Gift Sanctuary: Sponsor a Rescued Farm Animal This Season!

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Gift Sanctuary: Sponsor a Rescued Farm Animal This Season!

You can make a difference and change a life by choosing to Gift Sanctuary and symbolically adopt a resident of Farm Sanctuary for that special someone.

Your one-time gift sponsorship honors our rescued residents and helps Farm Sanctuary work toward a kinder world for other farm animals through rescue, education, and advocacy. In gratitude, we’ll send you a digital card featuring your sponsored friend(s), which you can print or email to a loved one who shares your compassion for animals!

Albert Donkey


Albert is a tiny donkey with a big personality and a taste for adventure. His escape-artist ways got him into trouble so many times that local police officers threatened to shoot him if they found him running loose one more time. He got the fresh start he needed at Farm Sanctuary and has since put his wandering days behind him!

Sweet Pea Cow at Farm Sanctuary


Sweet Pea is a gentle senior citizen who spent most of her life being used for breeding on a small cow farm. When the breeding operation closed down, the farmer felt attached to Sweet Pea and didn’t want anything bad to befall her. We were happy to welcome her to Farm Sanctuary and offer her a happy new beginning.

Taylor and Reiman goats standing in grass


Taylor and Reiman evaded slaughter and ran for their lives. The pair almost certainly escaped a New York City “live market” — storefront slaughterhouses that are shockingly common in the city. But luck was on their side: they found rescue after being spotted, lost and frightened, wandering on Brooklyn subway tracks (becoming social media stars in the process). Through the efforts of a rescue team including the Animal Care Centers of NYC, volunteers, and Farm Sanctuary staffers, Taylor and Reiman found a happy new life at our New York Shelter.

Want to Gift Sanctuary to a rescued farm animal year-round? Farm Sanctuary also offers yearly sponsorships of rescued goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals through our Adopt a Farm Animal Program! With your honorary “adoption” (which can also be given as a gift), you’ll receive a printed adoption certificate featuring your sponsored animal, a color photo, an Adopt a Farm Animal decal, and the opportunity to meet your new friend in person.

Safe at Farm Sanctuary, our rescued residents are free to experience the comfort and joy that all beings deserve — and your support makes it all possible. Thank you for standing for kindness. Together, we are unstoppable when we put compassion first!