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Farm Sanctuary's New Member Challenge

Be one of 200 caring individuals to join Farm Sanctuary by August 17 and your gift could be matched. Join today!

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Say 'No' to Subsidizing Cruelty

Lend your voice and tell Governor Cuomo NOT to spend $90,000 to subsidize the drinking of cow’s milk.


Meet the Animals of Farm Sanctuary!

Follow the herd to our newest blog about your our incredible rescued residents, with new stories, videos, and photos daily!

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Take a Virtual Tour of Farm Sanctuary's New York Shelter

This 3D experience is your ticket to Farm Sanctuary life — and all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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Announcing New White Paper on Pigs

Read "Thinking Pigs: Cognition, Emotion, and Personality," the new white paper from The Someone Project.

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Farm Sanctuary Shop

Your source for farm-animal-friendly apparel, accessories, home goods, advocacy resources, and more!