Finn was a big guy. He really loved to be outside and he really, really loved to root. He was one of the most destructive rooters in the bunch! But he was also sweet. He loved people and helped raise younger pigs, including Truffles, who would grow up to be herd leader.

Finn was one of nearly 200 North Carolina-raised pigs rescued in 1998 from an intensely crowded, abandoned three-tiered trailer. A twist of fate and a group of compassionate rescuers would bring the surviving pigs to sanctuaries, including Farm Sanctuary, where they were given the love and care they so desperately needed. While all of the pigs have since passed, we are honored to have met them; cared for them; learned from them; and received love from so many of them. These pigs, like all pigs, were special. They were each someone, not something.