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Tustin: (August 1, 2015), Five sheep are in desperate need of a new home due to zoning restrictions at their current home. There are three females and two males; the males are neutered. One of the females is the 5-year-old mother of two 4-year-old twins. The other two sheep are between 3 and 5 years old. It would be best if this family could stay together.
Contact: Curtis | Phone: 661-877-8752

Tustin sheep RESIZED


Connecticut: (March 4, 2015), Sherman is a 5-year-old 250-lb. neutered male Tunis sheep. His last remaining companion passed away recently and his guardian is worried that he’s depressed. His guardian would like Sherman to go another home with other sheep.
Contact: Carl | Phone: 845-883-7045

Connecticut - Sherman-resized



Midland: (Oct. 28, 2015), Two 2 year old female sheep are in need of a new home.
Contact: Cheryl |Phone: 432-557-1775 |Email: