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Ash sheep at Farm Sanctuary

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Rescue Date

December 9, 2016


Katahdin Cross


Ash, his mom Connie, and the rest of their flock were living out in the cold without proper food or shelter. Once shy and afraid, he’s now a bubbly member of our flock.

Like a ray of sunshine at the end of a dreary day, Ash sheep wins the hearts of all he meets with his sunny personality and signature warm nuzzle.

Sadly, however, he did not always receive the love and care that he deserved. As a lamb, Ash lived at the property of a farmer who had acquired his flock under the pretense of rescuing them; unfortunately, though, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. Instead, the sheep lacked adequate food, water, and shelter, and were fighting to survive in subzero temperatures. Ash clung to his mom, Connie, for support — at both his former home and during his early days at Farm Sanctuary. Having never experienced kindness at human hands, Ash was understandably afraid of us when he first arrived. But his fear didn’t last for very long! He soon realized that he was safe and loved—and he has taught us so much about resilience and love ever since. These days, this sweet, friendly boy is one of the first in the flock to greet visitors, and gets so excited to see his friends that he will even try to climb into their laps! Ash has come such a long way since we met him—and he shows us just how much we all have to offer when we feel nurtured and valued as the individuals we are.


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Ash Sheep at Farm Sanctuary's New York shelter