Chickens and Roosters

Chickens and Roosters

California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas


Chico: (Dec. 30, 2016), Pooster is a tame pet rooster who is much loved, but unfortunately his family cannot keep him so he needs a new home.
Contact: Carlita | Phone: 530-514-7195 | Email:


Davis: (May 30, 2017), A four month old beautiful, sweet, and friendly rooster named David Bowie is in need of a new home. He’s great with hens, adults, and children.
Contact: Molly | Phone: (513) 889-9339   |Email:


Hacienda Heights: (Nov. 7, 2016), Two roosters and one hen are in need of a new home.  Their current guardian cannot keep them due to zoning restrictions. All three are sweet and friendly.
Contact: Amber | Phone: 407-538-1535 | Email: 



Pittsburg: (Dec. 28, 2016), Twenty two chickens, six roosters and sixteen hens, who are approximately two years old are in need of a new home.
Contact: Gustavo | Phone: 253-230-2583| Email:

Reseda: (Dec. 12, 2016), A rooster who was running around stray for a couple of weeks and who is now being temporarily fostered is in need of a new home.  Although he is street smart, he is also tame.
Contact: Lauren | Phone: 323-637-8306 | Email:


Sacramento: (Apr. 18, 2017), Two charismatic, sweet brother roosters are in need of a home, preferably together. They are just under a year old. They’ll take treats out of your hand, and have been around children. These are very special boys but their current guardians do not have the necessary accommodations to keep them.
Contact: Mike |Phone: 916-402-8029 |Email:

Santa Clarita: (Nov. 11, 2016), A two month old hen and rooster are in need of a new home due to zoning restrictions at their current home.
Contact: Armineh | Phone: 818-324-2198 | Email: 



Sherman Oaks: (Nov. 14, 2016), Zafi is a young rooster in need of a new home because his guardians are not zoned for roosters.
Contact: Kristine | Phone: 310-871-8873 | Email:



Miami: (Oct. 26, 2016), Two roosters named Chino and Nacho are in need of a new home because their guardian is moving and cannot take them with her.
Contact: Jacqueline | Email:


Winter Haven: (Jan. 25, 2017), Placement needed for flock of chickens: 2  Red Star Sex Link hens, 2 Silkie roosters, 1 Americauna hen, 3 Barred Rock hens, 1 Easter Egger hen, 1 Silkie Showgirl Frizzle Splash hen, 1 white Brahma hen (she is partially blind), and 1 Buff Orpington/Silkie rooster. Guardian must rehome due to zoning, and will separate the flock for suitable homes. She is also willing to donate coop.
Contact: Phone: 863-325-6355 (text only)  


Walkersville: (Jan. 8, 2017), “Rusty” is a rooster who showed up in Stephanie’s backyard in April 2016.  She believes he is a Black Copper Marans rooster. He has been living in the neighborhood peacefully, roosting in a tree behind my house ever since. However, yesterday he had a near-fatal incident with my her dog and she’s decided that he needs to be moved to a safe forever home.

He doesn’t crow too often, usually just a few times in the morning, and he loves to forage in the garden but is not very destructive. He warms up to human company quickly and enjoys eating cracked corn.

At first he was skittish around people, but since handling him yesterday after the dog attacked him, he has been very calm and has not tried to escape. No sign of aggression or serious injury, just a little bit of bleeding on the comb which was patched up.
Contact: Stephanie | Phone: 954-614-8364 | Email:

Thurmont: (July 18, 2017), Two bantam Buff Orpington roosters are in need of a new home. They were hatched on April 19, 2017 and have been hand raised. They are gentle boys.
Contact: Candace |Phone: (301) 304-0883 |Email:



Methuen: (Jan. 24, 2017), This beautiful Old English Game black-breasted red rooster is located at MSPCA Nevins Farm. His comb was dubbed and he may have been intended for fighting. He still has his natural spurs and no scars, so he probably was never used for fighting. He is a good-natured rooster and is not aggressive.
Contact: Pam | Phone: (978) 687 7453 X 6122 | Email:

New York

Cobleskill: (March 9, 2017), Spunky  is an Old English Bantam rooster searching for a new home. Though he is about the size of a pigeon, this handsome guy has an enormous personality!
Contact: Gretchen | Phone:518-231-5656| Email:


Swarthmore: (May 1, 2017), A one year old Americauna rooster who is well-loved is in need of a new home because his guardian’s neighbors do not like his crowing.
Contact: Jan | Phone: 610-908-5304 | Email:


Houston: (May 24, 2017), Six chicks born through a school hatching project are in need of homes.
Contact: Rachel | Phone: 832-314-7571