Francis and Pamela: Lambs Slated for Auction Find Refuge at New York Shelter

Recently, an establishment in Syracuse was asked to take on two unusual boarders, one of whom had been brought into town for a few weeks to appear in a university production of Sam Shepard’s “The Curse of the Starving Class.” The establishment was a veterinary clinic, and its visitors were two 3-month-old lambs: Francis, who was to appear in the play, and his sister Pamela. All it took was one bottle-feeding for the clinic staff to fall for the “little balls of sweetness.” The curious and amiable duo took immediately to their accommodations as well, happily socializing with their caregivers and visiting the clinic’s feline and canine boarders.

Francis and Pamela Farm Animal RescueAs the end of the play’s run drew closer, however, one of the veterinary technicians caring for Pamela and Francis began to wonder what would become of them afterwards. When she learned that the lambs, who were “on loan” from an area farm, were slated to be sold at auction once they returned, she decided she had to intervene. Having visited Farm Sanctuary several times, she knew we could provide the lambs with all the care they needed and assure them a loving home, so she contacted us for help.

Like the caring vet tech, the students involved in the play had grown attached to Pamela and Francis, and they too did not want the lambs sent to auction. They appealed to the man responsible for bringing the pair to Syracuse for the production. He spoke with the farmer, a long-time friend, and they agreed that Pamela and Francis would not be sold but instead surrendered to their caregiver at the vet clinic, who would then turn them over to our New York Shelter. With relief and excitement, all those who had come to know these dear babies anticipated their journey to us.

On Monday, April 11, the day Francis was originally scheduled to be sold at auction, he and Pamela arrived safe and sound at our shelter. Francis has some mild upper respiratory symptoms, for which he is receiving antibiotics, but both he and his sister are already thriving. We are delighted to have these playful youngsters with us.