Chickens and Roosters

Chickens and Roosters

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Butte County: (March 24, 2015), Five roosters are in need of a new home. The roosters are: (1) Feathers – 33 months (3 years in June). Full blooded Dominique. Black and white. Not particularly aggressive. Received as hatchling from Meyer Hatchery. (2) Spike – 20 months (2 years in August). Mixed breed. Half Dominique and either half Australorp or Sumatra. Black and white with some greenish black feathers. Hatched in our yard. Good with hens. Aggressive with other roosters. (3) Blackbeard – 8 months (1 year beg August). Mixed breed. We know some dominique and probably Australorp and/or Sumatra. A beautiful bird. Hatched in our yard. Somewhat aggressive.  (4) Yellowbeak – 8 months (1 year beg August). Mixed breed. Possibly 100% Dominique, may have some Australorp or Sumatra (he looks like a Dominique). Hatched in our yard. Not particularly aggressive.  Dandy – 8 months (1 year beg August). Mixed breed. and (5) Part Dominique and likely Australorp or Sumatra. Black and white with some greenish black feathers. Hatched in our yard. Our least aggressive.
Contact: Sarah | Phone: 530-209-1409 |

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Eagle Rock: (Feb. 18, 2015), We have two young silkie roosters, one black and one buff, in need of a loving home. They were sold to us as hens but as they love to crow, it’s become apparent that they are roosters. They are sweet and affectionate and the black roo has been known to curl up and take a nap with me. We love them both dearly but as we live in an urban setting, our neighbors do not love their crowing.

Contact: Laura| Phone: 714-927-6513 | Email:
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East Los Angeles: (Jan. 6, 2015), Two hens and a rooster are in need of a new home because their guardian passed away. They are all approximately 5 years old and the hens are no longer laying eggs. The guardian’s family would like to see them go to a loving new home where they will be cherished as much as their grandmother cherished them.
Contact: Joseph | Phone: 323-547-1326 | Email:

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Fullerton: (April 18, 2015): A blue Silkie rooster was dumped in Andrea’s yard malnourished and unwell. Andrea nursed him back to health but is unable to keep him long-term.
Contact: Andrea | Phone:714-504-8690 |

Livermore: (July 14, 2015), A young Buff Brahma rooster is need of a good home!
Contact: Suzanne | Phone:925-548-3500| 

Los Altos: (July 28, 2015), Two three and a half-month-old Wyandottes are in need of a new home. Their neighborhood isn’t zoned for roosters. They were hand raised as chicks and supposed to be hens. They are both very sweet.
Contact: Kerri | Phone:760-688-6802 | Email:

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Los Angeles: (Apr. 18, 2015): Three hens and three roosters are roaming around a neighbor. Neighbors are complaining about the noise, so Oscar is looking rehome them.
Contact: Oscar | Email:

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Los Angeles: (March 4, 2015), Pickles and George are young roosters who were supposed to be hens. Their home is not zoned for roosters so they need to be relocated.
Contact: James | Phone: 323-819-8823 |

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Mission Hills: (April 10, 2015): A nine year old rooster named Chickie and an eight year old guinea fowl named Doofus are in need of a new home because their guardian lost her home. They are currently staying with her friend who is receiving noise complaints from neighbors about them.
Contact: Diana | Phone: 818-838-7320 |
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Montclair: URGENT (Oct. 15, 2015), Two young roosters, one small white guy and one white Silkie guy, are in desperate need of a new home. They were purchased as chicks for Easter. Their guardian is not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Jonathan | Phone: 909-621-3190 | Email:

Norco: (Jan. 28, 2015), A young rooster who was left to fend for himself in a residential neighborhood needs a new home.
Contact: Rhonda | Phone: 951-317-9693 | Email:

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Orange County: (July 28, 2015), Two 9 week old roosters are in need of a new home.  They were purchased as chicks and hand-raised.
Contact: Tem | Phone:(714) 875-3822 |Email:

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Reseda: (Feb. 18, 2015), A two year old timid and calm white rooster is in need of a new loving home.
Contact: Donna| Phone: 818-671-3726 | Email:

Reseda: URGENT (March 24, 2015), A stray chicken wandered on to Stefan’s property. Stefan cannot keep the chicken and doesn’t want the chicken to end up at an animal shelter.
Contact: Stefan | Phone: (310) 890-2669 |

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Roseville: (Apr. 22, 2015), Hillary’s kindergarten son’s classroom is unfortunately home to a hatching project with 18 eggs being incubated. Hillary plans on advising the teacher about humane alternatives to hatching projects. Meanwhile, she is looking to help place 18 chicks.
Contact: Hillary | Phone:916-276-2116 |



New Hartford: (July 21, 2015), A young sweet and gentle Buff Orpington rooster needs a new home because his family, unfortunately, is not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Lisa | Phone:(860) 387-2450 |Email:

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Jacksonville: (Sept. 12, 2015), Two bonded Polish-cross brothers need a home together. These beautiful brothers are young, full of personality, and very attached to each other, which will hopefully help them adjust to their new home and flock. They are both beautiful and sweet. Their current guardian is happy to help with travel & transport to ensure they receive a quality home together.
Contact: Tirzah | Phone:443-465-5269 | Email:

Jacksonville roos 1 RESIZED


Brimfield: (July 13, 2015), I recently rescued a special needs hen from Craigslist who was going to be “culled” unless someone took her. I took her to the vet and she has a slipped tendon in her right leg and has difficulty getting around. She is not completely immobile, but will definitely need special care. I do not have the means or experience with handicapped chickens and do not feel I can give her a fulfilling life.
Contact: Tiffany | Phone:309-214-0988 |

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Romeoville: (Nov. 25, 2015), A five month old white rooster with special needs and who is very friendly is in need of a new home.
Contact: Maria | Phone: 815-603-5076 | Email:


Fairfield: (Feb. 19, 2015), A young rooster is in need of a new home.
Contact: Michelle| Phone: 207-805-2229 | Email:

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Derwood: (ONGOING), Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center is an open admission shelter which regularly takes in roosters and other farm animals. Since potential adopters are not usually interested in taking roosters, they are not often adopted. The shelter almost always has roosters available for adoption.  Occasionally other farm animals are also available for adoption there. Transportation is available to central PA, central NY and possibly to parts of NJ and New England.
Contact: Kate | Phone: 240-428-9975 | Email:

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Boston: (Oct. 2015), Animal Rescue League of Boston is a non-profit organization in Massachusetts which has a variety of animals available for adoption. We have a variety of hens, roosters, ducks and domestic pigeons. We also have a 3 year old LaMancha mix neutered goat (Leonard) and a 19 year old Thoroughbred mare (Fancy) and a 7 year old pony (Ross). We are at capacity in our barn and are unable to take in any more animals until some of these guys get adopted. Please e-mail us for more information on any of these guys.
Contact: Laura |Phone: 617-226-5688 |Email:



East Helena: (Oct. 28, 2015), There’s a stray rooster in a residential neighborhood who is being fed by neighbors but needs a home before winter sets in.
Contact: Linda |Phone: 406-449-3694 |Email:

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New Hampshire

West Chesterfield: (Sept. 30, 2015), We have two 5-month old bantam roosters (unsure of breed). They are incredibly friendly, are great with our hens, love their treats (bread is their favorite with watermelon in a close 2nd)! They were unexpected in our group of hens and we have tried to make it work but they are too loud for our neighbors. We are looking for them to live out their life in a safe environment (not for consumption).
Contact: Keri | Phone: 413-563-0804 | Email:
new jersey

Columbia: (July 27, 2015), These two five-month-old Rhode Island Red roosters are in need of a new home.
Contact: Christine | Phone:862-242-0364| Email:
Columbia NJ Roos-restricted

New York

Dryden: (Oct. 21, 2015), Six well-behaved Silkie and Cornish cross roosters who are less than 20 weeks old are in need of a new home.
Contact: Tesla |Phone: 607-379-9530 |Email:

New Salem: (Sept. 15, 2015), A four and a half month old Auracana rooster is in need of a new home.
Contact: Ed | Phone: 631-513-6235 | Email:

Salem Auracana Rooster 2 RESIZED


Portland:  (Jan. 19, 2015), A 4-year old chicken who was recently rescued has started crowing and needs a new home because neighbors have started complaining about the crowing.  Her current guardian says that she believes the chicken to be a biologically female chicken who is transgender and now displaying male characteristics; however, this chicken may be biologically male.
Contact: Leah| Phone: 323-547-1326 | Email:

Portland Transgender Chicken 3-resized


Scranton: (Oct. 29, 2015), Eight five month old roosters, including a Lakenvelder, Rhode Island Red cross, a Barred Rock cross, and an Americauna cross, are in need of a new home.
Contact: Mary Alice | Phone: 570-357-6660 | Email:

Scranton Roos 2 RESIZEDScranton Roos RESIZED


White Haven: (Sept. 12, 2015), Two Barred Plymouth Rock roosters who are approximately five months old are in need of a new home.
Contact: Matthew | Phone: 570-916-1073 | Email:

south africa

Somerset West, Western Cape: (Oct. 18, 2015), A few years back my husband and I rescued two baby chicks. They grew up to both be roosters, Frank and Charlie. We kept them in a large outdoor aviary and they coexisted well together until last week when out of the blue they started fighting ferociously. I had to separate them immediately. The one rooster is recovering inside the house while the other one is still outside in the aviary. We live in the middle of town and I cannot let them walk free outside as our property is quite open and they could easily fly into the street or the neighbour’s yard. I need to find a safe and welcoming home for each where they can walk freely and live out their lives peacefully. Please could you help me find a loving home. The situation is quite desperate as I cannot keep the rooster in the house much longer.
Contact: Lara | Email:

South Africa Frank RESIZEDSouth Africa Charlie RESIZED


Buckley: (Jan. 4, 2015), Two Barred Rock roosters were found in the middle of the road on New Year’s eve. They are currently safe, but their rescuer needs to find them a new home. They get along very well with each other, don’t act aggressively toward humans or dogs, and seem to be in good health. One crows for a bit in the morning, but in general
they are both very quiet. They seemed a little nervous around humans at first but
have become much more comfortable and trusting over the few days that we have
cared for them.
Contact: Marissa | Phone: 253-341-3566 | Email:

Lyle: (Feb. 18, 2015), Three five month old Dominique Roosters need new homes right away. These are friendly guys with pretty crows. Dominiques are a heritage breed – they are smart, love to forage, and take good care of their flock by watching the sky for hawks.These are not chickens for containment – they need space and have been completely free-range since hatching. These roos are used to having a dog around too and are keyed in to the dog’s alerts of danger as well as each others.
Contact: Fern| Phone: 509-637-5465 | Email:
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