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Orange Beach: (March 22, 2016), A two-year old Longhorn steer is in need of a new home, preferably one with other cattle.
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Alabama Steer RESIZED


Lancaster: (Feb. 16, 2016), Bebo is a lonely bull who is currently housed at the Lancaster facility of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. Bebo used to live at the Kern County facility with the sanctuary manager, Dave, who has sadly passed away. Bebo was Dave’s companion; Dave doted on him and gave him lots of attention. Bebo also used to have a goat for a friend but the goat has since passed away too. Now Bebo is all alone and cries for attention and acts like a big puppy dog. When anyone goes to his enclosure, Bebo comes right over for pets and leans his side into the fence asking for more. Bebo is lonely and the organization would like to see him placed in a loving situation with other cattle. Unfortunately, the organization’s vet has advised that Bebo is too old to castrate, so Bebo has to be placed in a male-only herd.
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Boonville: (August 18, 2015), I am seeking a retirement home for two wonderful old dairy cows.  Cinnamon is a 15 year-old purebred Brown Swiss, and Liza is 13 year old; half Swiss, half Jersey.  Both are friendly, halter-broke, but large cows.  They have been grazing and milking in my small herd for most of their lives.  Cinnamon seems to be past calf-bearing and has been dry for over a year.  Liza is still milking (calved in February), but probably shouldn’t be bred again because she is prone to metabolic problems at calving time, and this year the birth went badly and it was more than a month before she was feeling really well – I don’t want to put her through that again.  Cinnamon and Liza are best friends, and they need to stay together.  It will be hard or me to let them go, but sadly, I can’t afford to feed two non-producing cows.  Most of the advice I get is to put them in the freezer, and even though I eat meat, I don’t feel right about doing that.  I hope there is someone out there who wants to care for these wise old ladies and give them the comfort that they deserve.
Contact: Regina | Phone: 812-897-2696 | Email:

IN Cinnamon & Liza RESIZED


New york

Yorktown Heights: (May 29, 2016), Cosmo is a two year old purebred Dutch Belted Steer born on July 30, 2014. There are fewer than 1,000 of these cattle worldwide and they are currently listed as a critically endangered breed with the livestock conservancy. Cosmo has been fully vaccinated since birth (records upon request). He has been handled since birth so he is very comfortable with humans; he currently weighs a little under 2,000 pounds. He still has his horns but he has never threatened his human handlers. We at Hilltop Hanover Farm & Environmental Center are looking to relocate him because we have limited pasture space. We are all very fond of him and are hoping to send him to a sanctuary rather than use him for beef. Additionally, since there are so few of this species left in the world we hope he can contribute to an educational program and showcase this beautiful breed. Please let us know if there is room on your farm for Cosmo; feel free to come by and visit him anytime or call us with any questions you may have.
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Salineville: (Oct. 13, 2015), My dad is almost completely blind and he has three cattle (2 steer and a cow) as pets. He is going to be unable to take care of them and doesn’t want to send them to auction because we know where they would end up at and we would hate for someone to be mean to them or exploit or harm them in any way. We are looking for long term, loving care for our babies. We have limited time as my father will be unable to care for them much longer. There are two steers and one cow, the youngest of whom is 9. They are Holstein/Hereford mixes, bonded and accustomed to people as they have been a part of our family since birth.
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Genesis: (May 30, 2016), Seven cattle–4 cows (one pregnant), 3 calves, and a bull–are in need of a loving home. The farm at which they live is being sold. The family started out with the ill-conceived idea of wanting to have a small-scale dairy with the understanding that any cows no longer giving milk would live out their lives at the farm. The dairy was never actualized. Sarah is a two year old cow who’s pregnant; she loves to be scratched and hugged. Lily Bug is a four year cow who likes to be brushed and petted; her daughter, Hope, is two and a half months old and loves to run around in the barn playing in piles of hay. Matthew is a three and a half month calf who also likes to run around the barn and bury himself in piles of hay. Gracie is a three and a half year old cow who likes to be petted. Bully is a two year old bull who loves to receive love and attention.
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Genesis PA - Bully RESIZEDGenesis PA - Gracie RESIZED

Genesis PA - Matthew calf RESIZEDGenesis PA - Lily cow RESIZED

Genesis PA - Hope calf RESIZEDGenesis PA - Sarah cow RESIZED








Mount Joy: (May 13, 2016), Three cows are in need of a new home. Two are Jerseys, mother and daughter, and the other is a Brown Swiss. Trueheart is six years old and had one calf, Bessie, five years ago. Bessie has been nursing since she was born and still does. Trueheart has been registered as a full-blooded Jersey and we have that paperwork. Tinkerbell is a six year old Brown Swiss cow. All three have been living together on a large pasture with open barn access. They’re all very healthy.
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Mount Joy Cows RESIZED


Cedar City: (May 26, 2016), Extralonevous is a four-month old neutered male Holstein calf who has been hand-raised since birth. He is very friendly. The ranch program of which he’s a part is set to send him to auction, but his young caretaker would like him to find a good and loving home. Transportation to a good home will be provided.
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Extralonevous 1 RESIZED


Glasgow: (April 7, 2016), The farm has been sold and six sanctuary steers and one cow, including a pair of Scottish Highlander steers, a pair of Belted Galloway steers, one Jersey steer, one Guernsey steer, and a brown and white Holstein cow, all approximately 6 to 7 years old are seeking new pastures and loving, forever homes. Their current guardians would like them to be rehomed in pairs as they’re bonded.

Danny and Nels
Danny is a sweetheart Guernsey steer and a true gentle giant. Despite his size, he’s low man in the pecking order. Nels, a beautiful Jersey steer, loves attention and, like Danny, is very submissive with the other steers. He came to us with Danny from Connecticut when they were 8-month-old calves because the couple who saved them lost their farm. They are now 7 years old.

Glasgow - Danny RESIZEDGlasgow - Nel RESIZED

Bully and Houdini

Both these boys are rambunctious, playful Belted Galloway steers. Bully came from a New York petting zoo dispersal rescue and Houdini came from a local breeder whose wife didn’t want her pets going to slaughter. They get along well. Houdini is 6 years old and Bully is 7 (Houdini in picture).

Glasgow - Bully & Houdini RESIZED

Freckles and PeeWee

A pair of cute Scottish Highlander/ Highlander-cross steers. They were part of a petting zoo dispersal and auction in upstate New York. PeeWee (on left) is the smaller of the two and he is a character. Both these boys are about 7 years old.

Glasgow - Freckles RESIZEDGlasgow - PeeWee RESIZED


Heidi, a 7 year old brown and white Holstein, is the odd “man” out, so to speak, being a cow. She was born a twin and so is sterile. As a young calf she helped catch Bully when he escaped from the auction pen in New York and ran amok for a week or so. She kept him company on his trip south to our farm and stayed with us. It would be wonderful if she could find a home with one of the pairs above unless someone already has a bovine companion for her.

Glasgow - Heidi RESIZED


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