Support the 2015 Vet Care Fund

Help us provide urgent treatment and ongoing care for animals like Emma, who survived being struck by a car.


Jon Stewart Talks Farm Sanctuary

Watch Jon Stewart discuss Tracey Stewart's forthcoming book "Do Unto Animals" and Farm Sanctuary on "The Daily Show."


Remembering Alexander, a True Friend

This gentle giant was fun-loving and kind, an inspiration to many, and an ambassador for farm animals everywhere.


Relive the Hoe Down

Our 2015 Hoe Down featured some of the most prominent names in the movement! Catch videos of all speakers here.


Ducklings Escape Mail-Order Snafu

These three adorable ducklings survived a trip through the mail and are now settling in to their new life at Farm Sanctuary.


New in the Farm Sanctuary Shop

Our logo coaster set, made from earth-friendly bamboo, is a practical way to show your support for farm animals!