For the animal residents of Farm Sanctuary, love is everything.

In cruel industries, farm animals are commonly separated from their friends and families. But at Farm Sanctuary, we know that these animals are #BetterTogether! The relationships they form after rescue are a true testament to the healing power of sanctuary.

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to take part in a new and meaningful way to celebrate love and the power of compassion to change lives. For a one-time donation, you can symbolically adopt one of our featured farm animal valentines:


It’s been said that “an only goat is a lonely goat,” and we think truer words were never spoken. Once bonded, goats are never far from their chosen companions, and they often sleep with their necks wrapped around each other! Before coming to Farm Sanctuary, both Cali & Freddy were kept as companion animals. But they lacked the companionship of other goats, which can be heartbreaking to herd animals like them. Everything changed when these two met. Though they arrived years apart, it’s like they’ve known each other their entire lives. Their bond makes them #BetterTogether!


Like goats and other farm animals, pigs bond for life when they’re given the chance. In fact, Farm Sanctuary’s resident pigs can often be found spooning their favorite herd mate in a soft bed of straw. Eric & Rory had both lost their longtime partners and found themselves alone for the first time in years. We decided to introduce them to see if new companionship might help ease their sorrows. Now, they snuggle close in the barn just like old friends and are doing so much #BetterTogether!


Cows are deeply social and devoted to their friends. One way they show their affection is by grooming each other – so when you see a cow with a “cowlick,” you’ll know she has a loved one who cares. And when a herd mate passes away, cattle mourn deeply and come together to share their grief. As a baby, Stanton was rescued from a barn so filthy that several calves had actually drowned in the muck. He found a family when a cow named Jackie adopted him and gave him the love he needed to heal. Stanton now lives in our main cattle herd with Jackie, “aunt” Nancy, and “cousin” Charlie. It’s plain for all to see that this family is #BetterTogether!

Want to sponsor a rescued farm animal year-round? Farm Sanctuary also offers yearly sponsorships through our Adopt a Farm Animal Program! With your honorary “adoption” (which can also be given as a gift), you’ll receive a printed adoption certificate featuring your sponsored animal, a color photo, an Adopt a Farm Animal decal, and the opportunity to meet your new friend in person. Participating in this program is a great way to spread the love all year ‘round!

Safe at Farm Sanctuary, animals feel the power of love thanks to supporters like you. Thank you for being our valentine this year and for putting compassion first!