Cultivating Compassion Youth Tour Testimonials

Cultivating Compassion Youth Tour Testimonials

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Here are a few quotes from a “thank you” card written by students and teachers from the New Roads School after their trip to Farm Sanctuary: 

“We learned a lot and had a great time!”New Roads teacher, anonymous

“Thank you for letting New Roads Middle School tour your wonderful and caring facility! And letting us pet the animals! But most of all, thank you for the time and care you give to the animals that need it the most! Thanks so much for your generosity and I hope to visit again soon.” –Tabitha

“Thank you so much for the tour you led us on. I learned so much about farm animals.” – Gabby

“Thank you for letting me and my class visit the animals. I learned a lot on the trip.”New Roads student, anonymous

“We had an amazing time. Thank you very much. It made me more aware and made me think of what we eat.”Sonia

“Farm Sanctuary is Heaven … I loved petting all the animals and getting to bond with them. I especially loved the chickens.”—New Roads student, anonymous

“Thank you for the amazing experience. It was amazing…”–Theo


After visiting Farm Sanctuary, the students from St. Ignatius school sent us their thoughts and feelings about their visit to the sanctuary. Here is what a few of them had to say after their visit:

“I enjoyed myself because I have never got the opportunity to be so close to any kind of animal … I want to let everyone at the farm to know they are doing a good thing such as rescuing animals that are in need of shelter. Animals have rights too.”—James

“I am thanking you for giving us an opportunity to take good care of the animals. I learned that people treat animals badly.” – Larry

“At the Farm Sanctuary we learned that factory farms abuse cows, pigs, and chickens … I think animal cruelty is wrong because animals have all types of feelings. I will try to be kind to animals all the time.”– James