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Anaheim: Two young female Pekin ducks are in need of a caring home. They are unable to stay in their current home any longer, and are in need of a larger, permanent home.
Contact: Mercedes| Phone: 714-616-7203| Email:

Creston: A seven year-old male Embden goose is in need of a good home. He is sometimes aggressive towards people, but is very compatible with ducks and has never been around other geese.
Contact: Douglas| Phone: 805-239-9287| Email:

Cypress: Molly, a rescued Muscovy female, is in need of a new home. Please contact Yvette if interested.
Contact: Yvette| Phone: 310-569-7782| Email:

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La Quinta: Michael is in desperate need to find a new home for three beautiful 7 month old ducks.  There are two males and one female and  they are Welsh Harlequin and Buff.
Contact: Michael| Phone: 951-217-7218| Email:

North Hollywood: Due to a traveling work schedule Angelina is unable to provide proper care for her female duck. She is approximately 3 weeks of age and a very sweet girl. Angelina would like to place her into a permanent and safe, loving home.
Contact: Angelina| Phone: 818-209-4856| Email:

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Pittsburg: Susan’s six rescued ducks are in urgent need of a new home. There are three Pekins (two females and one male), one white crested Pekin duck and two brown ducks (one female and one male). They are near the San Francisco East Bay.
Contact: Susan| Phone: 925-458-8456 | Email:

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Pope Valley: Obelix is an 8 month-old gander. He was named after a character from a French comic book. He is a very playful, curious, and loyal goose. If you let him he will follow you around all day to check what you are doing and hang out with you. He is a great guard goose and will honk and chase whoever enters the premises unless you introduce him properly to the new person. Obelix likes people once he gets to know them, he is friendly with other geese and chickens but does not like dogs or cats. He would do well with other geese or birds or someone who can be with him most of the day.
Contact: Francis | Phone: 707-965-9210 | Email:


Redondo Beach: Keishla has rescued a white female domestic duck from a park. The duck was being picked on by 5 other male ducks. She brought her home and nursed her back to health and then took her to a different park where other male ducks went after her, so she brought her back home. They are afraid to take her back to the park. If you can take in this duck and keep her safe please contact Keishla.
Contact: Keishla| Phone: 310-977-1163 | Email:

Sacramento: Judy has secured permission to help rehome a number of the domestic ducks and geese who have been dumped at a pond in Sacramento. There are approximately 60 animals in total who are in need of placement, and many can be paired in groups of two or up to five. There are many different breeds of both the ducks and the geese. If you can help in any way please contact Judy.
Contact: Judy| Phone: 916-446-1007| Email:

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Westminster: Daisy Moe is a sweet and rambunctious little fellow. He is people friendly yet has not been around other ducks. Arielle is seeking an excellent lifelong home for him. He was rescued as a last minute effort to save him and she simply does not have the space to keep him. It is heartbreaking for her to let him go but selfish to keep him. He needs space to preen, play and swim. He’s a beautiful, fluffy Pekin in great health. He’s had avian vet care. Currently has bumble foot on the right foot but is being treated and the nodule is healing.
Contact: Arielle| Phone: 310-702-9715 | Email:

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Woodland: Chase is looking for a home for one male Ancona duck (three years old) and one male Pekin duck (two years old). Both have been well cared for but they have recently had to move to town and can no longer keep the ducks. They have a large molded pond (approx. 8’x4′) and a hand built duck house which would be donated to whomever adopts them as well as their feeding dish and leftover food.
Contact: Chase| Phone: 530-204-3424| Email:


<Urgent> Laurel: Emily is looking for a new home for her animals due to financial difficulties. She has five goats, ranging in age from 6-8 years old, who are four females and one neutered male. Her goose is an 8 year-old male, and her two ducks are a young male and female pair. They have all been raised as companion animals, and all but one goat are very people-friendly.
Contact: Emily| Phone: 302-280-6668| Email:


Baltimore: Seeking a forever home for 5 wonderful ducks of two different breeds. They have grown up together so they consider themselves one family. Seeking a place with a pond that, able to take in these beautiful creatures.
Contact: Kondilenia | Phone: 410-292-2139| Email:

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Derwood: Esty is a little duckling who was found abandoned in Montgomery County, MD and brought to the county shelter. She is in good condition but is lonely and needs a home with other ducks or ducklings. “Her” sex cannot be determined for certain at this point, so adopters need to be able to commit no matter the sex of the duckling. If you are interested in meeting her, please get in touch. She can be viewed in Gaithersburg or Frederick, MD.
Contact: Kate | Phone: 240-428-9975|Email:

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New York

Niverville: Angie is trying to find a safe home for a beautiful white duck and an African goose, as they have been receiving complaints from their neighbors.
Contact: Angie | Phone: 518-784-3586 | Email:

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Ossining: Lisa rescued five ducklings from a young boy who ordered them online. She is trying to find good homes for them. They are very, very cute and only a week or two old. Please respond by email, she is in Westchester County, NY.
Contact: Lisa | Phone: 914-502-0919 | Email:

Pine City: Six adorable, young Pekin ducks are in need of a caring home. They have been raised as companion animals and are very friendly. They enjoy swimming and sunshine during the day and the security of their sleeping pen in the evening.
Contact: Jason| Phone: 607-331-6807| Email:

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Yorkville: Six ducklings located in central New York are in need of a loving home. They were received as Easter gifts, but they can’t be kept due to a lack of space.
Contact: Suong| Phone: 315-794-5597| Email:

North Carolina

Indian Trail: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is seeking homes for six Toulouse geese and 100 ducks, mostly Pekin. Adoption requirements include references and either photos or a home visit. Animals must be picked up at the shelter. For more information, please visit or contact the shelter.
Contact: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue | Phone: 704-668-9486 | E-mail:


Sabinsville: Last year Linda rescued 13 ducks from a neglect situation. Sadly, due to a personal medical problem she needs to re-home them. Ideally they would be kept together as they are quite bonded to one another. They are all white pekin ducks, 4 males and 9 females approximately 1 year-old.
Contact: Linda| Phone: 814-628-4126 | Email:

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