Blossom: Wandering Piglet Finds Her Way at California Shelter

One winter day, a Red Bluff, California couple came home to a 20-pound pink surprise: a lone piglet was grazing contentedly in their yard. Recognizing the danger the pig faced out in the elements without food, water or protection from traffic and predators, the couple decided to try and catch her. But this strong-willed piglet was not about to give up her freedom uncontested, and she gave her pursuers a run for their money. Even after she was gently and temporarily secured by her rescuers inside an inverted trash can, she leapt up in protest to thrust her snout through a hole in its bottom.

Blossom Farm Animal RescueUltimately, the promise of a hearty meal won her over, and the plucky pig finally settled down to eat some oatmeal and greens. Her rescuers had prepared a bed of straw inside an animal carrier, and, her appetite sated, she settled in for a nap. As taken with the tiny piglet as they were, the compassionate couple worried that their two large dogs would hurt her, so they began to look for a place for the tiny baby to go. Unable to bear the thought that she might end up being raised for slaughter, they called on Farm Sanctuary to give her a life of peace.

Now safe and sound at our California Shelter, this little piglet, named Blossom, is recuperating and getting some well-deserved rest and attention. Already, she has made herself quite at home, playing in the mud, stretching out in the sun, begging for belly rubs, and just enjoying being a piglet without a worry on her mind.

But while Blossom is independent in spirit, this sweet piglet is still just a tiny baby at heart. Without a family to look after her, she needs help to ensure that all her needs are lovingly met — will you be that special someone to watch out for her as she grows? Please make a difference in Blossom’s life, and help defend all farm animals against cruelty, by sponsoring her today. As her adoptive parent, you’ll have year-round visitation privileges — and if you’re lucky, this thankful girl will climb right into your lap for a snuggle too.

Blossom Farm Animal RescueBlossom Farm Animal Rescue