Chickens and Roosters

Chickens and Roosters

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Florence: (Dec. 5, 2014), Four 6 month-old roosters need a new home. They can go to different homes.
Contact: Leah| Phone: 520-450-2216| Email:

Phoenix: (Oct. 27, 2014), URGENT, A hen and rooster pair need a new home.
Contact: Christy| Phone: 480-603-8252| Email:

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Altadena: (Nov. 25, 2014), A 10 month-old Americauna rooster who was hand raised as a chick needs a new home because his family was expecting him to be a hen.
Contact: Jennifer| Email:

Easter Egger in Altadena, CA-150x200

Chico: Pat is looking to place a beautiful and healthy 3 month old Rhode Island Red rooster in a loving, permanent home.

Contact: Pat| Phone: 530-345-5984| Email:

Chico: Sadly, county zoning changes require Katie to find a good home for her pet roosters. These roosters follow the family around the yard and get along with the dog and cats. They have even been known to co-eat out of the same bowl with the other animals at times! She would be happy to deliver with extra feed to the right new home.
Contact: Katie | Phone: 530-518-3001| Email:

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<Urgent>Diamond Bar: A beautiful Bantam rooster is in need of a good home. His current caregiver found him in the street and is unsure of his age.
Contact: Monica| Phone: 909-973-9609| Email:

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<Urgent>Fairfax: Laura has a male Bantam rooster who is in need of a good home as soon as possible. He is one year old and gets along with hens very well.

Contact: Laura| Phone: 415-305-6502| Email:




Granada Hills: Three young roosters, all under two months old, are in need of placement.
Contact: James | Phone: 818-674-7228 | Email:

Imperial Beach: (Oct. 21, 2014), A polish silver-laced rooster needs to find a new home because his guardians who raised him from birth do not live in a city zoned for roosters.
Contact: Sarah| Phone: 619-948-7760| Email:

Kinderhook: Beth is seeking permanent homes separate or together for four young roosters who she saved from a preschool hatching program.
Contact: Naomi| Phone: 518-858-4457 | Email:

Los Angeles: Blackberry is a good natured 5 month-old Black Copper Maran rooster. He needs to be re-homed as his current neighborhood does not allow roosters.

Contact: Jessica| Phone: 310-422-1156 | Email:

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Los Angeles: Evan is hoping to place a beautiful rooster in a safe, permanent home.
Contact: Evan| Email:

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Urgent Los Angeles: Monica rescued a baby chick and rabbit from a child’s Easter party and is now in search of a permanent home for them. The chick is very young and the rabbit is fully grown.
Contact: Monica| Phone: 323-358-9401| Email:

Los Angeles:
Debbie is looking for a home for three roosters. They need to be placed as soon as possible. For more information please call.
Contact: Debbie | Phone: 213-595-6510 | Email:

Los Angeles: Due to complaining neighbors, a great six month-old New Hampshire Red rooster is in need of a new home. He has lots of personality, and needs a spacious home where he can roam!
Contact: Norma| Phone: 323-660-4302| Email:

Monrovia: (Oct. 15, 2014), Seven hens of various backyard breeds, including one white Silkie hen, are in need of a new home.
Contact: Pauline| Phone: (626) 391-9764| Email:

Oakland: Britt is looking for a home for a beautiful Olive Egger rooster where he will be safe from harm. He is four months old and friendly.
Contact: Britt| Phone: 305-519-7960| Email:

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Oakland: (Dec. 5, 2014), A 10-month old Buff Orpington rooster needs a new home.
Contact: Audrey| Phone: 510-207-4945| Email:

<Urgent> Rancho Murieta: Three hens are in desperate need of a new home. Their caregiver is unable to care for them due to housing issues. They are all Bantams and include one Blue Silkie, one Cochin, and one Japanese Bantam.
Contact: Kartika| Phone: 916-220-7236| Email:

Sacramento: URGENT (Nov. 10, 2014), There are five roosters living outside of the Governor’s Offices of Emergency Services. They were dumped there. Employees are starting to complain. The office manager would like for them to go to a safe home.
Contact: Alicia| Phone: (916) 657-6119| Email:

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Sacramento: “A Boy Named Sue” is a very friendly 5 month-old rooster. He is a fancy breed who has been held since he was a chick and is very sweet and would make a wonderful addition to an existing flock. His current caretaker lives in an area that is not zoned to allow roosters.
Contact: Kristina | Phone: 530-400-7151 | Email:

San Carlos: A Welsummer Rooster is in need of a new home. He currently lives in a coop with three hens and is very friendly.
Contact: Elizabeth| Phone: 650-508-9409| Email:

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San Diego: Seeking a safe home for a friendly, well-mannered 2-3 month-old male Araucana rooster ASAP. He was lovingly, hand-raised but sadly cannot remain at his current home.
Contact: Cherie | Phone: 206-250-4130| Email:
San Jose: (Nov. 17, 2014), These two 3 month-old Silkie roosters who were supposed to be hens need a new home because their guardian is not zoned to house roosters.
Contact: Amber| Phone: 801-541-3691| Email:

Silkie roosters (San Jose, CA)-150x200

San Jose: (Oct. 27, 2014), A family of four chickens, two roosters and two hens, need to be re-homed immediately because their guardians live in an area not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Kylee| Phone: (408) 600-4728

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San Luis Obispo: A one year old Rooster named Rubio is in need of placement. Please help him find a great home!
Contact: Yvonne| Phone: 925-360-3293| Email:

Santa Barbara: Permanent homes needed for two beautiful, hand-reared roosters with friendly temperaments. They are a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte with the sweetest nature and an Olive Egger who is big but very funny!

Contact: Jacaranda| Phone: 805-220-6646 | Email:

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Sherman Oaks: URGENT (Nov. 21, 2014), Baby Boy Red, a young Rhode Island Red rooster, was dumped at a barn. He cannot stay there because they already have one rooster and are zoned for a single rooster only.
Contact: Ali| Phone: 310-968-7370| Email:

Thousand Oaks: (Dec. 7, 2014), A 10 month-old Americauna rooster who was hand raised as a chick needs a new home because his family was expecting him to be a hen and they are not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Anida | Phone: 619-339-2655 | Email:

Van Nuys: An eight month-old rooster is in need of a new home. He loves to crow in the mornings! He sings beautifully and loves his hens. He is very timid but if fed by hand will warm up to you quickly. Please call if you can help!
Contact: Katherine| Phone: 818-572-5483| Email:


Walpole: (Oct. 18, 2014), A good-mannered seven month old Buff Brahma rooster needs a new home.
Contact: Louise| Phone: (617) 515-1505| Email:

New Jersey

Chesterfield: A five year-old steer and 2 two year-old roosters are in need of a new home. They are all rescues who now have to be placed due to their caregiver losing her home. For more information, please contact Wendy.
Contact: Wendy| Phone: 609-324-1276| Email:

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New York

Bergen: A rooster who is blind in one eye due to an injury from a predator needs a home with a few hens. He was abandoned as a young rooster last year and his rescuer is very attached to him. She is seeking a predator-proof new home for him.
Contact: Vickie| Phone: 585-813-7132| Email:

Kinderhook: Beth is seeking permanent homes, separate or together for four young roosters who she saved from a preschool hatching program. She is able to transport.
Contact: Beth| Phone: 518-858-4457 | Email:

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Staten Island: A 7 month-old rooster named Charlie is friendly but in need of a home.
Contact: Yolanda| Phone: 347-500-2491| Email:

Stony Brook: In need of placement are two beautiful roosters, around 14 weeks old. They are vaccinated and healthy, and in need of a loving home to live their lives as pets.
Contact: Nancy| Phone: 631-626-4029| Email:

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Holley: (Nov. 10, 2014), Teeni is an 8 month-old Barred Rock rooster who needs a new home because he isn’t integrating well with the other roosters in his guardian’s flock.
Contact: Maggie| Email:

Vestal: Two male goats, friendly and loving, and one “occasionally bossy” rooster are in need of a new home! The two goats, and Alpine and a Saanen, are around one year old and are not yet neutered. They are good with children, dogs, horses, and chickens. Their caregiver would prefer them to be placed together. The rooster is five months old and can sometimes be bossy, but settles down easily.
Contact: Robin| Phone: 909-844-4643| Email:

Windsor: (Nov. 8, 2014), A sweet two year old Polish hen needs a new home.
Contact: Tamara| Phone: (607) 655-5843| Email:


<URGENT> Ashland: Jeff is in immediate need of permanent placement for a beautiful and healthy yet temperamental 4 year-old red rooster.
Contact: Jeff | Phone: 541-261-5555 | Email:


Bedford County: URGENT, (Dec. 3, 2014), Eighty hens who were used for egg laying at a small farm need a new home by the new year. Sixty of them are Red Sex Links who are one year old. The remainder are Barred Rocks, Black Australorps, and Rhode Island Reds who are between 3 and 4 years old. Due to various life circumstances, their guardian will not be able to care for them after the first week of January 2015 and wants to make sure they all go to good homes.
Contact: Alicia

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Northeastern: URGENT (Nov. 11, 2014), A beautiful and friendly Rhode Island Red rooster was found as a stray in a residential neighborhood. He is currently living in a garage and needs a new home.
Contact: Carole| Email:

Yardley: Three young cockerels need a new loving home there are a Black Frizzle Cochin Bantam, a Buff Silkie, and a Mille Fleur D’Uccle. They all are very sweet birds.
Contact: Delora | Phone: 215-428-0450| Email: