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California, New York


Atwater: Thirteen goats are in need of a home due to their caregiver’s inability to properly take care of them. They include nine females and four males all between the ages of one and three years.
Contact: Alonzo| Phone: 650-704-3846| Email: aam@slac.stanford.edu

Gaviota: Seeking a safe home for 3 rescued goats all spayed and neutered, they grew up together and would need to be placed together. Their caregivers’ land has sold and the new owner just cannot manage to agree to a reasonable lease. Rosala is about 15, they have had her for at least 8 years, she is healthy but aging. Daniella was rescued as a baby and has grown up with Rosa. Lucky was taken in at about 7 months old and is now 3 years.
Contact: H. Kathryn | Phone: 805-350-0071| Email: hklamat@gmail.com

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Lancaster: Two five year-old female goats are in need of a new home. Their current caregiver took them from a friend of his two years ago who needed to find a new home. They are now in need of a permanent home.
Contact: Clifford | Phone: 661-435-9892| Email: cubbyrandhal@yahoo.com

Ojai: Cosmo the lamb and Tilly the goat are two very sweet animals in need of a forever home. Cosmo is a neutered mini sheep who is trained to walk on a leash. Tilly is a small 1 year-old Boer goat who loves to interact with children.
Contact: Denise| Phone: 631-624-7855| Email: deniseheyse@hotmail.com


URGENT! Watsonville: Dorian is urgently in need of a home for two Barbados rams and their female goat companion. The gorgeous rams are not very tame but the goat is very friendly. They need a home where they can live out their lives on pasture and not be harmed. The rams are seven and ten years old while the goat is five.

Contact: Dorian | Phone: 831-246-1683 | E-mail: dorianbrumbaugh@yahoo.com

West Covina: A lovely black and white 8 year-old male, half fainting goat is in need of a safe forever home.
Contact: Laura| Phone: 714-873-6434 | Email: laura7772009@live.com

New York

Addison: Bishop is a one-and-a-half year old neutered male goat. He is a medium sized boy, with horns. He is very spunky and would fare much better around other goats and adults rather than small children.
Contact: Wilma| Phone: 607-458-5445| Email: wjtrappler@yahoo.com

Beaver Dams: After being rescued from an auction years ago, a family of three goats need placement. They are an eight year-old female grandmother, a four year-old female mother, and a two year-old son. One has become aggressive towards people and their caregiver can no longer give them the attention they need.
Contact: Melissa| Phone: 607-962-6202| Email: mismelissa_3@hotmail.com

Dover Plains: Three Nigerian Dwarf goats are available for adoption. Two are 11 year-old does, and one is a three year-old wethered male. They are all healthy, dewormed, and vaccinated.
Contact: Jim| Phone: 914-204–1302| Email: lazyqt1@gmail.com

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Newfield: Mr. Goat is a friendly, 10 year-old Alpine goat. He is a very loving goat in excellent health and up to date on vaccinations. He was abandoned on a property and his current caregivers can no longer keep him. Felice is looking to place him in a loving, life-long home.
Contact: Felice| Phone: 203-430-0058| Email: bargo20@hotmail.com

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Slaterville Springs: Vera is a very sweet and funny female Nubian goat rescued from a cruelty situation where she was starved and neglected. Despite this, she loves human companionship and likes to “supervise” yardwork! She is surprisingly good about not getting in the way, but will stand right next to people and very closely watch what they are doing. She seems to be trained to walk on a leash and is well socialized with people and other animals. She was rescued in an emaciated state but has since been de-wormed and is on a feeding plan to promote weight gain. She will need to go to a home committed to feeding her an optimal diet and continuing to monitor her progress to recovery. She is good with other goats, horses, chickens, geese and some dogs. She needs to go to a home where she will not be used for breeding or other production. She is currently housed in temporary quarters and does not have companions or access to pasture. She would love to have a permanent home where she can have both human and animal friends. Adopter would be asked to transport her, but partial transport may be available depending on distance.

Contact: Kate| Phone: 607-227-8314 | Email: katherinewalker@live.com

Vestal: Two male goats, friendly and loving, and one “occasionally bossy” rooster are in need of a new home! The two goats, and Alpine and a Saanen, are around one year old and are not yet neutered. They are good with children, dogs, horses, and chickens. Their caregiver would prefer them to be placed together. The rooster is five months old and can sometimes be bossy, but settles down easily.
Contact: Robin| Phone: 909-844-4643| Email: bambachic@stny.rr.com

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