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Acton: (Oct. 14, 2014), A bull, two steer, and a mini-mule need to be re-homed by Spring 2015 when their guardian is moving. Gustaff the bull is 10 to 11 years old. Five years ago he was hit by a car. His back leg is consequently slightly lame, so he limps. He and Molly, the mule, who is in her late 20s, are bonded. The steer, Hans and Sputnik, are two year old Black Anguses who are bonded. Although their guardian wants the whole family to stay together, she believes the bonded pairs could go to separate homes.
Contact: Erika| Phone: 661-867-2271| Email:

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Bonita: Two wonderful female cows, both around one year old, are in need of a good home. For more information, please call.
Contact: Sharyn| Phone: 619-417-2708| Email:

La Mirada: 6 week-old calf needs a good home. Very sweet and smart. He’s already learned how to open his gate, how to go up and down stairs, and can be lead on a halter. Neuter and transport will be provided for this little one.
Contact: leta | Phone: 562-328-3641 | Email:

Los Angeles County (High Desert): (Nov. 4, 2014), Romeo’s guardian is gravely ill, so she can no longer care for him and is desperate to find a new home for him. He is a friendly two year old Holstein cow who she rescued.
Contact: Nancy| Email:

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Mariposa: A mini Dexter bull is in need of a new home. He is nine years old. If you can help please contact Eileen.
Contact: Eileen | Phone: 209-742-4694| Email:

Red Bluff: Seeking a safe haven for two healthy female cows to live out their days. They are mother and daughter, the mother is all white Charolais and is 8 years old and very intelligent. Her daughter is black and white, 1+year old and in very good health. They prefer a home with plenty of grazing, water and attention.
Contact: Anna | Phone: 530-833-5350| Email:


Elizabeth: Buddy, a five year-old Black Angus steer, is in urgent need of a new home. The family that has taken care of Buddy for his entire life has now lost their farm, and he is now alone in a small barnyard.
Contact: Polly | Phone: 847-792-8027 | E-mail:


URGENT Meriden: Wooly-Bully male age 1, Syrup female age 1 and Pancake neutered male age 2 are three beautiful cattle in need of a permanent, safe home. Wooly-Bully and Syrup are twins. Pancake was sold but it can be arranged for him to be taken back by Lisa if she finds a home for them. She and her cattle are devastated as Pancake and Wooly were very close and Wooly has been bellowing himself hoarse. They are very sweet cattle. Syrup has a brown ring around her back. Pancake has a white spot on his nose. Wooly is all black with curly hair around his neck and head.
Contact: Lisa | Phone: 785-783-8399 | Email:

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Falmouth: URGENT (Oct. 29, 2014), This beautiful Charlais cow is currently at a horse rescue because her guardian passed away. The rescue is not knowledgeable about cows and is seeking placement in a good home for her. They need the paddock in which she is currently being housed to house their equine rescues.
Contact: Shelly| Phone: (859) 472-0021| Email:

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Methuen: Meet Little Norman! He is a sweet 1 1/2 year-old Holstein steer. As a calf, Norman was the sad little runt of the market pen. He tugged at the rescuer’s heart strings and was taken to live on a horse farm in his early days. Norman was raised around people, horses, and dogs, so he is well socialized. As all calves will, Norman started to grow. His exuberance and excitement for grain was cute when he was little but as he grew his caregivers didn’t have the experience to handle a happy, bouncy, growing steer. That’s when he arrived here at Nevins Farm. Norman is good to walk on a lead and is very friendly. He thoroughly enjoys his scratches and chin rubs. He is learning his manners when he is getting his food. Norman is looking for a home that has other cows and lots of space to graze. He is very lonely when the horses go the barn at night and has never been with a cow since he was rescued.
Contact: MSPCA| Phone: 978-687-7453 x 6113| Email:

Taunton: Patrick is a 5-year-old Holstein steer who is need of a loving, lifelong home. Patrick was taken from a dairy farm when he was 2-days-old and dumped at a local high school as a prank. His current caregivers adopted him from the local humane society after hearing his story and raised him by hand. Patrick is very sweet and loves attention: he is often characterized as being like a large dog! He lived with two horses who have since passed away, leaving Patrick very lonely. His caregivers cannot afford to adopt a companion for Patrick, so they would like to find him a good home with other animals to keep him company. If you can offer Patrick a safe, loving home, please contact Kerry.
Contact: Kerry | Phone: 774-218-1640 | E-mail:

New Jersey

Chesterfield: A five year-old steer and 2 two year-old roosters are in need of a new home. They are all rescues who now have to be placed due to their caregiver losing her home. For more information please contact Wendy.
Contact: Wendy| Phone: 609-324-1276| Email:

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New Mexico

Tularosa: Seeking a forever home for a friendly Holstein cow named Idaho to avoid being sold at auction. The owner is no longer caring for her, so neighbors are now feeding her. The owner is willing to release her to a loving home if one found soon.
Contact: Katherine | Phone: 575-585-2630| Email:

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New York

Sunnyside: Seeking placement for an Easter Egger Rooster. He was born in May of 2013 and is quite large, a crossbreed of Ameraucana and Rhode Island Red. He is a very good protector of hens and needs a flock. He can be picked up and held when needed.
Contact: Peter| Phone: 347-920-9218 | Email:

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Troy: An approximately 9 month-old calf is in need of a permanent home. For more information, please contact Osaretin.
Contact: Osaretin| Phone: 518-380-3277| Email:

Willsboro: Jessie is looking for a new home for a nine year-old Hereford cow in her care. The cow was rescued from slaughter seven years ago, but due to unforeseen circumstances needs a new home. Please contact Jessie for more information.
Contact: Jessie | Phone: 518-572-1395 | E-mail:


Alburtis: Robin is seeking good, permanent homes for various farm animals most of whom were hand raised and bottle fed; including two 3 year-old steers, one 4 year-old cow, two boars and geese of a variety of ages.
Contact: Robin| Phone: 215-802-7816 | Email:

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Rhode Island

Tiverton: Red is a 2 year-old Jersey steer, who has been raised by his caregivers since he was 1 day old. They have recently moved to a smaller property and cannot keep him. He is a wonderful companion, and they are seeking a home for him where he won’t be harmed.
Contact: Scott| Phone: 401-649-0071| Email:




Spokane: (Oct. 3, 2014), Guardian of a herd of seven Hereford and Black Angus cross cows is looking to re-home the entire herd due to a personal situation resulting in her not being allowed to continue to house her cows at their current location past March 2015. The herd contains 4 neutered males and 3 females ranging in age from one and a half to seven years old. The herd is a bonded family who she would like to place together.
Contact: Carol| Phone: (626) 272-4264| Email: