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 Cultivating Compassion Youth Tour at Farm Sanctuary

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Farm Sanctuary offers the  Cultivating Compassion Youth Tour to school and community youth groups in the Los Angeles area. We invite teachers, administrators, and youth group leaders to submit an application to schedule a tour at Farm Sanctuary for your class or youth group.

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The Cultivating Compassion Youth Tour introduces students to rescued farm animals and offers a unique interactive and experiential learning opportunity. During your class’s field trip, students will receive a tour of our barns and pastures, home to approximately 100 cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, turkeys, and horses. Students will have the chance to interact directly with animals, giving a belly rub to a pig, or greeting a goat face-to-face — a wonderful opportunity to connect with the natural world and animal kingdom.

Our tour guides share their passion and love for the animals through stories of rescuing and caring for them, as well as anecdotes about their very individual personalities, behaviors, and endearing traits. Their stories shed light on where these animals came from and who they have become once they’ve been shown the respect and care they receive at Farm Sanctuary. Through each resident’s rescue story, students will gain insight about the realities of how animals are treated on today’s factory farms and the need for their protection. Students will be encouraged to consider how our present-day food system affects all of us, and how each individual has the power to make a difference by making informed, positive choices.

Our Cultivating Compassion Youth Tour will illustrate the following key educational points:

  • Our connection to animals and the natural world
  • Each individual’s role in the cycle of compassion
  • The latest scientific research on animal intelligence, behavior, and personality
  • Factory farming and how it affects us, our health, our earth, and animals
  • Values of compassion, kindness, responsibility, and empowerment