Camping Information

Country Hoe Down guests are invited to spend the night under the stars at Farm Sanctuary! Camping with other guests is a great way to make friends and connect with like-minded people.

Our rustic campground will be open Saturday night, May 10, only.


If you plan to camp at the sanctuary, you will be responsible for bringing your own equipment, including tents, bedding, and flashlights. The People Barn restrooms will be open 24 hours a day. Please be aware that nighttime temperatures can be cold, even in May, so come prepared with appropriate clothing and bedding. Upon your arrival at Farm Sanctuary, signs will direct you to the campsite. For your safety, as well as that of our animal residents, we ask that you please respect the shelter rules posted near our main gate.

Fire and Smoking
Because risk of fire is high, candles, camp stoves, campfires, smoking, and any other open flames are prohibited on Farm Sanctuary property.

Companion Animal Policy
For the safety of the animals in our care and yours, we are unable to accommodate your companion animals at the sanctuary.

Alcohol Policy
Farm Sanctuary permits the lawful consumption of alcohol in the People Barn and designated camping areas. For the safety of all guests and animal residents, alcohol is not allowed in or around any of the barns or animal pastures at any time.

Vegan Policy
Out of respect for our rescued farm animal residents and in accordance with the mission of our organization, we ask that you refrain from consuming any animal products while visiting Farm Sanctuary. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Shower Availability
Our facilities do not include showers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate the understanding of our guests.

We hope this information will help maximize your enjoyment of your weekend with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 607-583-2225 ext. 221 with questions. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Hoe Down!