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It's Time for Renewal

Renew your membership in honor of friends like Mouse, who embodies the hope and spirit of the millions of farm animals suffering across the country right now.


Help Stop Cruelty!

Millions of newborn chicks and ducklings are being shipped through the mail just like books, clothing, and electronics. Join us to help stop this and other cruelties to farm animals!


Years Later, a Rescue Reunion

Truffles pig had a special reunion with her rescuers, nearly a decade after they helped save her life!


Meet the Animals of Farm Sanctuary!

Follow the herd to our newest blog about your favorite animals (and humanimals) with new stories, videos, and photos daily!


Anatomy of a Rescue

Farm Sanctuary and fellow rescuers saved 170+ suffering farm animals from a backyard butcher. Here's how it happened.


New in the Farm Sanctuary Shop

Our dairy-free red velvet cake is a deliciously compassionate way to celebrate love this Valentine's Day!