vicki at the Finger Lakes SPCA.
Contact: Vicki | Phone: 607-776-3039 | Email:

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Laceyville: Two miniature horses, Lewis and Clark, are in need of a new home where they can remain together. They are very sweet, gentle, and in excellent health. They are approximately nine hands tall and around ten years old.
Contact: Jonathan| Phone: 570-833-2519| Email:

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Gordonsville: 6 beautiful donkeys: Susie 15, Joshua 13, Jacob 12, Jeremiah 10, Margie 9 and little Joel 7 years of age are in need of a permanent home. They are friendly donkeys who have lived together as companion animals. They are a family and Patricia is hoping to place them together in their new home.
Contact: Patricia| Phone: 615-517-5380| Email:


Farmersville: Twin brother donkeys, Mike and Ike are in need of a new home. They are gelded and very gentle. They are very bonded and must go together to a new home. They are both in good health and have a negative Coggins.
Contact: Bobbi| Phone: 903-776-2708| Email:


Mapleton: Marilyn needs to place her 14 year-old MFT gelding in a safe, loving situation. He has a shoulder problem and cannot be ridden. Looking for a peaceful and loving place for him to enjoy the rest of his years; he is very people oriented and loves attention.
Contact: Marilyn| Phone: 801-491-0828 | Email:

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Please note: The vegan lifestyle, which Farm Sanctuary promotes, generally precludes the use of animals. Domesticated companion animals are an obvious exception, because well treated companions define an issue of relationship rather than one of exploitation. Horses are exploited at the slaughterhouse by some, while cherished by others. We condemn the capture of wild horses, and we are against the indiscriminate use of horses as commodities, situations in which they’re too often abused, as with horse racing, horse rentals and horse-drawn carriage rentals. We fully recognize that horses born into domesticity can have the best of lives in the care of conscientious caregivers.