Daphne and Velma: Baby Turkeys Get Fresh Start at New York Shelter

Left to languish in filthy, unsafe conditions on a farm in upstate New York, baby turkey Daphne and a group of broiler chickens were confiscated by the local SPCA after a number of the birds in their flock wandered into the road and were hit by cars. As soon as we heard about the survivors’ plight, we sprang into action to help, giving refuge to Daphne and 15 chickens at our shelter in Watkins Glen.

Daphne and Velma Farm Animal RescueUnderweight, tormented by internal parasites, suffering from foot and keel sores, and so dirty that you could barely tell their feathers were white, the birds were in great need of medical attention when they entered into our care. We immediately provided them with a comfortable hospital stall and nourishing food, and started them on treatments that would last for weeks. And just as Daphne and her chicken friends began to bounce back from their ordeal, another turkey showed up in need of our help!

Discovered in the middle of a busy road, tiny Velma was so sick that she could barely get herself to safety despite the immediate threat of being struck by a speeding car. Lucky for her, one kind motorist had the heart to stop and take her straight to Farm Sanctuary for emergency care.

When she arrived at our New York Shelter, Velma was in such rough shape that we didn’t even know if she would make it through the night. Suffering from a severe case of mycoplasma pneumonia, the baby turkey’s eyes were swollen shut and her lungs and nostrils so full of infection that she could barely breathe, so we started her on antibiotics and fluids, and began doing everything we could to save her life.

Today, we are happy to report that little Velma is thriving beyond our expectations, finally free of illness and fully able to enjoy the happy days of her youth with her new friend Daphne. Together, these curious, sweet and tenacious baby birds are embarking on all sorts of new journeys, joyfully exploring their lush new barnyard environment and making lots of new friends. They couldn’t be happier!

It was only through the support of our members that we were able to rescue and rehabilitate Daphne and Velma, and give them a second chance at life.  We’d like to invite you to help us save even more lives this year by participating in our Adopt-A-Turkey Project – an annual campaign that has been seeking to end the suffering of turkeys and promote compassionate Thanksgiving alternatives since 1986.

Every year, more than 46 million turkeys just like Daphne and Velma are killed for this one holiday alone, but we can turn the tide. For a one-time donation of $30, you can sponsor one of these sweet girls and not only contribute to their daily care, but also support our efforts to advocate for all turkeys and other farm animals in need throughout the season. Please sponsor turkeys like Daphne and Velma through our Adopt-A-Turkey Project today and show them, and turkeys everywhere, that they will never be forgotten.

Watch Daphne and Velma in action in the third episode of Reel Life at Farm Sanctuary!

Daphne and Velma Farm Animal RescueDaphne and Velma Farm Animal Rescue