Northern California Shelter Wish List

Northern California Shelter Wish Lists

Large, intermediate, and medium animal carriers
Boxes of zip-lock storage bags (sandwich-size) with yellow plus blue makes green seal
Gauze pads (4” sterile and non-sterile; prefer non-woven)
Gauze wrap (1”-4”­)
Latex/nitrile gloves (small- or medium-size)
Cleaning sponges/scrubbers
Gardening/work gloves (non-leather; small-, medium-, and large-size)
New plastic or metal large garbage cans
Large rakes
Safety masks
Hand towels
Triple antibiotic ointment
AA, AAA, and DD batteries
Yellow self-stick notes
Fine tip permanent markers
Fine tip dry erase markers
Duct tape
Brood all ceramic heat lamps
Animal grooming brushes and combs for small and large animals

*Urgently needed

Treats for the Animals

Canned fruits
Peanut butter
White bread (vegan)

Items for People Barn

Stainless steel pots

Items for Volunteer Intern Program

Food storage containers
Baking sheets
Toaster oven
Patio umbrella table
Patio chairs
Bicycles with helmets and locks
Muffin tins
Crock pot
Vitamix blender

Vegan Food Donations

Catering/partial catering of small events in various locations
Packaged food items for special events in various locations

Printing Services

Professional printing services for educational literature
Free signage, banners, and lamination
T-shirt screen printing


Round-trip airline tickets (from frequent flyer miles or other awards/gifts)
Free car rentals
Free hotel rooms

Electronics and Equipment

Mini-DV camera
Mini-DV or DV-cam tapes
Digital camera

Pro Bono Professional Services

Photography for special events in Los Angeles, CA; Orland, CA; Watkins Glen, NY; and New York, NY
Videography for public service announcements (various locations)
Videography for special events in Los Angeles, CA; Orland, CA; Watkins Glen, NY; and New York, NY
Professional framing and matting for Farm Sanctuary Education Center displays and special projects

Office Supplies

Pens, staples, staplers, and staple removers
PCs, monitors, and printers
New office chairs
New CD-R and DVD+R
New manila file folders (1/3-cut) and hanging file folders
Surge protectors and batteries
File cabinets
Copy paper
Permanent markers
Binder clips and paper clips
Self-stick notes
Letter pads
Rubber bands
Binders (2” or larger, hard cover)
Tape refills
2 1/4″ X 3 1/2″ clip-style name badges and inserts