Mason sheep at Farm Sanctuary
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Mason sheep at Farm Sanctuary

Education Matters

Cameron Piglet at Farm Sanctuary

Whether we’re teaching a classroom of young minds about the perils of animal agriculture through our humane education program; explaining the truth behind humane labels during a tour at one of our Sanctuaries; or delivering a message of love and compassion for farm animals to millions of people weekly through our social and traditional media campaigns, we believe that education is key to creating change in the world. 

Humane Education

humane education raising hand

Introducing a student to an individual cow, pig, or chicken is a simple but powerful act. Students are full of wonder as they learn an animal’s name, look into their eyes, and listen to their story. Their minds are opened to new worlds – about who farm animals are and the profound consequences of our food system not only on the animals, but on humans and our planet. 

As awareness of factory farming and the intelligent, social, emotional nature of farm animals has grown among the public, addressing these issues in the classroom has become a critical component of a comprehensive education preparing young people for a changing world and the future challenges their generation will face.

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Sanctuary Tours

Sheep pasture landscape at Farm Sanctuary

Watkins Glen, NY

Farm Sanctuary’s 275-acre New York Sanctuary is home to 800+ rescued farm animals — and each has a special story. These stories of struggle and survival, against all odds, give the public insight into the realities farm animals face in the modern food system.

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Cows outside Farm Sanctuary

Los Angeles, CA

Our 26-acre Southern California Sanctuary is located on a beautiful hacienda ranch in Acton, just 45 minutes from Hollywood. In addition to providing shelter for approximately 100 animals, our SoCal Sanctuary offers one-hour guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Public Awareness

Turkey flock at Farm Sanctuary

As the world grows increasingly aware of the myriad issues surrounding animal agriculture, more and more people are choosing a compassionate vegan lifestyle that aligns with their values. Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has been driving that change by engaging the public with a message of love and compassion for farm animals. 

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The Someone Project

Bonnie Cow at Farm Sanctuary

The Someone Project is a research-based initiative documenting farm animal sentience through science. Together with the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, we’ve published peer-reviewed journal articles and white papers about pig, cow, chicken, and sheep intelligence and we continue to research and learn about all of the species who live at Farm Sanctuary. Through this project, we’re establishing a scientific basis to support what we’ve known all along — that farm animals are each someone, not something, and should be valued as such.

Download the white papers below.

Bonnie Cow at Farm Sanctuary

The Someone Project

Read the White Papers

Time and time again, we learn that animals can anticipate the future, delay gratification, dream, play, and use language and tools in ways that illustrate their sentience.

  • Pigs

    “Thinking Pigs: Cognition, Emotion and Personality in the Domestic Pig”

  • Sheep

    “Thinking Sheep: Intelligence, Individuality and Autonomy in Domestic Sheep”

  • Cows

    “Thinking Cows: A Review of Cognition, Emotion, and the Social Lives of Domestic Cows”

  • Chickens

    “Thinking Chickens: A Review of Cognition, Emotion, and Behavior In the Domestic Chicken”



The Species

Learn more about the animals that we rescue at Farm Sanctuary and how they are exploited in our modern food system
Retina hen at Farm Sanctuary


Finn calf at Farm Sanctuary


Maurice goat at Farm Sanctuary


Ash sheep at Farm Sanctuary


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