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Agoura: URGENT (Sept. 16, 2016), A nine month old Rhode Island Red rooster is in desperate need of a new home because his family is moving and cannot take him with them.
Contact: Stacey |Phone: 818-269-6301 |Email:



Agua Dulce: (Jan. 16, 2016), The guardian of four one year old white Silkie roosters is looking for a safe new home for her young boys.
Contact: Tree | Phone: 323-216-4246 | Email:

Aqua Dulce Roos RESIZED


Aguanga: (July 13, 2016), A one year old Swedish Flower rooster is in need of a new home because his family is moving.
Contact: Dawn | Phone: 951-234-9106 | Email:

Aguanga Rooster RESIZED

Alameda: (May 5, 2016), A gorgeous, socialized, cilantro-loving young Easter Egger rooster needs a home. He’s been well-loved and well-fed and we would keep him if we could, but our city doesn’t allow roosters. Needs a home ASAP as he’s started crowing.
Contact: Phoebe | Phone: 916-730-7544 | Email:

Alameda Rooster RESIZEDAlameda Rooster 2 RESIZED



Beverly Hills: (July 13, 2016), Two three-month old naked neck black Silkie roosters are in need of a new home because their current guardian’s home is not zoned for them to live.
Contact: Tanya | Phone: 310-650-7558 | Email:

Beverly Hills Tanya Roo 1 RESIZED


Castaic Lake: (June 14, 2016), A white Silkie rooster is in need of a home. He was found wandering the hills and saved from a certain, but his saviors cannot keep him long-term.
Contact: Helmut | Phone: 661-295-5842| Email:

Chatsworth: (Dec. 2, 2015), Marshmallow is a three to four month old white silkie rooster who was purchased as a chick. His guardians are now discovering he is a rooster as he is starting to crow to the displeasure of their neighbors.
Contact: Jolie | Phone: 818-324-1377 | Email:

Chatsworth Marshmallow RESIZED

Diablo: (Jan. 17, 2016), Two hand-raised, sweet, tame 5 month old bantam roosters are in need of a new home.
Contact: Lisa | Phone: 925-998-4892 | Email:

Diablo Rooster RESIZEDDiablo Rooster 2 RESIZED



Eagle Rock: (Jan. 17, 2016), We are rehoming two egg-laying hens (one Rhode Island Red, Jenny, and one Brahma, Wanda). They have been our pets for about a year and we love them dearly, which is why we feel it is necessary to give them better lives than we can provide. They are affectionate and full of personality and they must not be separated. They are a bonded pair, if you will. Please contact me if you have experience with chickens and a proper environment for them, meaning a coop, open space for them to roam in the sun, warm shelter when it’s cold, protection from predators, etc. We had hoped to accomplish this in the near future but our plans have been postponed and we want our hens to be happy.
Contact: Laura |Phone: 714 927 6513 |Email:

El Segundo: (Sept. 14, 2016), A person who rescued four chicks three months ago now needs to rehome two of them because they are roosters and the neighborhood is not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Jennifer | Phone: 310-919-8744 | Email:

Fair Oaks: (July 21, 2016), Our little pet chick Elsie turned out to be an incredibly handsome young cockerel (Elvis). Unfortunately for him and for us we can not keep him where we live. We would love to find him a loving home. He is funny and friendly.

Contact: Daniel | Phone: 916-850-5932 | Email:

Fair Oaks Elvis 2 RESIZED


Fullerton: (March 1, 2016), We need to give away our beautiful Silkie rooster. He is 8 months old, healthy, and handsome. We raised him since he was a baby chick, fed him only organic food and organic produce and kept him free range. He has lived in a very pretty custom made chicken coop too. Unfortunately, Fullerton does not allow roosters in our area and we need to find for him a good new home.  My son is very sad that we have to part with his pet and crying about that. We’d like our rooster to continue having a good life in some new place for him.Contact: Natalya |Phone: 714-293-1828 |Email:

Fullerton Silkie RESIZED
Fullerton Silkie 2 RESIZED


Lake Hughes: (Dec. 16, 2015), A Barred Rock and an Americauna rooster who are both less than a year old are in need of a new home.
Contact: Laura | Phone: 661-210-7933 | Email:

Long Beach: (Apr. 19, 2016), Two four-month old Rhode Island Red roosters are in need of a new home as their family is not zoned for roosters and expected these boys to be hens.
Contact: Katherine | Phone: 714-615-1057 | Email:

Long Beach: (March 5, 2016), Scotch is a five month old happy and healthy Buff Orpington rooster in need of a new home.
Contact: Todd | Phone: 310-918-1281 | Email:

Long Beach - Scotch RESIZED

Los Angeles: (Jan. 7, 2016), A beautiful young red rooster who just began crowing needs a new home. He loves being around people, and his favorite food is pomegranate seeds. His guardians love him very much and want him to be happy and safe.
Contact: Jamie | Phone: 310-985-3994 | Email:

Los Angeles: (July 15, 2016), This young Americauna rooster is in need of a new home.
Contact: Kammie | Phone: 310-946-8054 | Email:

Los Angeles Kammie Roo RESIZED


Los Angeles: (July 24, 2016), Bluebird is a two year old Black Cooper Maran who is in need of a new home. His guardians’ neighbor is selling their house, so his guardians are worried that their new neighbors will not be as tolerant of the early morning crowing.
Contact: Damian | Phone: 323-363-1663 | Email:

Los Angeles: (August 16, 2016), Two roosters are in need of a new home because their guardian expected they were hens and is not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Barbara | Phone: 213-263-1070 | Email:

Barbara Roo RESIZEDBarbara Roo 2 RESIZED






Los Osos: (Sept. 21, 2016), Two four month old hand raised roosters, a Silver Laced Wynadotte mixed with Ameraucana and a Wheaton, are in need of a new home.
Contact: Nik | Phone: 805-252-1203 |Email:

Napa: (September 13, 2016), A five month old rooster is in need of a new home because his guardians are not allowed to keep in the city limits. He is very friendly; he was raised with four other chicks (hens) with lots of attention and people contact.
Contact: Michael | Phone: 415-577-9214 | Email:

Newhall: (Jan. 22, 2016), Over 100 Silkie roosters (of all colors and some naked-necks) are in need of rehoming to good homes. The roosters are all friendly. The more they are handled the friendlier they become.
Contact: Sherry | Phone: 661-400-1221

Newhall Roosters 2 RESIZED


Northridge: (Sept. 8, 2016), Mr Flufferson is a five month old rooster in need of a new home because the city in which he lives is not zoned for roosters. He is very friendly and has been socialized with people, including children, as well as all of this lovely chicken girlfriends. He’s a handsome dude with bright white feathers and green/blue iridescent accents near his eyes. He hasn’t quite found his full cock-a-doodle-do yet but his version is super close.
Contact: Jen | Phone: 818-577-8468 | Email:

Oakland:  (June 17, 2016), We raised these beautiful ten week old chickens in our home and backyard, so they are basically pets. Mr. Rooster (cockerel) is black with a red comb and waddle and white ear spots. Cheepy-cheep (pullet or hen) is sandy-colored with brown and white highlights. Having grown up together they are very attached, so we would like to rehome them as a pair to a good home–in an area were roosters are allowed!
Contact: Daniel | Phone: 510-985-2636 | Email:  

Palo Cedro: (August 29, 2016), Twelve bantam roosters are in need of a new home.
Contact: Penny | Phone: 530-276-3799 | Email:

Palos Verdes Estates: (June 25, 2016), In February, I adopted a baby rooster, Pepe, with the hopes of giving him a good home and providing him a place to be nurtured and loved. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide these services, because the city I live in during the summer and the apartment I’m living in next year has a strict no farm animal policy. I want him to end up in a good home with loving caretakers and live a happy life. Pepe is a kind, sensitive, and wonderful pet.
Contact: Jasmyn |Phone: 310-650-3576 |Email:

Pepe Rooster RESIZED

Pasadena: (Sept. 17, 2016), A six month old Cream Legbar rooster is in need of a new home because he needs a larger flock of hens than his guardian can keep.
Contact: Jennifer | Phone: 626-660-8818 | Email:


Petaluma: (Aug. 11, 2016), Two white Silkie roosters born on May 5, 2016 are in need of a new home because their current guardians are not zoned for roosters. Both boys are friendly.
Contact: Shirley | Phone: 707-217-7130 | Email:

Petaluma Roos 1 RESIZED


Petaluma: (Apr. 8, 2016), A family that purchased two farm piglets from a pumpkin patch last fall is now looking to rehome the pigs who are neutered and now seven months old. The family also has two one-year old tame roosters in need of rehoming.
Contact: Vicky | Phone: 707-481-3579 | Email:

Redding: (July 20, 2016), Six five-week old Americauna cockerels and two two-week old Welsummer cockerels are in need of a new home. All of the young roosters are friendly with adults and children. They are handled regularly and are very tame.
Contact: Jennifer | Phone: 530-360-6621 | Email:

San Dimas: (Apr. 28, 2016), Winnie is a three month old bantam Polish rooster in need of a new home. Winnie has been raised as a pet, with children, so he is friendly.
Contact: Joanna | Phone: 310-869-5683 | Email:

San Pedro: (June 26, 2016), We found a rooster on a railroad track near our work in downtown Los Angeles. He needs a home. He’s currently living on our patio but we cannot keep him. We don’t know his age. He does not crow at all.
Contact: Lori | Phone: 310-892-2777 | Email:

Santa Cruz: (July 2, 2015), Fred is a one year old Americauna rooster in need of a new home. He was hand-raised and is good-natured.
Contact: Diane |Phone: 831-426-0896|Email:

Santa Cruz Fred RESIZED

Santa Ana: (July 18, 2016), Three hens and a rooster were gifted to a family several months ago; the family is no longer able to care for them and would like them to find a nice home.
Contact: Alma | Phone: 714-979-9357 | Email:

Simi Valley: (Sept. 8, 2016), Two roosters, an Easter Egger and a ten week old Australorp, are in need of a new home. The Australorp is great with children, loves to be held, and occasionally sits on people’s laps.
Contact: Jennifer | Phone: 949-463-3497 | Email:


Tarzana: (April 11, 2016), A three-year old handsome and friendly Americauna rooster finds himself in need of a new home due to his human guardian’s divorce. He is the last animal living at their former residence and being cared for by a kind real estate agent.
Contact: Candace | Phone: 310-497-8890 | Email:

Tarzana rooster RESIZEDTarzana rooster 2 RESIZED






Villa Park: (March 24, 2016), A one-year beautiful and gentle Americauna rooster is in need of a new home.
Contact: David | Phone: 714-998-8914 | Email:


West Hollywood: (March 7, 2016), Three sweet hens and one proud but quiet (he used to crow but hardly does anymore after we started to remove him from the flock early in the morning to prevent this) rooster are in need of a home. They are all around 6 months old. Upon moving into this home the landlord neglected to inform us that chickens are illegal in our city and now we fear animal control will remove and kill them.
Contact: Joseph | Phone: 513-607-8760 | Email:

WeHo Chickens RESIZED


Winsted: (August 6, 2016), Twenty one chickens (7 roosters and 15 hens) of various breeds, including Brahmas, White Rocks, Red Sexlings, Dark Cornish, New Hampshire Reds, Delawares, Buff Orpingtons, and Speckled Sussexes, who were born in February 2016 are in need of a new home. They are all very friendly, use to being handled daily & loved to be held. The chickens are well-loved; unfortunately, their guardians are being forced to move due to health issues.
Contact: Carol | Phone: 860-238-4294 | Email:


Hawthorne: (Jan. 4, 2016), Trying to find a good, local home for two 3 month old sweet roosters. One is a Rhode Island Red. The other one looks like he may have some Brahma in him as he is white with black spots. They both eat out of their guardian’s hand and are very sweet. They follow her into the coop at night.
Contact: Lillian | Phone: 352-214-7000 | Email:

Hawthorne Roosters 2 RESIZEDHawthorne Roosters 1 RESIZED



Jacksonville: (Sept. 12, 2015), Two bonded Polish-cross brothers need a home together. These beautiful brothers are young, full of personality, and very attached to each other, which will hopefully help them adjust to their new home and flock. They are both beautiful and sweet. Their current guardian is happy to help with travel & transport to ensure they receive a quality home together.
Contact: Tirzah | Phone:443-465-5269 | Email:

Jacksonville roos 1 RESIZED




Caldwell: (August 6, 2016), A fourteen week old Barred Rock rooster is in need of a new home. He is docile and does well with both other chickens and people.
Contact: Jason | Phone: 385-321-1074 | Email:


Bowie:URGENT (Sept. 14, 2016), Five roosters are in need of placement as soon as possible. They are: two six-month old Barred Rocks, one six-month old Silver Laced Wyandotte, one two year old Barred Rock, and one two year old Buff Brahma. All of the roosters except the two year old Barred Rock are very friendly, will eat from your hand, and do well with other animals (have been free-ranged around rabbits, ducks, and other chickens). They all get along with each other but are just too much for our poor little hens to handle- we only have four hens. Their current guardians rescued three of these roosters from a man who was going to turn them loose in the woods. Their guardians wanted the roosters to at least have a chance at life, but they can no longer keep them. Any combination of them (aside from the two year old Barred Rock) can go together or individually.
Contact: Blair | Phone: 804-822-6590 | Email:






Derwood: (April 5, 2016), Montgomery County Animal Services in Derwood, MD was recently involved in a cockfighting/dog fighting raid and is currently in possession of 33 roosters and 26 hens in need of good homes. Sadly, some birds from the seizure had to be euthanized due to severe injuries, but the remaining lucky birds are doing well and we’re hoping to find great homes where they will be loved and well cared for. Birds from cockfighting situations are often very poorly socialized with other birds and routinely abused. As a result, it is common for these birds to be terrified of other chickens and to resort to fighting with one another as a resort. Research over the past decade has shown that these birds can be rehabilitated and go on to lead long, happy lives, very often living peacefully with other birds. If you are interested in adopting one of these roosters (and a companion hen, if you so desire), we are happy to talk to you about how to work with these birds to help them adjust to “normal” life. Almost all of these birds are good (or fearful) with people and not aggressive. Please let us know if you may be able to help. Transport to parts of VA, PA, DE, NJ and NY are possible.  They may also be able to bring birds to the New England area if there is enough interest. Thank you!
Contact: Kate | Phone: 240-428-9975 |


Foxboro: (August 15, 2016), A four month old vaccinated Buckeye rooster is in need of a new home because his current guardian is not zoned to keep him.
Contact: Wanda| Phone: 774-254-1260 |Email:

new jersey

Cliffside: (Jan. 21, 2016), A young Rhode Island Red rooster was found roaming a local park by a caring couple who do not want to take him to the local animal shelter but also are not able to keep him themselves.
Contact: Stephany | Email:

Cliffside Roo RESIZED


New York

Dryden: (Oct. 21, 2015), Six well-behaved Silkie and Cornish cross roosters who are less than 20 weeks old are in need of a new home.
Contact: Tesla |Phone: 607-379-9530 |Email:

Galway: (Sept. 12, 2016), Seven pet chickens  are in need of a loving, permanent Home because their guardian is moving out of state.  Molly is an eight year old black Jersey Giant; she is a beautiful senior girl who walks with a slight limp.  Molly is arthritic and would benefit from a heat lamp during the freezing winter temperatures.  Polly is an eight year old black Bantam mix hen. Minnie and Pearl are three year old grey Cochin mix hens.  Marty and Millie are three year old Bantam white Cochens.  Marty, the rooster, is very sweet, rarely crows, and doesn’t mount the hens.  He’s mellow and shows no aggression.  Millie is Marty’s girl and is also very sweet.  Lilly is a 5 year old black and white speckled Cochin hen.  The chickens all have been cared for in meticulous conditions. They are all healthy and happy.  Their guardian does not want them around any roosters, big or small.  Molly the senior Jersey Giant, cannot withstand the weight of any rooster trying to mount her.  Their guardian is looking for an experienced chicken lover to take them in and give them a similar quality home. Their guardian can transport the chickens within fifty miles.  Please send their guardian pics of their new home, other chickens you have, and explain why you love chickens.
Contact: Donna | Phone: 518-256-4152 | Email:


Goshen: (Jan. 19, 2016), Speedy and Angel are two young roosters who were hatched in Spring 2015 via a school hatching project. One of the student’s grandparents took home two of the chicks who grew into roosters. The grandparents are not able to continue caring for them, particularly through the winter.
Contact: Kathy | Phone: 845-651-2393 | Email:

New York City: (August 4, 2016), Chicky is a two month old Barred Rock rooster who was born as part of a hatching project. His current guardians cannot keep him as they live in the city.
Contact: Cindy | Phone: 347-387-3291 | Email:


Rochester: (June 29, 2016), Danny is a beautiful one year old Rhode Island Red Rooster with a big personality. He loves watermelon and corn on the cob. He is feisty and very protective of his flock. Due to his protective nature, he would be best suited for an environment with a lot of outdoor space and a caretaker who understands a rooster’s nature. He would love a home where he can roam free or have a large sized flock of hens to protect.
Contact: Kimberly | Phone: 480-273-2602| Email:

Slaterville Springs: (Feb. 23, 2016), We are looking for a good home for 1 to 2 roosters and their 10 ladies. All hens are purebred Buff Orpingtons. One rooster is a purebred Buff Orpington and the other is an unknown breed. He is very attractive and missing an eye. Both roosters are about three years old and are sweet but a little skittish. They get along with each other but could be adopted separately if necessary. If separated, we would like to send each rooster with 5 or so hens as they are all pretty bonded to one another. All birds are about 3 years old and are beautiful and in good condition. Their caregiver was an elderly woman who loved them dearly but sustained an injury which made her unable to care for them. We are hoping to find someone who will love these birds dearly and take very good care of them.
Contact: Kate | Phone: 240-428-9975 | Email: 

Slaterville Springs Chickens RESIZED


Bend: (August, 15, 2016), A four month old Speckled Sussex rooster is in need of a new home. He is extremely docile and friendly and would be a wonderful addition to a new flock. His current guardians cannot house a rooster in their urban environment. Transport is available.
Contact: Allison | Phone: 910-471-8192 | Email:

Springfield:  (June 11, 2016), A three month old Ameraucana rooster is in need of a new home.  The rooster has been raised with four hens and is the most docile of the chickens.
Contact: Cecilia | Phone: 541-990-7537 | Email:   

Stormville: (August 27, 2016), Two bonded very friendly five month old roosters are in need of a new home because they are not allowed in the neighborhood in which they are currently residing.
Contact: Jennifer | Phone: 845-705-2224

Stormville Roos 1 RESIZEDStormville Roos 2 RESIZED

Talent: (July 8, 2016), Charlie the rooster and four young hens need a good home (there’s one more not in the picture). Charlie is a nice rooster and good around people. He adores these four young hens, and they him, so they go as a group.
Contact: Lin | Phone: 541-840-9903 | Email:

Talent Chickens RESIZED


Frackville: (June 3, 2016), I need to re-home my three roosters. They are a little over a year old and have been together since they were born. There is not a chicken ordinance in my town, but I am being threatened with fines for noise complaints. I’m willing to transport them anywhere provided they are going to a loving home.
Contact: Heather | Phone: 570-874-1013 | Email:

Lewisburg: (June 8, 2016), Three ten-week old Rhode Island Red roosters who currently all get along well are in need of a new home. Their guardian is willing to travel a reasonable distance to get them to safety.
Contact: Joan | Phone: 570-412-3673 | Email:

Downington: (July 10, 2016), Two four-month old roosters, an Americauna named Buddy and Cuckoo Maran named Taylor, are in need of a good home or homes. Their guardians are not allowed to have roosters in their neighborhood and the boys have started crowing. They’ve been hand-raised since they were two days old and are well-behaved. Their guardians are willing to travel a bit to make sure these handsome boys have a wonderful life somewhere where they’ll be loved.
Contact: Diane | Phone: 610-873-1553 | Email:

Villanova: (June 23, 2016), My thirteen week old rooster is in need of a new home. I have a small backyard flock of 8, but this one turned out to be a rooster and unfortunately my township does not allow them. His breed is an Asian Blue, and he is multicolored red and black with green feathers that shine in the sun. He is a very sweet boy, allows handling and gets along very well with all the girls! He enjoys running around free range in the yard and chasing bugs, getting into trouble in the garden, playing hide and seek under my daughter’s slide, and loves a cool summer watermelon treat!
Contact: Asal | Phone: 802-999-8695 | Email:

Asian Blue Rooster RESIZED

Wayne: (April 10, 2016), Sweat Pea is 7 month old Easter Egger Rooster. He was raised from a day old with his sisters by my daughter. When discovered he was actually a rooster, we placed him on a free-range farm since we are not allowed to have a rooster where we live. Now the woman who owns the farm is unable to keep him as he’s found his voice and is protective of his “girls.” He was very sweet because he was handled constantly. We’d like to find a home that will be able to work with him or allow him to have a flock of his own and have a good life. He is currently in DE, but we live in PA so are able to get him and meet.
Contact: Marnie | Phone: 267-625-8934 | Email:

Wayne Rooster RESIZED


Waterford: (April 5, 2016), Kentucky, Finn, Rocket, and Scott are roosters ranging from 5 months to 1 year old who are in need of a new home.
Contact: Katie | Phone: 571-258-3834 | Email:


Maple Valley: (Sept. 3, 2016), Two young silkie roosters are in need of a new home. Edgar is six months old and silver and black; Junior is black and one and a half years old. Both are in good health. They can be placed together or separately.
Contact: Jan | Phone: 425-310-7241 | Email:


Payullup: (August 5, 2016), Mike is a beautiful four month old Americauna rooster in need of a good home. Mike is handled frequently and not aggressive. His guardian is willing to transport him anywhere in Washington or Oregon.
Contact: Brooke | Phone: 253-226-9533| Email:

Payullup Mike Roo RESIZED

Renton: (Sept. 8, 2016), Two beautiful and friendly four month old Silkie roosters named Mulder and Scully are in need of a loving home. Both have been raised by hand since they were one day old with three kids, a dog, and a cat. The boys spend their days free ranging in a backyard so their guardians would like their new home that would offer them the same love and freedom they’ve grown accustomed to. Their guardians cannot keep them because their city is not zoned for roosters. Their guardians are willing to transport them anywhere around the Puget Sound area.
Contact: Shannon | Phone: 425-306-3521 | Email:


west virginia

Gilbert: (August 29, 2016), Peeper is a young rooster in need of a new home. His current guardian rescued him in June after he had been abandoned in a field by the guardian’s mother. They’re part of my mom’s flock of chickens, and she does not intend to keep any roosters in her flock. He’s very acclimated to people.
Contact: Tonya | Phone: 304-784-3138 | Email: