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Erika Goat at Farm Sanctuary's Southern California shelter

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March 12, 2013


Nubian/Boer Cross


We rescued Erika’s mother, Claire, from a backyard butcher in California; one month later, she gave birth to Erika at Farm Sanctuary.

Erika is that rare farm animal who has never known anything but love.

Her mother, Claire, was not always so lucky. In late 2012, Claire and more than a dozen elderly sheep were rescued from egregious neglect at the hands of a backyard butcher. Their first weeks at our two California sanctuaries were spent recovering from starvation and disease and beginning to overcome their deep fear of humans. Into this slow and steady rehabilitation, Erika’s birth at our Southern California Shelter brought a burst of happiness. The tiny kid was instantly adored by Claire and Claire’s best friend, a sheep named Felicity—not to mention by her caregivers. From the start, Erika has loved to make nests and burrow in the straw, digging right into the good life that will always be hers.


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Claire and Erika goats at Farm Sanctuary's Southern California shelter