Rabbits and Small Animals

Rabbits and Small Animals

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Healdsburg: URGENT (Oct. 11, 2015) 5 rabbits in desperate need of shelter! These rabbits will be slaughtered very soon if they can’t find a home. The females are all New Zealand does and the male is a California buck. They are all pretty big, and well fed as they were supposed to be meat. They are healthy and have no medical problems, however they have had very limited human contact since they’ve been raised for meat. If you think these rabbits deserve a shot at happiness and freedom please help them out!
Contact: Gina |Phone: 707-570-6970 |Email: ginabrandau@yahoo.com

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Elmira: (March 27, 2015), Five 1-week old baby bunnies are in need of a new home. The bunnies’ parents were adopted and their father was neutered. He was introduced too soon to their mother, though, so he was still able to impregnate her.
Contact: Rasila | Phone: 607-398-8969 |Email:queenrasila@hotmail.com

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Silver Springs: (Dec. 3, 2015), Seven rabbits who were rescued from being sent to a butcher are in need of homes. The rabbits are: (1) a 1 to 2 year old black female; (2) a 1 to 2 year old brown and white female; (3) a 1 to 2 year old black female with a white nose; (4) a 9 month old black male; (5) a 9 month old black male with a white foot; (6) a 9 month old albino male; and (7) a 9 month old white male with brown spots.
Contact: Melissa | Phone: 585-493-9511 | Email: abielle20@gmail.com

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