Melvin: Rescued Goat Makes a Home at California Shelter

Every day as she passed a home in Redding, California, a compassionate resident saw a goat tied to a tire in a yard and decided to take a closer look. What she found was deplorable. Having perhaps purchased him as a living lawnmower, the goat’s “owner” showed an utter lack of concern for his well-being, failing to feed the famished animal or provide water to quench his thirst. The goat was also forced to endure the elements without shelter and, for weeks, he stood alone in the rain and cold. His hair was matted to his body, urine soaked his abdomen and hind legs, and he was severely infested with lice. But even as Melvin spiraled into neglect, his advocate refused to give up on him and made persistent phone calls to local law enforcement until he was rescued.

Melvin Farm Animal RescueAfter learning of the goat’s plight from the woman who helped save him, and knowing that he would need special care to recover and thrive, Farm Sanctuary offered to provide refuge for the neglected animal and brought him to our California Shelter, where caregivers immediately began to provide him with the attention he so desperately needed. Over the next several days, they trimmed his soiled coat, de-wormed him and treated his lice. He was also provided with hearty meals of grass and hay and a clean, dry stall in which to sleep – perhaps for the very first time in his life.

Despite the extreme lack of empathy he previously endured at the hands of humans, this sweet goat, now named Melvin, has a big heart and is cheerful and friendly to everyone he meets. Already, he enjoys climbing on fencing and perks up with curiosity whenever anyone comes near him. And of course, this charming goat is getting his share of special treats too – including fresh grapes and strawberries, which he particularly loves to munch on. Now on the mend, Melvin is expected to make a full recovery at our shelter in Orland, where he will continue to receive the care he deserves and live out his life in peace and safety.

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Melvin Farm Animal RescueMelvin Farm Animal Rescue