Compassionate Communities Campaign Remote Internship

Compassionate Communities Campaign Remote Internship

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Carrying out veg advocacy programs in your own community
  • Leafleting at area colleges, concerts, festivals, and downtown areas
  • Distributing vegetarian starter guides at local businesses and institutions
  • Working with Farm Sanctuary volunteers in your area
  • When applicable, helping to create and distribute local vegan dining guides
  • When applicable, supporting the growth of vegan social groups
  • Assisting with internet research projects and other online work when necessary


  • Able to work well independently
  • Strong work ethic and reliability
  • Willingness to engage with the public through leafleting, calling businesses, and working with local volunteers
  • Supportive of and able to advocate for vegan eating
  • Strong interest in developing the skills for being an effective (or more effective) advocate for farm animals and veg eating
  • Ability to stand for an hour or more at a time, ability to carry boxes of approximately 30 pounds
  • Living in proximity to a mid-size or large city


  • Volunteer commitment of minimum 15 hours per week (though commitments of 20-40 hours per week are particularly welcomed)
  • Minimum two months commitment required
  • No or minimal on-site supervision or training is provided; rather, supervision, training, and direction will be provided via phone, email and (when possible) Skype


  • Opportunity to learn how to be an effective advocate for farm animals and veg eating
  • Opportunity to gain experience beneficial to possible future employment at Farm Sanctuary and other animal protection organizations
  • Opportunity to improve your skills at interacting with the public and speaking in support of your beliefs
  • Opportunity to work and interact with like-minded Farm Sanctuary supporters in your area
  • Ability to gain valuable experience while living and working from your own home

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