Julia pig and friends at Farm Sanctuary

Public Awareness

Julia pig and friends at Farm Sanctuary

Extending Our Reach

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Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary has been on the frontlines, educating the public about our unjust food system and the animals who suffer within it. From shooting and distributing legislation-inspiring investigative videos in the 1990s, to sitting down with huge media personalities—including Oprah, Larry King, Tucker Carlson, and Martha Stewart—to condemn factory farming, Farm Sanctuary has opened countless hearts and minds over the years with our message of compassion for farm animals.

Now, Farm Sanctuary reaches millions of people each week through op-eds, articles, social media posts, and public awareness campaigns. By meeting people where they are, we provide a safe, open space for people to make meaningful connections between the animals at our Sanctuaries and the food on their plates in favor of deeper and broader-reaching systemic change. By sharing our residents’ tales of survival and sentience, we’re able to tell the hard stories of our broken food system and shine a light on the inherent cruelties of animal agriculture and its collateral damage to the environment, workers, and communities.

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Farm Sanctuary reaches over a million people each week across our social platforms. Become an advocate for animals, the environment, social justice and public health by following us and sharing our message of compassion.
Cow jumps through green grass at Farm Sanctuary
“I wanted to tell Farm Sanctuary that you have inspired me to recommit to a vegan lifestyle ... Thank you for all you do, you make change in the world. #someonenotsomething”
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Sanctuary Magazine

2019 Fall / Winter issue of Sanctuary magazine

Sanctuary magazine is your guide to a compassionate vegan lifestyle. This biannual publication for Farm Sanctuary members contains news and how-to’s around plant-based living—including recipes and ideas from renowned chefs, cruelty-free design tips, and fashion and beauty inspiration. We’ll also update you on the issues surrounding our food system and the legislative and advocacy work being done to address them. Each issue also offers a stunning photo essay of Farm Sanctuary residents, plus recent rescue stories full of hope, resilience, forgiveness, and love.

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Media Highlights

See some of Farm Sanctuary’s most popular media hits across print, television, and digital platforms.

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    Coronavirus and the karmic interconnectedness of humans, animals

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    MSNBC Morning Joe

    Pressure builds on China as calls to close wet markets grow

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  • Cows are milked at Seven Oaks Dairy in Waynesboro, Ga., in March. (Kevin D. Liles for The Washington Post)

    The Washington Post

    The best way to help dairy farmers is to get them out of dairy farming

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  • Tucker Carlson

    Tucker Carlson Tonight

    “I don’t like the way factory farms treat animals,” says Tucker Carlson

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