Laverne and Shirley: Elderly Friends Retire to Sanctuary

Shirley sheep
Shirley sheep at Farm Sanctuary.

Laverne and Shirley hail from a rather unusual flock. The two belonged not to a commercial flock exploited for wool or meat but to a small group of sheep under the care of a retired nun. Earlier this year, the Sister was called out of retirement to tend to a different sort of flock, an assignment that would bring her to San Francisco in September. As that deadline approached, we got a call of our own.

A friend and neighbor of the Sister who looked after her animals when she traveled internationally helped to find homes for four of the six sheep, but neither caregiver could find proper placement for elderly gals Laverne and Shirley, ages 12 and 15.

In August, the Sister’s friend reached out to us, desperate for assistance. He could no longer afford to care for the sheep and would be traveling for his job within the week. The Sister was overseas and unable to help. With no time to lose, we brought Laverne and Shirley to our Northern California Shelter, their new and permanent home.

Rescue sheep
Laverne sheep in her new home.

It’s a very good thing we answered that call. As geriatric sheep, these gals need the sort of expert, individualized care that we are uniquely equipped to provide. Very thin and suffering from acute arthritis, both require a special diet, pain medication, and careful attention to their daily well-being. Laverne is also receiving special care for a number of both old and active abscesses in her hooves, as well as a swelling around her tear ducts that is awaiting diagnosis. These two old friends face health challenges, but with plenty of TLC from our dedicated staff, they have a chance at a comfortable, active, and happy old age. We’ll give them our very best — they’re part of the Farm Sanctuary flock now.

Thanks to our supporters we are able to respond quickly to intervene in the lives of these precious individuals. If you haven’t joined Farm Sanctuary yet, won’t you consider becoming a part of this compassionate community?