The New Kids: Baby Goats Thriving after Risky Births

When rescuers arrived to the aid of eleven neglected pygmy goats, they found a grim scene. Clearly deprived of food, water, and any human kindness, the parasite-ridden goats cowered in fear of humans.

The New Kids' Farm Animal RescueSoon after they arrived at our New York Shelter, we discovered that, on top of the health issues resulting from their neglect, three of the tiny goats were pregnant. Our staff worked against the clock to nurse these expectant mothers, who we named Brownie and Fairy, back to health before their babies were due.

Despite our best rehabilitative efforts, theirs were still among the riskiest births we have handled at the sanctuary due to the small size of the mothers. In case complications should arise, the two were taken to Cornell University to stay until they delivered.

We are happy to report that Brownie and her newborn babies, Carob and Fudgy, are now back at the sanctuary and recuperating. Both youngsters are funny and playful. Even at 48 hours old, Carob put his ears up and tried to buck his caregivers—a sign he is strong and certainly not lacking in confidence! Fairy is now the proud mother of Jenny, an equally delightful little kid. We’ve learned that when baby goats are given the chance to grow up with their mothers’ love and the attention of kind caregivers, they’ll grow up to be kind and loving adults; these beautiful babies will have the rare opportunity to grow up with both.

Before coming to Farm Sanctuary, these goats knew only cruelty and neglect at the hands of humans. So we are happy to be the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of this growing family. We plan to seek loving, lifelong homes for the families through our Farm Animal Adoption Network.

The New Kids' Farm Animal RescueThe New Kids' Farm Animal Rescue