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New York, Virginia, Wisconsin

New York

Hammondsport: (Oct. 12, 2014), Two male neutered Himalayan goats who are approximately 8 to 10 months old need a new home. Matt and Charlie are very tame and friendly. Their guardian would like to place these boys by mid-November, if possible.
Contact: Karl| Phone: 607-664-7679

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High Falls: (March 6, 2015), Buddy is a neutered male pygmy goat who is between 1 and 3 years old. He was placed with his current guardians several months ago and provided great company to their old goat. Unfortunately, the old goat passed away. After having raised goats as companions for over 25 years, Buddy’s guardians would like to travel now, so they’re looking for a new home for Buddy. Ideally, there will be other goats at Buddy’s new home to keep him company. Buddy is very confident and precocious.
Contact: Linda | Phone: (845) 687-9422 |Email:lrydant@gmail.com

High Falls NY Buddy-resized


Remington: URGENT (Nov. 26, 2014), A three year old steer, 4 neutered male goats aged one to five, and 6 female goats aged one to four need a new home. Their family’s life situation is changing and they are no longer going to be able to care for them. They’d like them to either go to a home together or be placed in two homes.
Contact: Patrizia| Phone: 540-219-6472| Email: patrizia.decato@gmail.com


Monroe: (Feb. 21, 2015), A four year old female goat and her two year old neutered male companion are in need of a new home.
Contact: William | Phone: 608-325-3276 |Email:wbevis@gmail.com