Make This Thanksgiving Memorable

Adopt the Flock

For a gift of $150, you can sponsor the whole flock — Anna, Elsa, Marnie, Hank Williams, and Pamela — and have adoption certificates sent to family and friends!

Celebrate turkeys as friends, not food. Sponsor a rescued turkey at Farm Sanctuary.

Adoptable Turkeys

It's a harsh reality, but approximately 46 million turkeys are slaughtered for Thanksgiving. If you love turkeys as much as we do, you know that’s nothing to be thankful for.

Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary’s annual Adopt a Turkey Project has reached millions of people with a message of compassion for these wonderful birds. Do your part and sponsor one of our rescued turkeys!


Anna was just a week old when she arrived at Farm Sanctuary, along with 23 other sick baby turkeys. Since they were all debeaked—a cruel practice of animal agriculture—these turkeys likely started life on a factory farm. Despite the physical and emotional scars of a past life, Anna is a playful member of her flock.


Elsa was one of 24 baby turkeys saved by an anonymous rescuer and brought to Farm Sanctuary. These babies likely came from a factory farm, where turkeys are slaughtered at just four to five months old. Their rescuer knew they deserved to live—and now, more than five years later, Elsa is the queen of her own destiny!


A couple purchased Marnie to raise and slaughter for meat. Luckily, when the couple separated, her remaining guardian decided that she should live instead. Marnie is now the boss of the barn, and is quick to charge or give a quick nip whenever she’s displeased. This sassy girl loves to put us in our place!

Hank Williams

Hank Williams’ rescuer found a bedraggled Hank wandering alone outside in the rain. She asked if we could take him in, and provide this shivering, neglected stray with the love and care that he needed. Now fully recovered and strutting his stuff, this handsome boy is the star of his flock and loves to make new friends.


Pamela was slated to become someone’s Thanksgiving meal. Raised on a factory farm, she would have been among the 240 million turkeys slaughtered for meat in the U.S. each year. Instead, she was rescued and came to Farm Sanctuary. Even after all she’s faced, Pamela loves people and enjoys a good cuddle!

a Flock!

Adopt a Flock! At Farm Sanctuary, Anna, Elsa, Marnie, Hank Williams, Pamela, and their friends live in peace and receive all the love, kindness, and individualized care they need.

Adoption Information

For just $35, you can sponsor a turkey who lives at Farm Sanctuary. Or sponsor this year's featured flock for $150!

Each Farm Sanctuary Adopt a Turkey sponsorship arrives with:

  • a special Adopt a Turkey certificate* with a color photo of and fun details about your new friend;
  • a one-year subscription to Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary’s biannual print magazine; and
  • our deepest thanks for contributing funds for the care of the rescued animals at our sanctuaries, and our efforts to educate and advocate for turkeys and other farm animals.

Please join us in making this Thanksgiving a compassionate one for ALL.

*Please note deadlines to receive a certificates before Thanksgiving:
Print: November 18
Digital: November 27

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