Animal House: Cornell Frat Surrenders Baby Goat

Spring break came early this year for a certain Cornell University resident.
2013_03-06_FSNY_Baby_goat_099_CREDIT_Farm_SanctuaryIn early March, the Tompkins County SPCA was contacted by the house manager of a fraternity whose members had purchased a baby goat as a mascot. The house manager was concerned for the kid’s future and knew that she needed a more suitable home. The SPCA picked up the little goat, who we’ve named Maxie, and the next morning our team brought her to the greener pastures of our New York Shelter.
2013_03-06_FSNY_Baby_goat_047_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary The fraternity brothers were sad to see their four-legged housemate go, but they also wanted what was best for her. Though goats can certainly be party animals, their tastes run less to keg parties than to dashing through fields, exploring, and cavorting with fellow goats.The life of an animal mascot is typically a lonely one, and this is especially true for herd animals like goats, who are at their happiest, most comfortable, and most fulfilled when surrounded by their own kind. At our shelter, Maxie will be able to satisfy her playful and social nature — in short, she’ll get to be a kid.