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Emergency Rescue Update

We rushed to the rescue of 200+ animals from a deplorable farm in New York. Help us save them and others like them.

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Membership Month Challenge

It’s our 30th Anniversary Membership Month Challenge. Help raise $60,000 by June 1! Donate now.


Big News Out of New Jersey

Meet Avery and Maybelle and Anna's other ruminant "roommates" at The Daily Squeal!


Meet the Animals of Farm Sanctuary!

Follow the herd to our newest blog about your favorite animals (and humanimals) with new stories, videos, and photos daily!

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Share the Love This Mother's Day!

Honor an influential woman in your life by sponsoring one of the amazing farm-animal moms at Farm Sanctuary!

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Farm Sanctuary Shop

Your source for farm-animal-friendly apparel, accessories, home goods, advocacy resources, and more!