Federal Legislation and Regulation

Federal Legislation and Regulation

At Farm Sanctuary, we spend our lives with farm animals, and we know them as individuals. We would no more eat a chicken or a pig than we would eat a kitten or a puppy. However, we also recognize that legislation and regulation can lessen the suffering of millions — or even billions — of animals with one new law or regulation.

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Close the Federal Meat Research Center


House of Horrors — with your tax dollars. Please take action!

On January 20, 2015 the New York Times broke the story of the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska, which is tormenting animals—with more than $22 million in taxpayer dollars for 2014.

At this lab, workers without medical or veterinary degrees are chopping open animals, “sometimes doing two or more major surgical operations on the same animal.”

And to repeat: Not a single one of these workers has a medical or veterinary degree.

The facts and anecdotes uncovered by the Times are gut-wrenching.

For example, a former worker tells of a pig who was “thrashing and gagging” as another worker tried to extract lung tissue from her. The worker doing the operation, “seemed to be getting some kind of enjoyment out of this thing, talking and shouting at the animal, ‘How do you like that, pig?’”

Please contact your Senators and Representative in Washington to ask that they demand that this lab be shut down.