Five Reasons to Visit Farm Sanctuary This Year

Five Reasons to Visit Farm Sanctuary This Year

Sanctuaries — a hip, new summer destination!

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. – March 23, 2012 – Sanctuaries give visitors the chance to get up close and personal with animals this travel season. These havens for rescued animals are the perfect antidote to the “zoo blues,” because unlike zoos, sanctuaries offer visitors the opportunity to interact with happy animals in a soothing environment.

Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, helped launch the sanctuary movement back in 1986 when they opened the country’s first shelter for abused and neglected farm animals. Today, the nonprofit also operates two additional shelters in California. As new scientific research into the cognitive and emotional lives of farm animals emerges and consumers learn more about the harsh treatment of these animals on factory farms, Farm Sanctuary’s shelters have become “must-see” destinations. Here are 5 reasons why everyone should visit a Farm Sanctuary location this year:

1) You miss your special childhood friends. Remember the countless hours we spent playing with our barnyard toys as children? Pigs taught us about friendship, sheep ushered us to sleep and cows jumped over the moon. Well, we may not be able to look these old friends up on Facebook, but we can reconnect with them at Farm Sanctuary. The gang’s all here, just as sweet and playful as ever. Reconnecting with your natural childhood affections for farm animals can allow you to reconnect with your better self — the one who remembers that all lives matter and tears up whenever that new Chipotle commercial is on TV.

2) You enjoy great wine, long walks, and beautiful sunsets. No, this isn’t a personal ad, but do prepare to fall in love. All of Farm Sanctuary’s shelters are located in magnificent locales that also offer visitors countless “off the farm” activities to enjoy. Our 175-acre New York Shelter is nestled in the lush rolling hills of New York’s Finger Lakes region, surrounded by breathtaking gorges, waterfalls, lakes, hiking trails, wineries, and the world-famous Watkins Glen International speedway (vegan racecar drivers Andy Lally and Spencer Pumpelly make a point of stopping by every time they’re in town for a race!). On the opposite side of the country, our 300-acre Northern California Shelter is situated on the eastern foothills of the Coastal Mountain range near Orland, just a short drive from California Wine Country! Both offer dazzling sunset views, but visitors to our newest shelter near Los Angeles will have to settle for a drive down Sunset Boulevard instead. Whichever location you choose, you’ll soon discover why Farm Sanctuary is paradise for animals and people!

3) For some extra special, and unexpected, TLC! Have you ever cuddled with a cow, given a pig a belly rub, or talked to a turkey? At Farm Sanctuary, you’ll get your chance! The rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary love greeting guests as much as you’ll love touring our unique sanctuaries. You’ll discover that farm animals are much like the dogs and cats we share our lives with and open yourself up to a whole new world of affection.

4) Wake up to crowing roosters! As a Bed & Breakfast guest at our New York Shelter, you can stay in one of our country cabins right on the farm and wake up to the sound of cockle-doodle-dooing ju