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Acton: (Oct. 14, 2014), A bull, two steer, and a mini-mule need to be re-homed by Spring 2015 when their guardian is moving. Gustaff the bull is 10 to 11 years old. Five years ago he was hit by a car. His back leg is consequently slightly lame, so he limps. He and Molly, the mule, who is in her late 20s, are bonded. The steer, Hans and Sputnik, are two year old Black Anguses who are bonded. Although their guardian wants the whole family to stay together, she believes the bonded pairs could go to separate homes.
Contact: Erika| Phone: 661-867-2271| Email:

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Red Bluff: Seeking a safe haven for two healthy female cows to live out their days. They are mother and daughter, the mother is all white Charolais and is 8 years old and very intelligent. Her daughter is black and white, 1+year old and in very good health. They prefer a home with plenty of grazing, water and attention.
Contact: Anna | Phone: 530-833-5350| Email:


Boonville: (August 18, 2015), I am seeking a retirement home for two wonderful old dairy cows.  Cinnamon is a 15 year-old purebred Brown Swiss, and Liza is 13 year old; half Swiss, half Jersey.  Both are friendly, halter-broke, but large cows.  They have been grazing and milking in my small herd for most of their lives.  Cinnamon seems to be past calf-bearing and has been dry for over a year.  Liza is still milking (calved in February), but probably shouldn’t be bred again because she is prone to metabolic problems at calving time, and this year the birth went badly and it was more than a month before she was feeling really well – I don’t want to put her through that again.  Cinnamon and Liza are best friends, and they need to stay together.  It will be hard or me to let them go, but sadly, I can’t afford to feed two non-producing cows.  Most of the advice I get is to put them in the freezer, and even though I eat meat, I don’t feel right about doing that.  I hope there is someone out there who wants to care for these wise old ladies and give them the comfort that they deserve.
Contact: Regina | Phone: 812-897-2696 | Email:

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Pittsfield: (July 8, 2015), Three steers approximately one year old are in need of a home by November or they will be sent to auction to be slaughtered. As you can see in the picture they are all very sweet and friendly, enough to make any one fall in love. They are enthusiastic and wag their tail when they see you. My parents took them with initial intentions to use them for meat, however my mother has fallen in love, especially with Norman. They told me that if I wanted to take them or if I could find someone that would take them they would be grateful for this. They are all very special cows. I would really like to help find them a forever home.
Contact: Danielle | Phone:(207) 232-2639 |Email:

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Tularosa: Seeking a forever home for a friendly Holstein cow named Idaho to avoid being sold at auction. The owner is no longer caring for her, so neighbors are now feeding her. The owner is willing to release her to a loving home if one found soon.
Contact: Katherine | Phone: 575-585-2630| Email:

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Spokane: (Oct. 3, 2014), Guardian of a herd of seven Hereford and Black Angus cross cows is looking to re-home the entire herd due to a personal situation resulting in her not being allowed to continue to house her cows at their current location past March 2015. The herd contains 4 neutered males and 3 females ranging in age from one and a half to seven years old. The herd is a bonded family who she would like to place together.
Contact: Carol| Phone: (626) 272-4264| Email: