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Moorpark: (Jan. 6, 2015), Wilbur and Hazel are three year old brother and sister potbellied pigs who are spayed and neutered and current on their vaccinations. They need a new home by March 1, 2015 because their current guardians are moving to Florida and unable to take Wilbur and Hazel with them.
Contact: Janie | Phone: 253-229-1869 | Email: jandrew0422@yahoo.com

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San Diego: Beth is looking to place her 4 year-old, neutered male pig in a loving home where he will receive plenty of attention. He is in good health and has received annual veterinarian check-ups as well as tusk and hoof trimmings.
Contact: Beth| Phone: 619-813-6173| Email: beanhead6173@yahoo.com

Sun Valley: (Jan. 6, 2015), This young potbelly pig was given to his current young guardian as a gift. Unfortunately, her father won’t allow her to keep him. The potbelly is four months old and unneutered.
Contact: Elizabeth | Phone: 818-200-6591 | Email: eliarais@aol.com

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<Urgent>Westminster: A four year-old male potbelly pig is urgently in need of a home. He must be placed with an experienced pig owner, and with another pig for a companion.
Contact: Tony| Phone: 714-840-5039| Email: jeffveronicahb@gmail.com

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Montana: (Nov. 19, 2014), Lucia and Bernard Lettuce Tomato are in need of a new home because their guardian is losing her land. Lucia is a 10 year-old female donkey who is very sweet and gentle. Bernard Lettuce Tomato is a neutered male potbelly pig who is also very sweet. Bernard is up-to-date on his vaccinations and de-worming. Their guardian is willing to transport them anywhere to get them to a safe home.
Contact: Megan| Phone: 406-839-4688| Email: threefreespirits308@yahoo.com

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New York

Churchville: URGENT, (Dec. 8, 2014), Peony and Redrock, two one-year old pigs, need a new home because one of their guardians is dying of cancer and the other cannot afford to care for them any longer. Redrock is a neutered male Duroc/Hampshire mix, and Peony is a female Yorkshire/Hampshire mix.
Contact: Charlene | Phone: 585-293-1919

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Horseheads: (Dec. 22, 2014), A one year old neutered male potbelly pig who has been raised inside and is housebroken is in need of a new home.
Contact: Judi | Phone: 607-759-4652| Email: judibeth8815@hotmail.com



URGENT! Charlottesville: Two potbellied pigs are urgently in need of a safe home! Paddy and Buddy have had some bad luck. First, the two were homeless; then, they ended up at a sanctuary for pigs that has been foreclosed. Rescuers must place Paddy and Buddy into a loving home as soon as possible. They are friendly and loving pigs. Both have been spayed/neutered, de-wormed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. These two are closely bonded and are in need of a home where they can live together. If you can offer these two a forever home, please contact Lorelei.
Contact: Lorelei | E-mail: pulliaml@juno.com

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