Billy: A Calf’s Life is Saved by Compassionate Act

He had only been in this world one day, but it was about to be his last. Billy, one of many male calves born into the dairy industry and considered worthless, was about to receive a fatal hammer blow to the head when a Truxton, New York man, Larry, impulsively intervened. Shocked by the brutality of what he saw, Larry decided to spare this tiny calf a painful death by persuading the farmer to let him take Billy home.

So home Billy went, yet while Larry did not wish to see the calf killed in such a horrific way, he still intended to have him slaughtered for meat once he had grown up. Sale negotiations were made and a buyer lined up. However, as Larry cared for Billy over the next eight months, something changed: he began to realize that Billy was not just a mere commodity but an individual capable of experiencing pain, pleasure and friendship just like us. No longer wanting to see his new friend be killed for food, Larry began researching alternative options for Billy.

That’s where Farm Sanctuary came in. Knowing that his backyard shed was not the most appropriate place for a calf during the winter, Larry got in touch with our National Shelter Director Susie Coston. After making the necessary travel arrangements, Billy arrived safely at our New York Shelter in early January. Here, he was given expert veterinary attention and has since gained a healthy amount of weight.

Our caregivers instantly opened their hearts to Billy: playful, affectionate and determined to make as many friends as possible, he is known to follow the shelter workers right to the end of the pasture as they leave the barn – as if guilt tripping them into letting him join them! His overtly friendly nature is perhaps best epitomized by one of his favorite pastimes: giving kisses. He currently resides in a section of our Rescue and Rehabilitation Center with two pigs, both of whom he appears quite enamored with as well. Life has certainly taken a dramatic turn for this sweet boy, and we are truly grateful for the change of heart that brought him to our door.

Billy Farm Animal RescueBilly Farm Animal Rescue