Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Stock

Donate stock to Farm Sanctuary and make the most of your contribution to ending farm animal abuse. Many donors find it convenient to use stock as a way of gifting their favorite charitable organization, and there are tax savings benefits, as well.

If you have owned a corporate or mutual fund stock for at least 12 months, and it’s appreciated in value, you can donate the stock to Farm Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and deduct its full market value without paying any tax on the long-term capital gain. This benefits both you and Farm Sanctuary! You get an additional tax deduction, and Farm Sanctuary receives a larger gift than if you had sold the stock, paid tax on the gain, and given the remainder to Farm Sanctuary.

For example:

You purchased 200 shares of Stock A at $5/share in 2001.
If you donate 100 shares of Stock A, now worth $10/share, to Farm Sanctuary in 2003, you pay no capital gains taxes and you receive a $1,000 tax deduction.

Even if your stocks have depreciated in value, donating them to Farm Sanctuary can turn your loss into a win. Simply sell your stock at a loss, make an equal donation to Farm Sanctuary, then claim a charitable deduction for the gift and deduct the stock’s decrease in value from your income.

If you transfer stock before December 31, you can claim the tax deduction on your tax return! You should always check with your own tax advisor before making a gift of stock or securities.

For additional information, contact Farm Sanctuary at 607-342-1607 or email

Thank you!