Sponsor These Resilient Farm Animal Moms for Mother's Day

Katie sheep mother and Maple lamb at Farm Sanctuary

Sponsor These Resilient Farm Animal Moms for Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, join us in honoring Liberty, Mia, and Katie: incredible leaders, guardians, confidantes, and moms who now thrive at Farm Sanctuary with their children by their side.

Before their rescues, their lives—and their children’s—were all at stake. We helped free Liberty and her daughter from a slaughterhouse; Mia and her piglets from a backyard butcher; and Katie and her twins from starvation and neglect.

At Farm Sanctuary, these families have the rare opportunity to stay together for life. And, for a one-time donation of $35, you can support their specialized care and our work to keep more families like theirs together!


Liberty & Indigo

Liberty (left) and Indigo (right), enjoying the sunshine at Farm Sanctuary's Southern California sanctuary

Motherhood saved Liberty’s life. The Wagyu cow was already at the slaughterhouse when she gave birth to her daughter, Indigo. In most cases, mother and baby would have faced the kill floor regardless, in order to be “processed” for beef. But the president and CEO of Manning Beef thought Indigo and Liberty deserved a chance. With help from actor and activist Joaquin Phoenix, we welcomed the pair to our Southern California shelter. This is Liberty’s first Mother’s Day, and we look forward to many more to come!


Mia pig & her babies

Mia Pig and her piglet about to touch noses in the doorway of a red barn

Motherhood is a vital part of Mia’s identity. As a former “breeding sow” on a pig farm, she had likely lost children to slaughter. Others had died from neglect; the owner of the farm had left his 80+ pigs without proper food, shelter, or basic care. But all Mia wanted was to love and raise her family—and at Farm Sanctuary, she can do just that. Woody, Wayne, Crawford, Helena, and Iman are the first piglets she could ever watch grow up. With Mia as their protector, this tight family loves to explore by day and snuggle close each night.


Katie, Maple, & Josie

Katie Sheep, and her twins Josie and Maple Lambs, standing together in a little group

At the time of her rescue, Katie was so malnourished from neglect that she could barely feed her two-month old twins. We learned about the trio—along with Katie’s partner, Kevin—from their former guardians, who had trouble taking care of them. They initially purchased Katie and Kevin from a sheep breeding facility. Thankfully, instead of facing slaughter—or becoming “breeding ewes” like their mother—Josie and Maple will grow up at Farm Sanctuary with their mother and father by their side. Katie also serves as the “Barn Mom,” taking newcomer orphaned lambs under her wing.


Farm animal sponsorships make heartfelt gifts for the moms, mother-figures, and other loved ones in your life! In gratitude for your donation, we’ll send you digital certificate featuring your chosen family. Print it for yourself or pass it along to the people who always have your back.

Thank you for pampering some very special moms! Your support helps us give them the greatest gift of all: the ability to love their children, for life.