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Canastota: (Nov. 2, 2014), Mocco is a two-year-old male turkey who needs a new home. He was adopted over the summer when his original guardian had to suddenly move away. He is not happy at his new home because his enclosure is too small and he doesn’t like his chicken neighbors.
Contact: Debbie| Phone: (315) 697-7404| Email: debbied78@aol.com

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<Urgent>Fairfield: Pamela is seeking a home to take all three of her Bronze turkeys, two toms, and one hen. She is moving in late June and cannot take them with her. They have been raised as companions and are very bonded, so all three must be placed together.
Contact: Pamela| Phone: 540-261-2144| Email: shadowsbrookfarm@aol.com