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Banner Ads

HELP FARM ANIMALS! Put a Farm Sanctuary banner on your webpage or email signature.

To use Farm Sanctuary Banners on your webpage:

  • Right-click on a banner below and select “Save Picture As.”
  • Save the image onto your computer.
  • Drop the image into your webpage.
  • Copy the appropriate link under the banner.
  • Select the image on your webpage and paste the link so that the Farm Sanctuary banner links to the correct Farm Sanctuary site.

To use Farm Sanctuary banners on your email signature:
Most email browsers allow you to personalize a signature that will appear on all your outgoing messages. Add one of the banners below to customize your signature and let people know that farm animals are sentient beings in need of our help and compassion. Consult the “Help” options on your particular software for information about customizing your signature.

Link to:

help farm animals and share thisLink to:

help farm animals and share this

link to:

stop factory farming