Chickens and Roosters

Chickens and Roosters

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Florence: (Dec. 5, 2014), Four 6 month-old roosters need a new home. They can go to different homes.
Contact: Leah| Phone: 520-450-2216| Email:



Altadena: (Nov. 25, 2014), A 10 month-old Americauna rooster who was hand raised as a chick needs a new home because his family was expecting him to be a hen.
Contact: Jennifer| Email:

Easter Egger in Altadena, CA-150x200

Colton: (Dec. 17, 2014), A rooster who was stray and running loose is in need of a new home. His rescuer is not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Abraham | Phone: 951-520-7092 | Email:
Colton, CA Rooster -resized

East Los Angeles: (Jan. 6, 2015), Two hens and a rooster are in need of a new home because their guardian passed away. They are all approximately 5 years old and the hens are no longer laying eggs. The guardian’s family would like to see them go to a loving new home where they will be cherished as much as their grandmother cherished them.
Contact: Joseph | Phone: 323-547-1326 | Email:


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El Sereno: (Dec. 22, 2014), Sid is a 16 month old frizzle rooster in need of a new home.
Contact: Tony | Phone: 818-266-5134 | Email:

El Sereno, CA Rooster Sid - resized


Los Angeles: (Dec. 12, 2014), Eight Bantam hens and thirteen chicks need to be re-homed because their guardian’s landlord doesn’t want them on the property.
Contact: Sabrina| Phone: 310-248-2495 | Email:

Los Angeles, CA, 8 bantams -resizedLos Angeles, CA 8 Bantam hens 3 -resized


Monrovia: (Oct. 15, 2014), Seven hens of various backyard breeds, including one white Silkie hen, are in need of a new home.
Contact: Pauline| Phone: (626) 391-9764| Email:


Oakland: (Dec. 5, 2014), A 10-month old Buff Orpington rooster needs a new home.
Contact: Audrey| Phone: 510-207-4945| Email:

Sacramento: URGENT (Dec. 29, 2014), Eight roosters are in need of a new temporary or permanent home. They were rescued before animal control came and confiscated them because they lived in an area that is not zoned for roosters. Their current home is very temporary, though.
Contact: Claudia or Dee| Phone: 916-534-2741 (Dee) | Email:

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Sacramento: URGENT (Nov. 10, 2014), There are five roosters living outside of the Governor’s Offices of Emergency Services. They were dumped there. Employees are starting to complain. The office manager would like for them to go to a safe home.
Contact: Alicia| Phone: (916) 657-6119| Email:

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San Clemente: (Dec. 12, 2014), Three female Bantam hens need a new home because their guardians’ Homeowners’ Association will not allow their guardians to keep the hens.
Contact: Cristine| Phone: 949-573-7282 | Email:

Santa Clarita: (Dec. 22, 2004), Claudio and Claudia are five year-old chickens who are in need of a new home. They have lived happily with their guardian for the last five years and, unfortunately, neighbors recently called animal control. Their guardian is not zoned for a rooster. She would like to rehome them together. She’s willing to transport them to a new safe and wonderful home.
Contact: Veronica| Phone: 661-312-9013 | Email:

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San Jose: (Nov. 17, 2014), These two 3 month-old Silkie roosters who were supposed to be hens need a new home because their guardian is not zoned to house roosters.
Contact: Amber| Phone: 801-541-3691| Email:


San Jose: (Oct. 27, 2014), A family of four chickens, two roosters and two hens, need to be re-homed immediately because their guardians live in an area not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Kylee| Phone: (408) 600-4728

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Sherman Oaks: URGENT (Nov. 21, 2014), Baby Boy Red, a young Rhode Island Red rooster, was dumped at a barn. He cannot stay there because they already have one rooster and are zoned for a single rooster only.
Contact: Ali| Phone: 310-968-7370| Email:

Thousand Oaks: (Dec. 7, 2014), A 10 month-old Americauna rooster who was hand raised as a chick needs a new home because his family was expecting him to be a hen and they are not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Anida | Phone: 619-339-2655 | Email:

West Los Angeles: (Jan. 1, 2015), Two seven month old white Silkie roosters need a new home.
Contact: Marianne | Phone: 310-806-0944 | Email:

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Derwood: URGENT (Dec. 10, 2014), Fourteen roosters (standard-sized and Bantams) and 2 ducks need immediate assistance. Montgomery County Animal Care and Adoption Center is an open admission shelter which regularly takes in roosters and other farm animals. Since potential adopters are not usually interested in taking roosters, they are not often adopted. Our barn is now at capacity and we are faced with the need to euthanize roosters for space. Most of these roosters are living with other roosters successfully, so may be able to join an existing flock, or some could be adopted as a group. Please email Kate immediately if you are able to help. All are in excellent physical condition and most are young adults. Transportation is available to central PA, central NY and possibly to parts of NJ and New England.
Contact: Kate | Phone: 240-428-9975 | Email:

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New York


Ravena: (Jan. 1, 2015), Two Roosters need a loving home — one in which they are able to roam freely, have a nice coop to sleep in and are cared for like companions. One of the Roosters is a Rhode Island Red and the other one is a Buff Orpington. The Buff Orpington is the much large bird of the two. Their current guardian simply has too many roosters for their number of hens, which is why they are attempting to secure a loving home for them.
Contact: Beth | Phone: 315-717-2083 | Email:

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Holley: (Nov. 10, 2014), Teeni is an 8 month-old Barred Rock rooster who needs a new home because he isn’t integrating well with the other roosters in his guardian’s flock.
Contact: Maggie| Email:

Windsor: (Nov. 8, 2014), A sweet two year old Polish hen needs a new home.
Contact: Tamara| Phone: (607) 655-5843| Email:


Litchfield: (Dec. 22, 2014), Chicken Little is five months old and his dad, Stu, is 2 years old. Both need new homes.
Contact: Sue | Phone: 440-334-4000| Email:

Ohio rooster Stu-resizedOhio rooster Chicken Little-resized


Northeastern: URGENT (Nov. 11, 2014), A beautiful and friendly Rhode Island Red rooster was found as a stray in a residential neighborhood. He is currently living in a garage and needs a new home.
Contact: Carole| Email:


Buckley: (Jan. 4, 2015), Two Barred Rock roosters were found in the middle of the road on New Year’s eve. They are currently safe, but their rescuer needs to find them a new home. They get along very well with each other, don’t act aggressively toward humans or dogs, and seem to be in good health. One crows for a bit in the morning, but in general
they are both very quiet. They seemed a little nervous around humans at first but
have become much more comfortable and trusting over the few days that we have
cared for them.
Contact: Marissa | Phone: 253-341-3566 | Email: