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California, Virginia


URGENT Los Angeles: Desperately need to place these lovely birds by January 5th (or we fear the worst is in store). Can make donation to support for food and board. All are young and healthy. If you can’t take all 6, taking fewer or even 1 is definitely an option. Located in Los Angeles but can drive to permanent housing or rescue facility.

Contact: Rena| Phone: 323-369-6106 | Email: renakosnett@gmail.com

12-31 LA Turkey -RESIZED 12-31 LA Turkey-RESIZED2

Ventura: Terri is being forced by her homeowner’s association to find a new home for two white male ducks and a male turkey. All are very friendly and are very people-oriented. Please contact Terri if you can help.
Contact: Terri | Phone: 805-750-7359 | Email: Terrilburgess@aol.com


<Urgent>Fairfield: Pamela is seeking a home to take all three of her Bronze turkeys, two toms, and one hen. She is moving in late June and cannot take them with her. They have been raised as companions and are very bonded, so all three must be placed together.
Contact: Pamela| Phone: 540-261-2144| Email: shadowsbrookfarm@aol.com