2013 Intern and Alumni Newsletter: Inside the Melrose Small Animal Hospital

Inside the Melrose Small Animal Hospital

Farm Sanctuary made history in 2012 by cutting the ribbon on the Melrose Small Animal Hospital, the first small animal hospital designed specifically to treat animals rescued from America’s industrialized food system. The hospital marks not only an exciting advancement for Farm Sanctuary, but also a new era of farm animal care and consciousness.


The hospital makes it possible for the sick and injured animals rescued by Farm Sanctuary to receive immediate, critical medical care on-site at our New York Shelter. The cutting-edge facility is equipped for administering IVs, providing oxygen therapy, and even performing minor surgeries. The ability to provide this type of care on-site eliminates the need for many trips to veterinary hospitals, sparing sick or injured animals the additional stress of traveling.

By documenting and sharing the care given at the new hospital, Farm Sanctuary will be able to educate other animal health care providers and raise public awareness. The installation of training cameras will enable Farm Sanctuary staff to share innovations in farm animal care with other sanctuaries and with vet students across the nation. Visitors to the New York Shelter can use the hospital’s viewing areas to observe rescued animals as they recover under our care.


The facility also serves as a project headquarters for shelter interns. Many of the interns’ daily animal care tasks are performed there, including feeding the residents and helping staff ready medications for animals on the sanctuary. The hospital’s new break room provides a place where interns can take their lunch or catch up after a long day of sanctuary chores.

Animals rescued from factory farms face a unique set of health challenges from routine mistreatment. The Melrose Small Animal Hospital provides Farm Sanctuary with the ability to share innovations in rescued farm animal care with the world and will undoubtedly help advance health care standards for rescued animals everywhere.