Rabbits and Small Animals

Rabbits and Small Animals

New York, Ohio

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Elmira: (March 27, 2015), Five 1-week old baby bunnies are in need of a new home. The bunnies’ parents were adopted and their father was neutered. He was introduced too soon to their mother, though, so he was still able to impregnate her.
Contact: Rasila | Phone: 607-398-8969 |Email:queenrasila@hotmail.com

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Jackson County: URGENT (Jan. 6, 2015), The Humane Society of Jackson County OH is trying to place 4 bunnies: two of whom are blackish-gray with the other two mostly white. They are standard-sized rabbits, gender currently unknown. Their Humane Age…nt was called about them because they had no windbreak or straw. They live in a small hutch 24/7. The bunnies seem to be in good health but they have not removed and vet checked yet. The current guardians do not want them and have been trying to give them away on Craigslist. The Humane Society offered to try to place them once the guardians removed the Craigslist ad, which has been done. The Humane Society provided straw and helped with a windbreak to improve their conditions until they can try to find better placement. The rabbits will be vet checked prior to transport, and the Humane Society can arrange for spay/neuter as well. They want a loving and responsible individual that will not keep these rabbits in a hutch constantly.
Contact: Lisa Abele | Phone: 740-286-6435