“A good neighbor would never stink up his neighbor’s homes with feces and urine,” says Don Webb as he sits alongside the river that runs through his rural North Carolina property. Yet, that is exactly what this former factory farmer did as the owner of a 4,000-pig operation. He once prided himself on being a man of integrity, so it was more than a tad bit jarring when he realized he was destroying his neighbors’ livelihoods. He heard from the local shopkeeper, who complained that business suffered on days when the stench from the pig waste was overpowering. Then, he ran into a neighbor who lamented the fact he could no longer enjoy sitting on the porch on a Sunday afternoon. Don’s farm had become a menace, and he knew what he had to do. He got out of the business, and joined the fight against CAFOs, and the companies and legislators who try to silence his neighbors.