Rescued Calf Now Living the Good Life in Virginia

Rescued Calf Now Living the Good Life in Virginia

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When he was just two weeks old, Harold was abandoned at a stockyard in New York. Left behind by his “owners” to die of neglect, he was thin, weak and dehydrated when his rescuer found him. He also had a very high temperature and was suffering from severe diarrhea. Had the kind stranger not intervened to save him, he could not have lasted much longer.

Harold’s rescuer refused to leave the young calf to die. Moved by pity, she carefully picked him up into her arms and carried him away to safety. But the battle for Harold’s life was not yet over. He was so sick that he had to receive intensive care from a veterinarian and Farm Sanctuary staff once he arrived at our New York Shelter. Caregivers gladly labored around the clock to help him, keeping a close eye on his condition, treating him with medications and electrolytes and bottle-feeding him several times a day. Committed to giving Harold a second chance at life, they never gave up on him.

rescued farm animalsEventually Harold healed and was able to put the darkness of his past behind him. With the help of an especially devoted Farm Sanctuary intern, he settled into his new home quickly and began to enjoy life. As weeks went by, Harold gained much-needed weight and began to blossom into a healthy, young steer. On warm days, we often found him running and bounding about joyfully in the fields, wildly kicking up his legs in excitement. His delight was unmistakable -and contagious.

Through the efforts of our Farm Animal Adoption Network, Charlie and Amy Espie, a loving, committed couple who live on a large piece of property in Virginia, jumped at the chance to welcome Harold into their family. Already the adoptive parents of two cattle, named Cooper and Gloria, and a goat, named Gwyneth, we knew the couple would provide the perfect home for Harold.

Today, Harold has grown into a big, confident steer, but the Espies say he is as sweet as ever. He fell in love with his new home right away and rescued farm animalscherishes the relationships he has developed with his adoptive family. Harold adores his cattle friends Cooper and Gloria, but, according to the Espies, he has formed an especially tight bond with Gwyneth the goat. By all accounts, he is smitten with her and she with him. The two are rarely seen apart. Truly, we couldn’t be happier for Harold. His life began in misery and hardship, yet now he’s living a dream come true. Here’s to another happy ending!

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