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Renew for Valentino

Valentino was just one-day old when he was rescued from a stockyard. Farm Sanctuary is working around the clock to nurse him back to health. Renew your membership now!


Gene Baur on The Daily Show

Watch Gene's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from April 6!


Farm Sanctuary Blog

Avian Influenza detection has resulted in MILLIONS of bird deaths across the country. Read our post about the role of industrial farming and what you can do to protect your birds.


End Cruel Experiments

What is being done to animals like Julia is from the stuff of nightmares. Take action now to end these experiments.


Emma's Recovery

Read about Emma's journey from being hit by a car, her rescue, and her chance to walk again.


Logo Garden Pack

Visit the Farm Sanctuary Shop for great Mother’s Day gift ideas such as our new Logo Garden Pack – perfect for sowing seeds of compassion!