Horses and Donkeys

Horses and Donkeys

 Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania


Harwood: (March 16, 2017),  Three senior Standardbred horses (Holly, a 30 year old mare, Captain, a 24 year old gelding, and Tia, a 25 year old mare) are in need of a new home.  Their original guardian passed away seven years ago.  Since then, their care has been provided by the estate of their deceased guardian.  The funds have run out and their current guardian cannot afford their continued care.  Holly, Captain, and Tia have never been separated from one another, but their current guardian understands that it may be difficult to have them placed in one home.
Contact: Cheryl | Phone: 443-223-4534 | Email:

new jersey

Blairstown: (Jan. 24, 2017), Two mares are in need of a good home after their owner passed away. Tequila is 17 years old, and has an unknown neurological issue that will need to be addressed by a veterinarian. Shyanne is 30 + years old, and is as sweet as can be. A friend has been caring for them, but they need to find a soft spot to land as soon as possible. Transport available within a reasonable distance.
Contact:Melissa | Phone: 732-693-3569 | Email:

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Bath: (Ongoing), There are several Thoroughbred horses available for adoption at the Finger Lakes SPCA. Some of the horses came from a cruelty case involving 80 Thoroughbreds who were rescued from severe starvation and neglect. The horses have received lots of handling and care since the rescue and are ready for permanent homes. They range in age, color and temperament. If you can provide one, or more, of these horses with the loving home they deserve, please contact Vicki at the Finger Lakes SPCA.
Contact: Vicki | Phone: 607-776-3039 | Email:

Farm Sanctuary National Placement Board

Cazenovia: (Feb. 22, 2017), “Life of the City” is a very sweet eight year old Bay Thoroughbred gelding who is looking for a forever home where he can be loved.  He is an overall healthy, happy and very sweet horse. He is retired due to Vitamin E dependent myopathy. During his time with us he has been with mares, geldings, and colts, and he gets along with everyone.  He does not require shoes and is current on all vaccines and coggins. He is that special kind of horse who can be trusted with kids and novice horse people. He will stand and be groomed for hours and allows people to easily pick up his feet.
Contact: Arynn | Phone: 315-436-0852 | Email:

Greenville: (May 19, 2017), Blind, older horse is in urgent need of placement. His guardian is elderly and cannot provide care. This boy used to to have a friend, but is now alone in his paddock. He is especially in need of companionship due to his blindness.
Contact: Mary | Phone: 607-739-1454

Guileford: (Sept. 20, 2017), Several bonded friends are in need of a new home: 1 cow, 4 goats, and 1 donkey, all approximately eight years old. They were all taken in by their current guardian when they were very young, and have spent their lives together. They are sweet individuals whose need is urgent due to guardian illness.
Contact: Linda | Phone: (607) 371-4192

Riverhead: (March 13, 2017), Two beautiful horses and five potbellied pigs must be rehomed. The thoroughbred gelding, “Glacier,” is 17 years old, and the mare, named Martha, is 12. Both are accustomed to daily handling. The pig family consists of a now-neutered male, female, and their three offspring. The pigs all live happily together and it would be ideal to keep them together if possible.
Contact: Kelly | Phone: 631-298-0075 x107 | Email:

Pawling: (Oct. 19, 2017), Portia is a 13-year-old draft cross mare who stands at 17.1 hands. She’s an easy keeper who will need to be a companion-only horse. She has had issues with lameness that are associated with riding, but she is currently pasture-sound.
Contact: LeeAnn | Phone: 845-661-5939| Email:


Hop Bottom: (August 4, 2017), A rescued teenaged standard dark grey Jenny donkey is in need of new home. She has foundered and is being managed for PPID.
She originally came from a sheep pasture where she had little handling, which has made farrier work challenging. She needs to be housed in a dry lot with limited access to forage.
Contact: Kerry | Phone: (570) 357-3557 | Email:


Pennsylvania: (May 13, 2017), Two miniature John mules who were rescued from slaughter are now in need of forever homes. Cyrus is seven years old, and Jasper is two years old. According to the auctioneer, they were formerly companion animals, but both seem a little shy. They have begun to show signs of warming up to people, and with patience and love, they will no doubt come out of their shells.
Contact: Nanette | Phone:978-440-8182 | Email: