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Big Bear City: (Aug. 26, 2015), Two female potbellied pigs are in need of a new home. They are both super sweet. Kosher, the oldest, is approximately two years old and about 55 pounds. Pickles is around 8 months and 20-25 pounds.. They recently had their yearly nail trimming and health check-ups.
Contact: Robert | Phone: 909-838-7460 | Email: rjvolpicelli@gmail.com

Encino: (Feb. 8, 2015), Delilah Sweetpig is a beautiful black, silver and pink snouted 4.8 year-old, 135 lb female potbellied pig. She became part of our family at 12 weeks old and made pig aficionados of all of us and charmed our neighborhood in Encino, CA. Besides liking most of the usual piggy things, specifically following the sunshine throughout the yard, napping under rosemary bushes, tummy rubs, massages and brushing, she LOVES snuggling on laps, having her loose bristles tugged out in the spring, kicking her heels up after a swim in her wading pool and sucking on her lips when she sleeps. She likes learning new commands and tricks. Besides several routines and words she has learned, she sits, kisses, gives ‘sugar’, and does her ‘baby-face’ on command. She uses her ‘baby-face’ as her sign for ‘more’ and to remind us that its meal time. Delilah doesn’t care for small children and does not like dogs, the word ‘No’, rainy days and the cold. She also does not like leaf blowers or raw broccoli.

With the heaviest of hearts, we are faced with a decision we never thought we would make in finding Delilah a new home because she recently got in a fight with our son’s dog, and I was injured in the process of separating the two. As a mother, I am forced to look at our beloved pet as a risk in my home and I sense that what she may need for her happiness is something we cannot provide. It is my feeling that Delilah would likely do very well in a peaceful home perhaps with an experienced owner, perhaps with other pigs, but with no children or dogs.

Kara Fox just recently photographed Delilah for a calendar, and here is what she said about her experience working with her: “To anyone who loves pigs… Delilah is truly one of the smartest and best behaved pigs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing- So sweet.
She even kissed her ‘Mother’ gently right on the lips! She is precious and I still smile when I think of my time with her”- Kara Fox. If anyone is called to meet Delilah to see if she will fill a space in your heart like she has in ours, please call me.
Contact: Elizabeth | Phone: 310-869-1509 | Email: elbeim3@aol.com
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: (April 3, 2015): A spotted 9 & ½ week old female farm pig named Twitch is in need of a new home. She was the only surviving piglet from a litter of eight and her mom died when giving birth to her. She will outgrow her current home very soon.
Contact: Patricia | Phone: 310-837-4406 | Email:monkeyismyty@yahoo.com
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Inland Empire: URGENT (May 24, 2015): A 450 lb one-year-old male neutered Yorkshire pig has been given a reprieve from slaughter for several weeks. He needs a home ASAP, though!
Contact: Tyra | Phone:818-428-0897
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Manteca: (May 18, 2015): Snooter is a neutered male two-year-old potbellied pig who is in need of a new home. He is trained; he comes in the house and, if he needs to go outside, he walks to the door and waits for someone to let him outside to the backyard. He enjoys the backyard when the weather is nice. He hasn’t displayed any signs of aggression. His hooves need to be trimmed and he needs to be on a diet because he’s a bit chubby. He is great with other animals, such as cats and dogs.
Contact: Elucha | Phone:714-504-8690 | Email:eluchakwaina@gmail.com

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Oceanside: (Nov. 4, 2015), Her name is Ms. Piggy, although I call her just piggy and she responds to that as well. She will be roughly fifteen weeks on Thursday the 5th. I feed her twice a day , once in the morning and once at night. I feed her about half a cup of food both times. She knows what you mean when you say “Are you hungry?”, she perks up and runs to where her food is! She eats Mazuri mini pig food (Adult type now). She will remind you that she needs to be fed, if you forget she will start making grunting, throat noises and let you know she is hungry. For snacks her favorite is green apples ! She also likes grapes, animal crackers, and avocado. She doesn’t like carrots at all! She drinks lots of water on her own but if I ever notice her not drinking water I will give her some 100% fruit juice in her water, not much, just about a capful or so depending on how much water you give her. She loves dog treats as well ! (NOT THE PORK FLAVORED ONES THOUGH!!!) Ms. Piggy loves to sleep under the blankets with me at night and she just likes being under blankets in general. She loves playing on the beach in the sand and in any grassy or dirt area of course. When she gets on carpet or is outside she loves to run around and play with you. She is well trained on the leash although getting the harness on her is still hard. She scratches and rubs herself on EVERYTHING but the pig vet told me she has healthy skin so her habits are just normal not excessive. The vet also informed me that she has very healthy teeth and weight and all in all she is in good health. She had two vaccines , when I find the paper I will let you know what they are. She goes for one more at the end of the month. We sometimes give her a bath just to make her fur a bit softer, we add a small bit of baby oil to the water every time we bathe her. She gets nervous in the tub though and sometimes poops in the water. She is trained to use the pee pads in the house but she also goes potty outside if you take her. If she needs to be transported she is typically good in a car, but if she gets spooked she will poop (this goes for anywhere if she is spooked she will poop).

The reason I am looking for a new home for her is because of where I live. I do not have a yard at all, so the only freedom she gets is when we take her in the car to a dog park or to the beach. It is not fair that she stays cooped up and I believe she is becoming depressed. She needs some outdoor freedom and to be with other animals because at my house when we leave she is home alone for most of the day while I am at work. It is very hard to be parting with her and the only way I will be able to do it is knowing she will be very well taken care of and I would like to be able to check up on her as well.
Contact: Ashley | Phone: 336-521-0936 | Email: ashleymerrick1856@gmail.com

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San Diego: Beth is looking to place her 4 year-old, neutered male pig in a loving home where he will receive plenty of attention. He is in good health and has received annual veterinarian check-ups as well as tusk and hoof trimmings.
Contact: Beth| Phone: 619-813-6173| Email:beanhead6173@yahoo.com

Simi Valley: (July 30, 2015), Mr. Pigster is a young (less than 1 year old) Hampshire pig who is being raised as a 4H project.  The student raising him is no longer interested in sending him to auction and then slaughter but wants to recoup the money he’s put into raising Mr. Pigster thus far.  Mr. Pigster needs a new home by the end of summer!
Contact: Wendy | Phone: 805-657-0969 | Email: wkcoyle@gmail.com

 Mr Pigster REZIED

Sonoma County: URGENT (Oct. 21, 2015) Two 9-month old Gloucester pigs are in need of a new home. They were purchased when they were a couple of months old with the intention of raising and breeding them in a healthy, loving, and sustainable situation on a piece of land their guardians were renting specifically slated for that purpose. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the guardians could not stay on that piece of land and ended up moving the girls into an impromptu pigpen in their backyard. Their guardians don’t have the space or resources to give them the life they wanted for them and are getting complaints/pressure from our neighbors about getting rid of them. They also live in a flood zone and know that it is going to be a very wet, possibly flooded winter season there. Their guardians don’t want them the pigs to end up being someone’s dinner when they are just so sweet. They are a very docile breed and love to play and have their bellies scratched. The guardians’ 2,4, and 6 year old children all love them and vice versa. At this point, their guardians would just want them to go somewhere safe.
Contact: Natalie |Phone: 707-865-5146 |Email: nmarchitiello@gmail.com

Sonoma County Gloucester RESIZED

Venice Beach: (Nov. 16, 2015), Luna is a sweet six month old, 60 lb. potbellied pig. She is a snuggler who is both very sweet and smart. Luna needs to roam free, and her guardian’s living conditions are not appropriate for this girl’s well-being.
Contact: Jennifer | Phone: 310-341-9500 | Email: ellejbowman@icloud.com

Westminster: URGENT A four year-old male potbelly pig is urgently in need of a home. He must be placed with an experienced pig owner, and with another pig for a companion.
Contact: Tony| Phone: 714-840-5039| Email: jeffveronicahb@gmail.com

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Waianae: (May 4, 2015), Wilbur was found Christmas eve 2014 stranded on the side of the road when he was one week old. Wilbur was very sickly and all of 4 lbs. when he was found and rescued. His rescuers cared for him night and day and he is now completely healthy. He is now a robust neutered Yorkshire farm pig. His rescuers live in a townhouse, though, and Wilbur is outgrowing it. Although his rescuers are moving to a new home soon, it too will not be very accommodating to a full-grown farm pig. Wilbur is incredibly sweet and friendly. He loves to have his back scratched and to be anywhere his humans are. According to them, “he brings laughter and joy every day and everywhere he goes. Wilbur is the sweetest, most lovable, laid back gentle giant. Everyone loves him and he loves them, too!” He much prefers to fruit and veggies to any sweets.
Contact: Richard | Phone:808-218-4343 | Email:dawn2dusk98@hotmail.com
Wilbur Hawaii 3-RESIZEDWilbur Hawaii-RESIZED


New Berlin: (Aug. 29, 2015), I rescued a pig from the Illinois State Fair. He is very friendly and sweet. He weighs about 300 pounds and is currently living in a horse stall at a friend’s house. He needs a home because the horses are afraid of him and my friend said he could only stay for a short time. I think he has a great disposition and is very smart. Please consider him.I would like him to have a friend and be able to be in a pasture.
Contact: Kim | Phone: 217-381-2361 | Email: kfrazier@yahoo.com


Merrillville: (Nov. 18, 2015), I’m looking for a home for my young potbellied pig, Stewart. Stewart is a little over two months old and very friendly. He is also very playful and gets along well with other animals. I can no longer keep him at my residence.
Contact: Taylor | Phone: 219-232-0942 | Email: tayloraeeeee@gmail.com


Dartmouth: URGENT (May 1, 2015), Hamlet was born December 10, 2014. He was saved from slaughter because he was the runt and the farmer was going to bash his head in with a shovel. Hamlet is extremely friendly and good natured and has been neutered.
Contact: Meredith | Phone: 401-640-0803 | Email: merechapman@gmail.com

Hamlet Massachusetts-RESIZED

Rowley: URGENT (Nov. 4, 2015), “Pig” is a 4 year old female farm pig. She is roughly 500-700lbs. She is extremely friendly and loves human interaction. She was saved from slaughter many years ago, unfortunately due to a new landlord she was evicted, her owner would love to keep her and bring her to his new home when it is finished but that will not be until mid 2016. A long term foster or permanent home is needed ASAP.
Contact: Bob | Phone: 978-314-7959 | Email: commuterpaws@gmail.com


Montana: (Nov. 19, 2014), Lucia and Bernard Lettuce Tomato are in need of a new home because their guardian is losing her land. Lucia is a 10 year-old female donkey who is very sweet and gentle. Bernard Lettuce Tomato is a neutered male potbelly pig who is also very sweet. Bernard is up-to-date on his vaccinations and de-worming. Their guardian is willing to transport them anywhere to get them to a safe home.
Contact: Megan| Phone: 406-839-4688| Email: threefreespirits308@yahoo.com

Bernard Lettuce Tomato - Montana-150x200lucia-200x150

new jersey

Flanders: (Aug. 19, 2015), Zoe is an 80 lb. potbellied pig who is used to living the good life indoors.  Her guardian is no longer able to care for her and needs to find a new home for her by winter.
Contact: Al | Phone: 973-691-6963 | Email: asbconsulting@optonline.net


New York

Livingston Manor: (April 13, 2015): Clara is a 5 to 6 year old mostly indoor ( garage and porch) potbellied pig who also enjoys going outside. She is a larger girl at approximately 75+ lbs ( too many treats). Her vaccinations are current, and she’s healthy and friendly.
Contact: Michelle | Email:mollymoo@snet.net

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Mount Sinai: (Nov. 23, 2015), Louie is an eleven month old neutered male potbellied pig in need of a new home.
Contact: Allison |Phone: 631-513-3887 |Email: allison.brenner@gmail.com

Mt Sinai Pig RESIZEDMt Sinai Pig 2 RESIZED


URGENT! Charlottesville: Two potbellied pigs are urgently in need of a safe home! Paddy and Buddy have had some bad luck. First, the two were homeless; then, they ended up at a sanctuary for pigs that has been foreclosed. Rescuers must place Paddy and Buddy into a loving home as soon as possible. They are friendly and loving pigs. Both have been spayed/neutered, de-wormed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. These two are closely bonded and are in need of a home where they can live together. If you can offer these two a forever home, please contact Lorelei.
Contact: Lorelei | E-mail: pulliaml@juno.com

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