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Oprah Wingfrey

Oprah Wingfrey hen at Farm Sanctuary

Adopt a Farm Animal

Oprah Wingfrey


Oprah Wingfrey

Rescue Date

January 17, 2018


Easter Egg layer


We rescued Oprah Wingfrey from a backyard butcher in Cattaraugus County, NY.

Before finding stardom at Farm Sanctuary, Oprah Wingfrey lived in obscurity at a backyard butcher’s farm.

There, more than 80 pigs—along with several chickens—lived in filthy barns and sheds without proper food, water, or basic care. Her “owner” slaughtered his animals for meat; others died from starvation and neglect. At the time of her rescue, Oprah had pneumonia due to poor ventilation, and was understandably frightened of people. At Farm Sanctuary, however, she has blossomed into a bright and confident hen. Here, this stunning starlet will spend the rest of her life free as a bird!



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Oprah Wingfrey at Farm Sanctuary