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Apple Valley: Charlotte is an 8 month-old Yorkshire mix pig who is in need of a proper and more suitable home. She loves to root through the dirt and is a very social pig who will give kisses if you ask. She loves humans, though she can be shy at first. She gets along with dogs but is sometimes skittish around cats. She is a sweet, energetic, and healthy young pig who would love to make new friends.
Contact: Kaitlynn| Phone: 760-265-3617| Email: soldierdaughter13@gmail.com

Atwood: Kami is searching for a home for two six year-old farm pigs that she found as babies and hand raised. Tug is a neutered male with black and white patches and Rainbow is a female who is white with blue spots on her rump. They are sweet. They love people and they trust people to be good to them. Kami found the two abandoned babies in Colorado, and didn’t have the heart to give them to a farmer. After moving to California, she can no longer afford to board them at a ranch and is hoping with all her heart to find a rescue or an adoptive home. Transport can be provided if you can take them in.
Contact: Kami| Phone: 970-397-7884| Email: kj-downing@hotmail.com

Black Mountain: Loving home needed for a young female farm pig (possibly a red wattle or red wattle cross) found in Buncombe County, NC. She is reported to be approx. 250 pounds. She is very friendly and has already learned how to sit, lie down, and roll over!
Contact: Ellen | Phone: 828-275-8662 | Email: bedbiscuitkennel@aol.com

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Covina: Cynthia is heartbroken as she has to move and is unable to take her pet pig with her. Petunia needs a home as soon as possible. She is a very good girl, good around other pets and house broken. She loves to be outside and to play in her pool. She is on a feeding schedule. She deserves to be happy and with a good, loving family that will love her very much.
Contact: Cynthia | Phone: 626-506-8645| Email: Cynthia911c@gmail.com

<Urgent> Escondido: Judy is looking to place 3 potbelly pigs into a loving forever home. They are 9 years old but can no longer stay at their current residence due to zoning laws. Judy has a very short window of time to find and transport them to a new home and will be including all their houses with them, along with their feed and plastic pool.
Contact: Judy| Phone: 858-386-8021| Email: mjudy777@aol.com

La Mirada: Munchkin is a smart and beautiful Mini Juliana and Kune Kune piglet who weighs around 30 pounds. She has been raised with dogs, cats, and a tortoise and is kennel trained. She loves to go for walks on her leash. Due to a move she is in need of a new home.
Contact: Jenifer| Phone: 562-536-3204| Email: itsjenifer@gmail.com

<Urgent>Livermore: A two year-old potbelly pig is in urgent need of a home. This handsome young man was hand raised and loves people, occasionally giving out kisses. He weighs 100 pounds, and needs room to roam. His human mom has an illness and is looking for a home where he has room to roam and other animals to live with.
Contact: Amanda| Phone: 925-250-3934| Email: agorton@platt.com

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Los Angeles: Sugar Momma is 1 year-old, 60-pound potbelly  pig she is the most loving and sweet girl.  She loves spending time with other animals and people and sadly her current caregivers do not have the ability to show her the attention or time she needs to live a happy life.
Contact: Kyara| Phone: 253-632-1208| Email: kyarabiz@me.com


Moreno Valley: Marlaina is committed to finding safe homes for three 3-week old piglets, 2 male and 1 female, who were bred for a sad fate. She has just a few weeks to find placement.
Contact: Marlaina| Phone: 951-796-9487| Email: marlaina720@gmail.com

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<Urgent>Rosamond: A three year-old potbelly pig is in need of quick placement. He is a neutered male, but has recently been showing some aggression towards his owner’s newborn grandchildren, and his owners can’t risk him being around the babies any longer.
Contact: Wendy| Phone: 661916-5121| Email: amazed6463@gmail.com

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<Urgent>Novato: Sondra had seven tiny piglets dropped off on her porch 15 weeks ago. She hand raised them and they are now around 50 pounds each. They are very friendly and adorable, and love to chase after Frisbees and tennis balls. She is seeking great homes where they will be loved and live free from harm. They are very bonded, so she prefers they be adopted in at least pairs of two. Transportation can be provided, as well as assistance in setting up their new homes.

Contact: Sondra| Phone: 415-895-1105| Email: email4sondra@aol.com

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San Diego: Beth is looking to place her 4 year-old, neutered male pig in a loving home where he will receive plenty of attention. He is in good health and has received annual veterinarian check-ups as well as tusk and hoof trimmings.
Contact: Beth| Phone: 619-813-6173| Email: beanhead6173@yahoo.com

Temecula: Wilbur is a potbelly pig who is in need of a new home due to being caught in a divorce. He is healthy and at a good weight, and enjoy going for walks, soaking in his pool, and laying at your feet for belly rubs. He eats at a very specific time, and will happily “sing” when it’s time to eat!
Contact: Peggy| Phone: 951-972-2406| Email: gversyp@hotmail.com

<Urgent>Westminster: A four year-old male potbelly pig is urgently in need of a home. He must be placed with an experienced pig owner, and with another pig for a companion.
Contact: Tony| Phone: 714-840-5039| Email: jeffveronicahb@gmail.com

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Fort Ogden: Kelly is seeking safe homes for an orphaned litter of piglets. There are two black males, one black female, two red spotted females, and a spotted fawn female. They are about two weeks old.
Contact: Kelly | Phone: 941-916-0761| Email: kellangelily2@hotmail.com

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Lawrenceville: Ella is a very sweet girl who needs a very loving home. She currently lives with her family of humans, a dog, and children, but they can no longer keep her.
Contact: Lorena| Phone: 770-633-7415| Email: lmucke@bellsouth.net

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Georgia: Matilda, a 3.5 year-old female potbellied pig, is in need of a new home. She lives outdoors at a country home, but her new neighbors are complaining about her rooting in yards and exploring garbage cans. She is spayed and up to date on her shots and weighs about 135 pounds. She can be slightly skittish but loves belly rubs!
Contact: Susan | Phone: 802-527-1525 | E-mail: mthweatt@myfairpoint.net

Powder Springs: A sweet, large, and docile male pig is in need of a new home. Please contact Nina for more information.
Contact: Nina| Phone: 404-389-3722| Email:ninalisaphoto@gmail.com


Angola: A neutered male potbelly pig is in need of a better home due to his caregiver’s work schedule. He is five years old and lives indoors in his own room. He is trained to go potty outside and he listens well and gets along with dogs. He’s never had any health problems.
Contact: Bonnie| Phone: 260-336-0676| Email: bonniefries@mediacombb.net


<Urgent>Glendale: Gordy is an intact male who is just over a year old. The family who has custody of him bought him from a farmer as a baby and hand raised him. They are unable to keep him and have considered selling him at a market. However, a friend of the family is helping them search for a good home. If you are able to help provide placement, please contact Kat as soon as possible.
Contact: Kat| Phone: 502-552-8339| Email: pcatignani@swope.com


Lagrange: Pig Willigans is a large and very friendly pig in need of a safe, new home. He was a rescue from a piglet race and has been living with his caregivers ever since. Unfortunately, they do not have the proper type of housing for a pig like him and he lives too close to a busy road. Please contact Mandy for more information.
Contact: Mandy | Phone: 207-951-1285 | Email: mandymelanson@gmail.com

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Randallstown: Smokey is a one year-old potbelly who needs a good home that can provide an area for him to root and explore. He is very affectionate and is litter trained, but he loves to dig and therefore his current home is unable to keep him. He adores having his back rubbed and always comes running when he hears his name.
Contact: Kim| Phone: 443-605-4505| Email: tuckfam01@yahoo.com


<urgent> Marstons Mills: A seven month-old male pig, who is currently being housed at a feed store, is in need of a good home. His owner will not give him to anyone who intends to use him as food, but his current enclosure is very small and he needs a new home ASAP.
Contact: Linda| Phone: 508-280-5500| Email: lindathompson404@comcast.net

Methuen: Buster is an adorable, 1 year-old black and white Hampshire pig. When he is fully grown, Buster will weigh around 500 – 600 lbs. Buster came to us as a stray when he was a piglet. Buster is extremely social, energetic, and smart. He has been clicker trained to sit and wait for his grain and has good manners. He loves getting belly rubs and sitting in his water trough when the weather is warm.
Contact: MSPCA| Phone: 978-687-7453 x 6113| Email: barnstaff@mspca.org

Methuen: Meet Alfie! He is an adorable little red and white Hampshire farm piglet. He was the runt of the litter and tugged at someone’s heart strings. Unfortunately, they had no place to keep him. Alfie will be fairly large when full grown and weigh about 500-600 lbs. He will need a good deal of space to root around and forage. His pen will need to be sturdy and strong with an enclosure that will protect him from the elements. Alfie currently loves to go for walks on leash and is being clicker trained to sit. His adopter should have some pig experience since he will need to learn his manners now while he is small and easy to work with.
Contact: MSPCA| Phone: 978-687-7453 x 6113| Email: barnstaff@mspca.org

South Grafton: Marley is an all black, male, Vietnamese pot-belly pig. He will be 3 in January and weighs about 100 lbs. He is litterbox trained, however, for well over a year now he has chosen on his own to only potty outside (he currently lives indoors).
Contact: Nycholle | Phone: 201-787-5596 | Email: n_m_eckert@yahoo.com

12-31 South Grafton Pig-RESIZED

New York

Chateaugay: Joan is looking to place 3 adorable, black potbelly pigs in a permanent home. These 9 week-old cuties were born on the 4th of July and are quite friendly as they have been handled and hand fed since birth.
Contact: Joan| Phone: 518-497-0707| Email: jbjlovesjesus@gmail.com

Corning: Onyx is a female miniature potbelly pig who is only 6 months old. She is very sweet and friendly towards everyone. She is still a baby that gets into mischief, but she will do anything for a belly rub or to have her back scratched. Onyx needs a loving home and a lot of attention from her new family. She has been wormed and is litter trained and harness trained. Due to her owner being at college, she needs someone who can care for her full time.
Contact: Kristine| Phone: 607-426-0232| Email: sherwoodk19@yahoo.com

Henderson: Garrett is seeking safe placement for an 8 month-old neutered male Yorkshire pig. He is a very friendly young guy. He was saved from a neglectful situation where he was living in a dog kennel with a board for shelter in this terrible upstate NY winter. His previous owner was prepping him for slaughter in the spring and Garrett saved him from that terrible fate and those conditions. Any assistance in finding a proper home would be appreciated.
Contact: Garrett| Phone: 315-775-6464 | Email: GLMuralist@aol.com

3-25 Henderson Pig-RESIZED

Hyde Park: Pumba is a 3 year-old potbelly pig who is in need of a permanent residence because his current caregiver is losing her home.
Contact: Marianne | Phone 845-505-4726|Email: azorean_diva24@hotmail.com

Narrowsburg: Dionysus the potbelly pig is in need of a new home. He was originally bought as a “micro” pig, but has grown well beyond that. His hobbies include getting brushed, going for walks, laying in his kiddie pool, and eating. He also loves human interaction!
Contact: Norman| Phone: 917-337-2728| Email: mattjackrealty@gmail.com

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Northport: Bella is in need of a forever home, as her two main caregivers had to move away, and the woman who caregiving has fallen to is not well. She was rescued from a farm that was going out of business and getting rid of their stock. She was spared from being food. She is used to belly rubs and hugs. Sweet, loving girl, raised by humans. Now she is alone in the backyard, very lonely. She currently lives on Long Island, NY. If not too far from Long Island, transportation could be arranged. Bella is under vet care with a clean bill of health, but she is a bit overweight, and currently beginning a weight reduction plan.
Contact: Christine | Phone: 631-424-7557| Email: ccip@optonline.net


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Tonawanda: Primrose is a female pig who was seized as part of a cruelty case in March of 2012. The owner had planned on raising her for food but failed to provide adequate care. Primrose really loves to interact and is very social with people. She was born in October 2011, and although she is not spayed at this point, she is up to date on her vaccines. For more information or to meet this happy girl please call the Erie County SPCA and ask for Sheila or Patti in the farm or send us an email.
Contact: Erie County SPCA| Phone: 716-875-7360| Email: farm@spcaec.com







Tonawanda: Marigold is an adorable Hampshire-type pig who will grow to be somewhere around 700 pounds. She came to the Erie SPCA as a stray from Buffalo, where pigs are not allowed. She is still young and high-energy, but is settling down and learning a few basic commands. For more information or to meet Marigold please call the Erie County SPCA and ask for Sheila or Patti.
Contact: Erie County SPCA | Phone: 716-875-7360 | E-mail: farm@spcaec.com

Marigold rescued pig


Hanover Township: Gail is seeking a safe home for a very friendly and smart pig who is completely house trained. The female pig is 2 1/2 years old. She was born August 3, 2011 and weighs about 200 pounds. She is a very sweet and loving girl.
Contact: Gail| Phone: 570-871-8257 | Email: mom2k929@aol.com

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rhode island

North Providence: This beautiful pig named Emily came to a therapeutic riding stable so the children could enjoy her. The riding stable has closed and Emily needs to find a home. She is wonderful with children and horses, she may even think she is a horse! She is likely around 7 or 8 years old and probably weights about 300 or 400 lbs. Naomi who is dedicated to her rescue, was not affiliated with the stable when Emily was brought there as a baby. Naomi is so hoping this beautiful, friendly soul will find her forever home.
Contact: Naomi | Phone: 401-419-0351|Email: prairiedogwoman@gmail.com

<Urgent>Providence: Two loving four-month-old pigs are in urgent need of a good home. This girl and neutered boy are used to human contact and affection. They are bright and friendly, enjoying kisses, belly rubs, running around and playing. They are in danger of being sold for slaughter eventually if a home is not found for them. The hope is for them to stay together, although the priority is that they each have a home so that they will be safe. They will be 500-600 lbs. when fully grown. Assistance with transportation and other needs is offered.
Contact: Sara| Phone: 919-373-4317| Email: tara@mail.seaturtle.org

My beautiful picture



Houston: Wallace is a neutered, 100lb male potbelly pig. He has lived indoors with two small dogs and is fully potty-trained. He does great with people but and is very curious! Unfortunately, his caregiver has accepted a job that requires a lot of traveling and family and friends are not willing to care for him. Stephanie is seeking a home where Wallace will be loved and taken care of the way she has.
Contact: Stephanie | Phone: 713-854-1602 | Email: loredo.stephanie@gmail.com

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URGENT! Charlottesville: Two potbellied pigs are urgently in need of a safe home! Paddy and Buddy have had some bad luck. First, the two were homeless; then, they ended up at a sanctuary for pigs that has been foreclosed. Rescuers must place Paddy and Buddy into a loving home as soon as possible. They are friendly and loving pigs. Both have been spayed/neutered, de-wormed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. These two are closely bonded and are in need of a home where they can live together. If you can offer these two a forever home, please contact Lorelei.
Contact: Lorelei | E-mail: pulliaml@juno.com

Farm Sanctuary National Placement Board



Enosburg Falls: Crazy Eyes is a Landrace/Old Spot mix with a sweet personality. She weighs over 500 pounds, and was previously used for breeding. Due to her owner ending the business, she is in need of a new home where she won’t be harmed.
Contact: Lorri| Phone: 802-933-4735| Email: lorriconlon@yahoo.com


Bellingham: A one year-old female potbelly pig is in need of a new home. Her name is Delirium, and her second story apartment home is not ideal for her. She is in need of a home with more space and a yard to explore.
Contact: Marissa| Phone: 253-334-7282| Email: bergm5@students.wwu.edu

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