Clementine and Clarence: Two Chickens Find Sanctuary

Clementine could not be blamed for her initial distrust of humans. She was, after all, recently imperiled by a bit of ill-conceived human mischief. The hen somehow fell into the hands of a prankster who thought it would be funny to leave her in a bar. Patrons there, exhibiting a much greater grasp of the proper way to treat a living, feeling being, spent the evening trying to find a home for her, but they had no luck. Eventually Clementine was taken in by a wildlife rehabilitator, who had the very good sense to bring her to our New York Shelter. We were thrilled to welcome the hen and begin providing all the care and comfort she deserves.

Clemntine and Clarence Farm Animal RescueWhen she arrived, Clementine was a little thin but otherwise in good condition, and under the attentions of her caregivers, she has quickly flourished. Despite her endangerment at the hands of the prankster, Clementine is a fan of humans. The chatty, sweet chicken likes to gently peck at people who come into her barn stall, and her curiosity and playfulness have already won over much of the staff. When she isn’t roosting in her nest, she is often to be found serenely perched on top of her water bowl, clearly content with her new lot.

Clarence too was a victim of neglect, though unlike Clementine he bears the visible scars of it. By the time animal control officers confiscated him from the property where he had been kept, citing lack of adequate shelter, he had already contracted frostbite from exposure to sub-zero temperatures. Though he immediately received treatment at our shelter, it was too late to save some parts of his body: Clarence lost two toes and the tips of his comb. We can only imagine how painful and frightening the ordeal of his neglect must have been. Thankfully, Clarence has healed and is enjoying his new life at sanctuary.

If you’d like to help care for Clementine, Clarence and all rescued animals, please follow this link to make a donation.

Clemntine and Clarence Farm Animal Rescue