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Chino: (Sept. 7, 2016), Bill is a one and a half year old potbellied pig whose diet consists of potbellied pig pellets supplemented with fruit and vegetables. Bill loves to play with a treat dispenser that he rolls around and likes to run occasionally. He has good manners and goes inside his house easily every night.
Contact: Rosa | Email: rosalmariacabrera@gmail.com


Joshua Tree:URGENT (June 1, 2016), Scruffy is a seven year old full-sized farm pig is in desperate need of a home as her guardians are not zoned for her and are being forced by authorities to get rid of her. She is sweet and enjoys a good mudhole.
Contact: Rinea | Phone: 760-553-3694 | Email: r.lucia60@gmail.com

Joshua Tree Pig 2 RESIZEDJoshua Tree Pig RESIZED


Los Angeles:URGENT (June 9, 2016), Two 2-year old female potbellied pigs who are each approximately 150 lbs. are in need of immediate placement. Their guardian is threatening to give them away to a restaurant owner who will have them slaughtered. A friend is looking to find them a safe, good home but does not have a lot of time.
Contact: Lauren | Phone: 786-423-0800 | Email: cccbaby@aol.com



Los Gatos: (March 28, 2016), I am looking for a good home for my mini pot-bellied pig, Hamlet. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have to move on very short notice. I cannot find a place that will accommodate him. He is very people friendly, has lived outside in his pen his whole life and gets along great with dogs and cats. Hamlet is probably around 80 pounds.
Contact: Jennifer | Phone: 408-656-2290 | Email: jennifer.hansen88@gmail.com

Los Gatos Hamlet RESIZEDLos Gatos Hamlet 2 RESIZED



Moreno Valley: (March 17, 2016), Ms. Piggy is a twenty-one month potbellied pig in need of a new home.
Contact: Regina | Phone: 909-301-1708 | Email: rcarter837@yahoo.com



Petaluma: (Apr. 8, 2016), A family that purchased two farm piglets from a pumpkin patch last fall is now looking to rehome the pigs who are neutered and now seven months old. The family also has two one-year old tame roosters in need of rehoming.
Contact: Vicky | Phone: 707-481-3579 | Email: fashionstables@hotmail.com

San Bernardino: (June 20, 2016), Two one-year old neutered male sibling potbellied pigs are in need of a new home because their family no longer has enough time to spend with the.
Contact: Tiffany | Phone: 909-851-5321 | Email: sillyredmama@gmail.com

San Bernardino Pigs 1 RESIZEDSan Bernardino Pigs 2 RESIZED


Sunnyvale: (Apr. 8, 2016), Four year old 14 inches tall male potbellied pig Calvin is in need of a new home. He is litter box trained and his current guardians will donate his litter box, crate, and food bowls to a new guardian.
Contact: Soma | Phone: 408-738-1995 | Email: soma.mccandless@gmail.com

Sylmar: URGENT (Sept. 9, 2016), PiggyBoy is a three year old, neutered male Yorkshire pig. He originally came from an abusive situation in which he was being raised for slaughter. He is now a happy, healthy, and very loving pig. Piggyboy enjoys having his people sing into his big beautiful ears, drinking directly from the hose, having his ears cleaned, and being brushed. Piggyboy is in urgent need of a new home as he is under threat of being confiscated by Animal Control due to a neighbor’s complaint. He is very sweet and has never shown any signs of aggression toward anyone; he just needs a chance to live out his life safely and peacefully.
Contact: Tyra | Phone: 818-428-0897 | Email: oinkitygirl@yahoo.com


Torrance: (March 7, 2016), Apple is a female black and white potbellied pig. She is unspayed, approximately two years old, and weighs approximately 250 lbs. She is a very sweet girl. She loves to be pet and have her belly rubbed, and she especially loves playing soccer. Apple originally belonged to her current guardian’s father who unfortunately was not able to take Apple with him when he moved. Apple’s guardian has been visited by animal control and now has one month to rehome Apple.
Contact: Linsey | Phone: 310-462-0786 | Email: jabadon@yahoo.com

Apple PBP


Wildomar: (Feb. 28, 2016), Dude is a 90-pound, adult, neutered male pot-bellied pig currently in the care of Animal Friends of the Valleys. Dude has been friendly with the staff at the shelter. He was surrendered to the shelter because his former family is moving to South America. His former family said that he is an indoor/outdoor pig, uses the doggie door, is great with kids/dogs/cats, not aggressive at all, housebroken, does not dig holes or rip the carpet, loves bananas and apples, doesn’t like brussell sprouts, and loves to be loved and brushed.
Contact: Monica | Phone: 951-674-0618, ext. 224 | Email: rescue@animalfriendsofthevalleys.com

 Dude Wildomar Shelter RESIZED


Ocala: (Jan. 14, 2016), A one year old male neutered pig is in need of a new loving home. His guardians believe he’s a cross between a Hampshire and Julian. He has a very good, sweet temperament at home with his guardians. He has been raised with both cats and dogs and gets along with them well, though pigs should never be left unsupervised with dogs.
Contact: Patricia |Phone: 352-362-3557 |Email: stardustdazed@gmail.com

Ocala pig RESIZEDOcala Pig 2 RESIZED


Shorewood: (Jan. 31, 2016), Milo is a sweet house and litter trained 9 month old small potbellied white and black pig. He is 45 lbs. and neutered. Milo’s family is moving and cannot take him with them. Milo is great with kids and dogs (though pigs and dogs should never be left unsupervised).
Contact: Rachael | Phone: 312-905-5056 | Email: raekaynt@gmail.com


Montana: (Nov. 19, 2014), Bernard Lettuce Tomato is in need of a new home because his guardian is losing her land.  Bernard Lettuce Tomato is a neutered male potbelly pig who is also very sweet. Bernard is up-to-date on his vaccinations and de-worming.  His guardian is willing to transport him anywhere to get them to a safe home.
Contact: Megan| Phone: 406-839-4688| Email: threefreespirits308@yahoo.com

Bernard Lettuce Tomato - Montana-150x200

New York

Amherst: (May 30, 2016), Ham Solo was born on January 1, 2016. He is not neutered or vaccinated. He currently weighs 25 lbs. But is a growing boy. He is very playful, likes baths, and enjoys belly rubs. Unfortunately, his guardian can no longer keep him.
Contact: Mariela | Phone: 787-226-7321 | Email: vdmariela@hotmail.com

Ham Solo 2 RESIZED

Buffalo: (July 19, 2016), I need to re-home my almost 3 month old mini pig, as I live in the city of Buffalo and keeping her is illegal. She is registered as an emotional support animal, so I was led to believe that would make her legal to house, but it does not. she is almost three months old and already weighs approximately 25 pounds. She is really sweet and I am heartbroken that I have to give her up.
Contact: Karlyn | Phone: 607-368-0987 | Email: kmizzoni@gmail.com

Buffalo Karlyn RESIZED

Freeport: (Sept. 1, 2016), Penelope (Penny) is very loving, snuggly, and playful potbellied pig who is almost one year old and in need of a loving home with space to play. Unfortunately, her guardian is moving to a home where she cannot keep Penny so her guardian is looking to rehome her to a great new home.
Contact: Julia | Phone: 516-491-8129 | Email: jmccullough3@aol.com

Mount Sinai: (Nov. 23, 2015), Louie is an eleven month old neutered male potbellied pig in need of a new home.
Contact: Allison |Phone: 631-513-3887 |Email: allison.brenner@gmail.com

Mt Sinai Pig RESIZEDMt Sinai Pig 2 RESIZED




Staten Island: (July 12, 2016), Porkchop is a two year old, neutered male potbellied pig, who is currently in need of a new forever home. He is loved by his family. They feel they are no longer able to provide the best life for Porkchop. His family needs to find him a loving new home where he gets the time and attention he deserves. Porkchop is a good pig, though lately he seems discontent. His family works a lot, and he needs more time to be spent with him. Porkchop also would do well with some more outside time to graze. Porkchop eats pig feed. His vet care is current. The main concern for Porkchop is his weight; he needs to go on a diet. His new family will need to be dedicated to helping Porkchop get into shape. Porkchop is a young pig in the prime of his life and has a lot to offer to a family who will love and care for him. If you are interested in Porkchop , please visit the following website and complete the application. www.pigplacementnetwork.org. If you would like further information, you may contact Carla. Qualified homes must 1) be in a zone friendly community, 2) locate a vet that will care for pet pigs, and 3) own their home.
Contact: Carla | Phone: 347-581-1051 | Email: volpegetaways@yahoo.com

Syracuse: (May 10, 2016), An eight year old potbellied pig named Hurley is in need of a new home. Hurley has been with his new home since he was just a few months old when he was given to the family as a gift. Hurley is well-loved and part of the family, but they worry that he is not living the life he deserves as he does not have access to an outdoor yard. Hurley spends most of his time sleeping in the family’s kitchen or on our back porch. As animal lovers, it is hard for Hurley’s family to see him live like this. They would like him to have a new home where he can enjoy the outdoors and fresh air more.

Unfortunately, as Hurley has grown bigger, it’s been harder for his family to care for him. They no longer have adequate transportation to get him to the vet so he is behind on his vaccines. Further, although his family trims his hooves and tusks the best they can, they don’t have the ability to have it done properly. He has always eaten Mazuri pig feed but every now and his family gives him some ‘table scraps’ like lettuce, strawberry tops or bread ends. He appears to be a healthy weight and has no problems with mobility.
Contact: Jason | Phone: 315-420-1274 | Email: jasonmf.jpj@gmail.com

Hurley 1 RESIZEDHurley 2 RESIZED






Warsaw: (July 31, 2016), Ganon’s current guardians purchased him in 2012 and kept him inside their apartment for a couple of years until he grew until 150 lbs. The family then moved to a house where they built him a house and enclosure outside. The family would like him to be rehomed somewhere with other pigs, as they feel he is lonely. For a variety of reasons, the family has little time to spend with him now. Ganon is a good companion; he knows how to sit for food and loves the summer time.
Contact: Ronald | Phone: 585-322-5330 | Email: senarusa07@gmail.com

Warsaw Ganon pig RESIZED

Warwick: (Feb. 4, 2016), Sally pig was confiscated from deplorable conditions by the Warwick Valley Humane Society the same day she was set to be slaughtered. Since then, Sally has been living at a staff member’s house, but the house is not set up for pigs so she keeps escaping. The shelter also isn’t set up for pigs, so the humane society is in desperate need of a new home for her.
Contact: Suzyn |Phone: 914-804-7304 | Email: warwickhumane@yahoo.com

Warwick Sally Pig RESIZED




Saranac Lake: (Jan. 5, 2016), This is Kevin Bacon. He is currently a resident at an animal shelter in Saranac Lake, NY. He was found running away from a home where he was going to be raised for slaughter. The farmer relinquished him to the shelter. He’s a Duroc, Hampshire, and Berkshire cross, so he will be a large farm-sized pig when full grown. Currently, he is being housed inside in a dog run, since the facility is not set-up for farm animals. The shelter refuses to adopt him for slaughter. So far Kevin Bacon has been friendly and is being socialized but he’s getting big fast and the shelter fears their staff will not be able to handle him much longer. They are hoping to find a forever home for him before he gets much larger. Their vet is willing to neuter him.
Contact: Sara | Phone: 518-651-5757 | Email: gsbeshaw@roadrunner.com

Kevin Bacon RESIZED

Watkins Glen: (August 24, 2016), Kennedi is approximately five months old and a spoiled sweetheart. Although she’s slightly skittish around new people, she warms up to people pretty easily. Kennedi mainly has been an indoor pig so she’s house-trained, but she also loves being outside playing in the grass and rooting. She knows how to sit, jump, and spin for treats. Kennedi especially loves belly rubs and foot massages. She also loves to cuddle with her people on the couch and in bed. She’s a huge love bug. Unfortunately, Kennedi’s guardians are moving and cannot take her with them so she needs a new home in which she can be spoiled.
Contact: Danielle | Phone: 607-769-2290 | Email: danielletionna@icloud.com

Watkins Kennedi 2 RESIZEDWatkins Kennedi RESIZED



North carolina

Fuquay Varina: (Dec. 1, 2015), Seeing home for black pot-bellied pig. She is approximately six months old and very smart and loving. She needs a yard in which she can root and a warm place to sleep in winter.
Contact: Jamie Sue | Phone: 919-608-7323 | Email: jamiesueteator@gmail.com



Waterford: (April 5, 2016), Three potbellied pigs, one unspayed female and two unneutered males, who are approximately 6 months old need to be rehomed. They currently weigh approximately 40 lbs. But will likely weigh 100 lbs. or more until they are full grown. They all have been vaccinated for rabies and dewormed.
Contact: Katie | Phone: 571-258-3834 | Email: katie.faxon@loudon.gov