Lorena Mucke & the Need for Humane Education

Lorena Mucke has an undergraduate degree in zoology from Texas A&M University and a graduate degree in ecology and sustainable development from Instituto Universitario Patricios (Argentina). Since her teen years, she has been involved in environmentalism and animal protectionism, and she has lectured extensively on these topics.Lorena lives in Atlanta, where in 2006 she started the Ethical Choices Program, a non-profit project of the Justice for Animals Fund focused on humane education. The program has been very successful, and Lorena currently gives about 250 presentations every year at high schools in the Atlanta metro area, educating thousands of teenagers about the egregious cruelty inherent to the animal agriculture industry and the devastation the industry causes to the environment and to human health. Lorena’s program promotes respect and consideration for oneself and other living creatures by encouraging students to develop their best humane qualities such as compassion, sense of justice, and integrity. Students learn the countless benefits of adopting a plant-based diet and also learn tools to be advocates of change in their schools and communities. Lorena is very passionate about humane education and would love to see similar programs everywhere in the U.S.!

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