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Ojai: Cosmo the lamb and Tilly the goat are two very sweet animals in need of a forever home. Cosmo is a neutered mini sheep who is trained to walk on a leash. Tilly is a small 1 year-old Boer goat who loves to interact with children.
Contact: Denise| Phone: 631-624-7855| Email:

San Diego: Five adult sheep and five lambs are in need of a new home due to their owner being forced to move from the ranch where she has housed them. They are all very loving and sweet and welcome neck, shoulder, and back massages. The males are all wethers. They were formerly used for sheepdog training but their owner hopes to place them in a more peaceful environment.
Contact: Cooper| Phone: 805-698-1916| Email:

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Centreville: Theodora is seeking compassionate, permanent homes for 29 Suffolk ewes and 11 lambs born this year. Their owners’ health is declining and it has become too difficult to care for the sheep. The farm is on Maryland’s eastern shore.
Contact: Theodora| Phone: 410-758-0402| Email:

New York

Salem: Beautiful, sweet , docile Tunis sheep looking for a forever home. These sheep all know their names are very well loved and enjoy human contact. Due to life circumstances I can no longer provide the excellent care they deserve and need. I am broken hearted but want the best for them. Ideally would like families to stay together, could be a few groups. There are wethers and ewes ranging from 3-10 years of age.
Contact: Sarah | Phone: 518-854-9704|Email:

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