In honor of World Farm Animals Day on October 2, we’ve set a goal of providing 50,000 meals for the more than 1,000 goats, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, cattle, and other animals at our shelters.
Farm Sanctuary launches "Meet Your Neighbors" in North Carolina in a colorful effort to introduce residents to the state's 9 million pigs.
The Someone Project is pleased to release its second white paper, “Thinking Chickens: A Review Of Cognition, Emotion, And Behavior In The Domestic Chicken.”
Learn how to continue your life-changing help for farm animals and create your own legacy of love. Be the change — join the Farm Sanctuary 2017 Legacy Challenge today!
Kat Von D shares a compassionate meal with her "Dad Von D"! Watch the video, then take the #CompassionateMeals challenge by treating a friend or family member to a plant-based meal and spreading the word!
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