Home Adoptions

Home Adoption and the Turkey Express

Since 1986 we have adopted out more than 600 turkeys into safe, permanent, and loving homes throughout the country. Time and again, adoptive families have testified about the deep bonds that they developed with their turkey companions, and how their feathered family members have enriched their lives. Anyone who has spent time with turkeys will tell you that they are very friendly, social, and sensitive animals with desires and needs all their own – just like more common family companions, such as cats and dogs. Follow along on one our recent Turkey Express deliveries to an adoptive home in Connecticut by watching the video below:

The number of turkeys we have available for Turkey Express adoptions fluctuates from year to year – depending on how many turkeys we rescue, as well as how many are suited to external adoption. If you are interested in home adoption now or in the future, please learn more about and apply today to join our Farm Animal Adoption Network, the largest rescue and refuge network for farm animals in North America. More information on companion turkey needs and care can be found here.

Thank you for opening your heart and home to turkeys in need!