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Anaheim: Two young female Pekin ducks are in need of a caring home. They are unable to stay in their current home any longer, and are in need of a larger, permanent home.
Contact: Mercedes| Phone: 714-616-7203| Email:

Chico: URGENT (Nov. 17, 2014), Stormy, a 5 month-old domestic duck, is in desperate need of a new home. His mate was attacked and killed by a predator.
Contact: Pat| Phone: 917-734-3642| Email:

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La Quinta: Michael is in desperate need to find a new home for three beautiful 7 month old ducks.  There are two males and one female and  they are Welsh Harlequin and Buff.
Contact: Michael| Phone: 951-217-7218| Email:

Sacramento: Judy has secured permission to help rehome a number of the domestic ducks and geese who have been dumped at a pond in Sacramento. There are approximately 60 animals in total who are in need of placement, and many can be paired in groups of two or up to five. There are many different breeds of both the ducks and the geese. If you can help in any way please contact Judy.
Contact: Judy| Phone: 916-446-1007| Email:

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Westminster: Daisy Moe is a sweet and rambunctious little fellow. He is people friendly yet has not been around other ducks. Arielle is seeking an excellent lifelong home for him. He was rescued as a last minute effort to save him and she simply does not have the space to keep him. It is heartbreaking for her to let him go but selfish to keep him. He needs space to preen, play and swim. He’s a beautiful, fluffy Pekin in great health. He’s had avian vet care. Currently has bumble foot on the right foot but is being treated and the nodule is healing.
Contact: Arielle| Phone: 310-702-9715 | Email:

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<Urgent> Laurel: Emily is looking for a new home for her animals due to financial difficulties. She has five goats, ranging in age from 6-8 years old, who are four females and one neutered male. Her goose is an 8 year-old male, and her two ducks are a young male and female pair. They have all been raised as companion animals, and all but one goat are very people-friendly.
Contact: Emily| Phone: 302-280-6668| Email:



New York

Long Island: (Nov. 4, 2014), This sweet-natured male Pekin was going to become food before he was rescued. His rescuer needs to find a permanent home for him.
Contact: Corrina| Email:

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Pine City: Six adorable, young Pekin ducks are in need of a caring home. They have been raised as companion animals and are very friendly. They enjoy swimming and sunshine during the day and the security of their sleeping pen in the evening.
Contact: Jason| Phone: 607-331-6807| Email:

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North Carolina

Indian Trail: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is seeking homes for six Toulouse geese and 100 ducks, mostly Pekin. Adoption requirements include references and either photos or a home visit. Animals must be picked up at the shelter. For more information, please visit or contact the shelter.
Contact: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue | Phone: 704-668-9486 | E-mail:


Pittsburgh: (Oct. 29, 2014), Three mixed breed domestic ducklings need to be rehomed because their guardian did not realize that domestic ducks cannot survive in the wild until after they hatched.
Contact: Lisa| Phone: 724-683-0347| Email:

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