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Sacramento: (Ongoing), Judy has secured permission to help rehome a number of the domestic ducks and geese who have been dumped at a pond in Sacramento. There are approximately 60 animals in total who are in need of placement, and many can be paired in groups of two or up to five. There are many different breeds of both the ducks and the geese. If you can help in any way please contact Judy.  The photos included are ducks currently available for adoption.
Contact: Judy| Phone: 916-446-1007| Email:

Sac Duckling 8-13 RESIZEDSac Ducks 8-13 RESIZED



Sylmar: (Jan. 27, 2016), Ten domestic ducks (2 Pekins, 2 Crested, 3 Cayugas, & 3 Blue Swedes) are in need of new homes. Their young guardian is headed off to college and her parents would like to find the ducks a new home.
Contact: Dicky | Phone: 818-640-6064

Sylmar Ducks 2 RESIZEDSylmar Ducks RESIZED



Wildomar: (March 16, 2016), Two 10-day old ducklings are in need of a new home as the apartment in which they are currently living is not suitable for ducklings.
Contact: Alyssa | Phone: 760-429-4019 | Email:

Wildomar Ducks 2 RESIZED


Tavares: (March 12, 2016), Two eight-month old Rouen ducks are in need of a new home because their current guardian injured herself and is no longer able to care for them. They have been hand raised since they were four days old. They spend daytime outdoors and are diapered and indoors in the evening. They are very sweet and friendly.
Contact: Ceil | Phone: 352-343-6647 | Email:

Florida Rouen ducks


Boston: (Oct. 2015), Animal Rescue League of Boston is a non-profit organization in Massachusetts which has a variety of animals available for adoption. We have a variety of hens, roosters, ducks and domestic pigeons. We also have a 3 year old LaMancha mix neutered goat (Leonard) and a 19 year old Thoroughbred mare (Fancy) and a 7 year old pony (Ross). We are at capacity in our barn and are unable to take in any more animals until some of these guys get adopted. Please e-mail us for more information on any of these guys.
Contact: Laura | Phone: 617-226-5688 | Email:


North Carolina

Indian Trail: (Ongoing) Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is seeking homes for domestic geese and ducks. Adoption requirements include references and either photos or a home visit. Animals must be picked up at the shelter. For more information, please visit or contact the shelter.
Contact: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue | Phone: 704-668-9486 | E-mail:


Salem: (August 11, 2015), Placement is needed for an eight-week old duckling.  The duck was purchased as a pet for a child and then when the novelty wore off the duck was re-homed.  The person who is currently caring for the duck is not set up to care for ducks.  The duck’s gender is currently unknown.  The duck is friendly and bonded with people and enjoys both the indoors and outdoors.
Contact: Kailee |Phone:503-507-1991 |Email:

Salem Duckling RESIZED