Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a centralized vehicle for charitable giving. A DAF allows you to combine some of the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support Farm Sanctuary and other charities.

How does a DAF work?
You make an irrevocable, tax‐deductible contribution of cash, long‐term appreciated securities, or other assets to a charity that sponsors a DAF program, which then establishes an account in your name. As a DAF donor, you may choose from a variety of investment options. Proceeds are put into an account from which you may make grant recommendations to Farm Sanctuary and other qualified charities.


DAF Direct
If you have a donor-advised fund with a participating Sponsoring Organization, DAF Direct enables you to recommend grants to Farm Sanctuary directly from your DAF using the form below. Your help provides critical funds to protect farm animals through Farm Sanctuary’s life-changing rescue & refuge, education, and advocacy work.

If I have a DAF with a participating Sponsoring Organization, how do I use the DAF Direct form?
1. Select the sponsoring organization from the “Donate now from” field.
2. Specify “Farm Sanctuary” in the “Designation” field.
3. Enter the amount (in dollars) you would like to recommend in the “Amount” field.
4. Click on the “NEXT” button to proceed to the sponsoring organization’s website to complete your donor-advised fund transaction. Please note, you will be directed to an external website to complete your transaction.

What are the benefits of giving through a DAF?

  • Simplicity — The DAF Sponsor handles all record-keeping, disbursements, and tax receipts.
  • Flexibility — Timing of your tax-deduction can be separate from your charitable decision-making.
  • Tax-efficiency — Contributions are immediately tax‐deductible, and any investment growth in the DAF is tax‐free. It may be easy to donate long-term appreciated securities, eliminating capital gains taxes and allowing you to support multiple charities from one block of stock.
  • Family tradition — A DAF is a powerful way to build or continue your tradition of family philanthropy.

If you’d like more information about giving through donor-advised funds, please contact Amanda Fortino, Director of Leadership Giving, at 607-207-7783 or


DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to provide legal, tax, or accounting advice, or to address specific situations. Please consult with your legal or tax advisor to address your situation and get the most up-to-date about DAF’s.

Last Updated: July 3, 2019