Giving back has never been so sweet! This month, Farm Sanctuary and GoMacro — a leading creator of compassionate treats — join forces on a special “GiveBack Bar” that helps make a difference for farm animals. Once again, GoMacro will donate 10% of net proceeds from its vegan Peanut Butter Bar in support of our lifesaving rescue, education, and advocacy work. Recently, members of the GoMacro team toured our Southern California Shelter to meet rescued animals in person, hang with our staff, and to celebrate how giving back can make a big difference. Here are a few of our favorite shots!

It’s a beautiful day at Farm Sanctuary! GoMacro puts compassion front and center.
Friends who snack together give back together! West Coast Shelter Manager Jessica Due and Von D pig enjoy sharing a Giveback Bar.
Grace supports GoMacro’s mission, and we do too!
Our Emergency Rescue Team loves to pack a few GoMacro bars to fuel them on the road.
Will pose for snacks! Willow sheep helps spread the word about giving back.
Farm Sanctuary and GoMacro: A partnership worth smiling about!
Join Farm Sanctuary and GoMacro in making the world a better place!

We are proud to collaborate with this compassionate creator of quality, plant-based foods that help people, farm animals, and our planet. GoMacro’s Peanut Butter Giveback Bar will be available throughout the month of May; you can learn more about the bar and their work at

All photos courtesy of @GoMacro and @alihartwig