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Thatcher gosling

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Rescue Date

April 28, 2013


Chinese White


Thatcher was among a group of goslings being fed to a neighborhood dog. Concerned, a boy reached through the fence and saved Thatcher’s life.

Thatcher joined us thanks to a little boy with a big heart.

Walking home one day, nine-year-old Manuel saw some adults dumping a bag of goslings into a yard for a dog to eat. The dog was quickly devouring the tiny birds, but one was close enough to the fence for Manuel to reach. He pulled the gosling to safety, carried the bird home, and spent the next several days diligently caring for his new friend while an adult acquaintance looked for a permanent refuge. When she contacted us, we gladly agreed to welcome Thatcher to our Southern California Shelter, where the friendly goose has made a splash, bonding with caregivers and discovering the joy of swimming. The kindness of one child gave Thatcher the sort of safe, rich life that most farm animals never experience, and now Thatcher has the power to change lives too, inspiring visitors and readers to let the strength of their own kindness shine through.


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Thatcher Goose at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter