Bronwyn: One of 30 Sheep Rescued from Starvation

Bronwyn sheep in a field

Bronwyn: One of 30 Sheep Rescued from Starvation

On a farm in Pennsylvania, humane agents found dozens of dead animals, along with hundreds of sheep, horses, geese, goats, and cats starving to death.

Some of the survivors were so emaciated that they had to be euthanized immediately. Dead animals were found everywhere on the farm, in the fields, woods and even the house. The living were everywhere as well, including the basement of the home, but none were healthy and full of life. The floors in the home were covered with inches of hardened feces and the strong smell of urine was everywhere. A local Pennsylvania newspaper dubbed it…”Pasture of Death” and animal control officers who were called to the scene called it “the worst case of animal cruelty they had ever seen.”

Bronwyn walking with other sheep in a field

Thirty of the sheep made it to Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter, and Bronwyn was one of them. He was notorious for butting, especially if you weren’t paying attention, and his health care providers were his main targets. A few of his caregivers decided that enough was enough, and they faced him when he approached. Rather than butting, Bronwyn stopped and stared into their eyes. Soon his caregivers lightly touched his head, and he would gently butt their hand. This lead to rubbing of the top of his head, then his neck, and eventually to allowing full neck hugs.

Now when people enter the barn, Bronwyn leaves the flock and comes right over. He stands in front of people, but now if you aren’t paying attention, he bumps your leg with his foot until you rub his head, or give him a squeeze. Brownyn has touched the hearts of many and will continue to do so as a farm animal ambassador.